Going Large With XL Rockmount™ Stacked Stone Panels

April 12, 2024


Designing a home that delivers the comfort of casual luxury starts with materials like stacked stone that offer a harmonious balance of rustic texture and refined styling. Our XL Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection delivers the timeless elegance and practical performance modern homeowners seek. These convenient 9” x 24” panels offer easy installation, while split-face finishes provide a touch of understated sophistication.

Beautiful and versatile, stacked stone is available in a range of colors and materials to complement any design style. Choose from attractive and durable natural stone options like limestone, marble, quartzite, slate, and travertine, with neutral hues ranging from bright white and warm beige to rusty brown and ashy black.

What benefits will you gain when you choose XL Rockmount Stacked Stone panels, and which varieties are best suited to your home and tastes?

Join us as we explore the benefits and options to find out more.

Benefits of XL Rockmount Stacked Stone Panels

With XL Rockmount panels for a fireplace facade, accent wall, or backsplash tile, you’ll enjoy a product that installs quickly and seamlessly, with the appeal of no grout lines and low-maintenance requirements.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, stacked stone is also a great choice for outdoor kitchens, planters, retaining walls, and highlighting architectural features like columns or patio areas.

The natural, rustic beauty of stone can bring a hint of the outside into your living spaces or blur the lines between structures and landscaping in outdoor entertaining areas. Resilient and easy to clean and maintain, stacked stone is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

Products to Transform Your Home

With several products to choose from in the XL Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection, you’ll find the options to complement your home style, color palette, and personal design preferences.

Versatile stone pairs well with a range of other elements, from wooden flooring and painted cabinets to other stone types. Here are a few popular designs to inspire your remodeling journey.

Casual Elegance

silver-travertine-xl-stacked-stone-fireplaceSilver Travertine XL Stacked Stone

If you’re interested in ledger panels that add understated elegance to your space while helping ground a bright, breezy interior, Silver Travertine XL Stacked Stone is exactly what you need.

Featuring soft, warm gray tones, this travertine makes for a lovely addition to an airy interior featuring creamy walls, light wood flooring, and neutral furnishings.

Enduring Appeal

arctic-white-xl-stacked-stone-exteriorArctic White XL Stacked Stone

A sleek, modern exterior gains a calming, casual character with Arctic White XL Stacked Stone. The cool white quartzite of this stacked stone style is offset by a textured, split-face finish and varied stone sizes that exude organic tranquility.

Paired with framing and accents in deep charcoal gray, along with strategic greenery, the stacked stone walls shine like a welcoming beacon to loved ones and guests.

Rustic Chic

sierra-blue-xl-stacked-stone-backsplashSierra Blue XL Stacked Stone

The rustic style conjures images of rough surfaces and earthy hues, but you can get the comfortable feeling of this style with a sense of refinement when you choose Sierra Blue XL Stacked Stone.

Muted hues of soft gray, white, and blue quartzite perfectly complement a cool, modern interior featuring taupe flooring, gray cabinets, and marble-look countertops and backsplash like Azurmatt quartz from the Q line.

The split-face finish offers visual interest and a textured counterpoint to smoother surfaces in the space. It’s an innovative and inspired alternative to kitchen backsplash tiles behind a sink area.

Soft Sophistication

royal-white-xl-stacked-stone-feature-wallRoyal White XL Stacked Stone

If you’re looking for a subtle and sophisticated way to incorporate an accent wall in your space, consider the regal beauty of Royal White XL Stacked Stone. This unique wall tile in durable quartzite is resplendent in shades of warm white with delicate beige striations. A split-face finish contributes to a casual ambiance and acts as the perfect transition between crisp white walls and rich wood flooring.

XL Rockmount Stacked Stone Installation

Aside from the breathtaking appearance, low maintenance, and longevity that you’ll enjoy with XL Rockmount Stacked Stone, the product is designed for easy installation with large format panels.

Whether you’re skilled in DIY and keen to tackle installation on your own or you prefer to hire professional tile setters, our stacked stone panels can be quickly and successfully installed with proper surface preparation and application methods. Refer to our Stacked Stone installation video for a complete guide.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the beautiful appearance of resilient stacked stone is easy. Regular dusting will often do the trick, but occasional wiping or washing with a damp cloth or sponge may be required.

For outdoor applications that are more likely to collect environmental debris, try washing with a hose. Prevent potential harm by avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives, as well as direct application of a pressure washer.

Stacked Stone Is a Timeless Addition to Any Home

Whether your home is traditional or modern, your style elegant or eclectic, you’ll find that the XL Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection has just the right options to elevate your interior and exterior living spaces.

Versatile, eye-catching varieties deliver both the comfort of rustic textures and the enduring beauty of natural stone. With easy installation and maintenance, you’ll love this addition to your home design.

Are you ready to upgrade your home with a fireplace, accent wall, backsplash, or exterior feature in stacked stone? Contact our helpful representatives online via convenient live chat to learn more, locate an authorized MSI retailer in your area, or plan a showroom visit.


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