5 Unique Stacked Stone Installations To Transform Your Outdoor Area

October 03, 2023


When making the most of your living spaces, you can’t afford to ignore the square footage outside your home. Your property’s exterior may not have four walls and a roof, but it still has a lot to offer, especially when you spruce it up with lush landscaping, serene lounge areas, and striking stacked stone features that add comfort and luxury.

You may already have an inviting patio or deck, so what’s next? It may be time to add attractive stacked stone installations that take your outdoor living spaces to the next level. Our stacked stone collections offer beautiful and versatile designs in natural stone, porcelain, and concrete, with various colors, textures, and configurations.

Easy to install and maintain, these durable surfaces infuse your space with elegance and rustic charm. To transform your backyard into a cozy, welcoming destination that family and friends flock to, consider these outstanding options to elevate your outdoor spaces with stacked stone.

RockMount™ Stacked Stone Collection

There’s a lot to love about this collection, starting with options for natural stone designs in marble, quartzite, travertine, and slate. Neutrals from cool whites and grays to warm beiges and browns and moody charcoals provide an aesthetic that suits every style. Split face and 3D-honed textures help you achieve your preferred dimensionality and visual appeal.

cosmic-gray-3d-wave-rockmount-collectiionCosmic Gray 3D Wave Stacked Stone

If you want to create a cozy fireplace area with contemporary appeal, Cosmic Gray 3D Wave is a great choice. Cloudy hues such as silver and dove gray dominate this smooth marble surface, uniquely stacked to create a wave pattern that adds depth and movement to your outdoor feature wall. When paired with rich wood decking and a hearth extension, this design delivers tranquility and sophistication.

RockMount™ Stacked Stone M-Series

With over a dozen mini stacked stone panels in marble, quartzite, travertine, and slate, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect stone wall to elevate your outdoor living spaces. Stepped-cut ends make for easy installation without the need for grout, and freeze/thaw-resistant materials are perfect for outdoor kitchens and other applications.

silver-travertine-m-seriesSilver Travertine Mini Stacked Stone Panels

Stacked stone is a fantastic choice for outdoor kitchens. It pairs the resilient function you prefer with a rustic appearance that blends perfectly with a natural setting. These Silver Travertine Mini panels deliver a dreamy mix of warm grays that enhance any backyard, particularly next to weathered wood decking and countertops in rich, earthy hues.

Terrado® Manufactured Stone Veneers

Timeless designs offer classic aesthetics and contemporary vibes, and the Terrado® collection delivers on both fronts. Rustic designs in durable concrete have the look and feel of natural stone with a rough-hewn appearance that imbues your stacked stone installation with ample texture and dimension.

denali-anthracite-terradoDenali Anthracite Stacked Stone

Ancient materials like stone and wood develop undeniable character over time. Capturing this desirable quality is easy with Denali Anthracite Stacked Stone, featuring earthy brown and charcoal tones that authentically recreate the look and feel of natural stone.

These concrete veneers are a charming choice for any of your outdoor spaces, particularly if you hope to take your rustic bar area to the next level. The dark tones and rough texture of this stacked stone make a statement amid heavy-grained wood and aged brick surfaces.

Dekora™ Porcelain Ledger Panel Collection

Looking for something a bit different for the stacked stone aesthetic? You’ll love the Dekora™ Collection, featuring sleek stone- and wood-look designs in resilient and low-maintenance porcelain.

rain-forest-natural-dekora-collectionRainForest Natural Stacked Porcelain Panels

An open-air shower is the perfect addition to any outdoor space where you swim, garden, or soak up the sun. The right stacked stone can help define your desired calming space.

RainForest Natural stacked stone in soothing hues of soft cream, warm beige, and rich cocoa create the relaxing ambiance you crave. The addition of variable wood grain patterning offers a lovely counterpoint to a shower pan in smooth river rocks.

Stacked Stone Elevates Every Outdoor Design

Whether you love the look of authentic stone or are interested in low-maintenance materials to upgrade your outdoor spaces, our stacked stone collections deliver functional appeal and a luxury aesthetic to suit every homeowner. Choose from various materials, colors, textures, and designs to transform your yard into a welcoming spot where you can commune with nature and connect with loved ones.

Which MSI stacked stone design is right for your outdoor update? Speak with our friendly and helpful team via live chat now to learn more, or find an authorized MSI dealer near you and plan a visit to a nearby MSI showroom to view samples.