Stack Your Designs With 3 New Rockmount Stacked Stone Colors

January 14, 2022


We are finding more homeowners embracing the bold and textured looks of stacked stone. We don't blame them! Stacked stones bring a natural appearance to the home and draw the eye to them wherever they are placed.

The MSI Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection is solid quarried natural stone panels that are fitted with dry-stacked stones. These panels are easy to install and give the look of dry-stacked stone which has been around for centuries. 

Our Rockmount Collection has many benefits for your home!. Keep reading to find out the benefits of stacked stone and explore the new looks that will add texture and style to all of your spaces.

MSI Rockmount Stacked Stone

The MSI Rockmount Stack Stone Collection has all the elements you need to add depth and richness to your home's interior. Their unique colors and one-of-a-kind textures bring boldness to every application.

They also have the benefit of being incredibly versatile so they can work in any room of the house. They can also work outside of the house because of their superior quality.


Rockmount ledger panels are made up of solid stone and can be used inside or outside your home. They can handle the water of your backsplash or bathroom, and also handle extreme outdoor weather conditions. 

They are engineered to fit together so they give a seamless look and their panels make installation quick and easy.


The strength of stacked stone means they can handle the tough parts of your home. If you want them as wall tile around your fireplace, you don't have to worry about the heat bothering them.

You can also use them as an outdoor planter wall or coordinate them with your outdoor patio tile. These stones are strong enough to handle each area with ease. 


These stacked stones are also very simple to maintain. You don't have to worry about complex specialty cleaners. You can use a simple spray bottle with water and a cloth to clean them.

An even easier way is to use a simple duster or a vacuum with a bristle attachment. They are simple to clean so you can do more important things with your time. 

Arabescato Carrara Stacked Stone


The Arabescato Carrara Stacked Stone shines with its cool white hues and smokey gray accents. It give you the ability to use them as accents or to have them as the main feature of your room.

Their gray accents add depth so if you use them in a predominately white room, it will keep the room from looking too sterile. These marble stones are stacked grout free so nothing takes away from their beauty.

This bathroom picture shows how the white tub jumps out with the Arabescato background. You can also see how the wall goes so well with the colored floors and the wood and white shelves. 

The Arabescato stones are a Greenguard Gold Certified product. This means they are guaranteed to give off only low levels of volatile organic compounds. This protects you indoor air quality for you and your family. 

Malibu Gold Stacked Stone


If you wanting to add color to your design, the Malibu Gold Stacked Stone could be the perfect choice. The multiple shades of gold stand out with off-white and grey hues mixed in around them. 

The colors are not overstated so they can mix in with similar color schemes in the house, or be used to add a color accent look to your room. These stones are also grout-free so their natural look can shine through.

As you can see in the picture, these stones look great and are strong enough for the exterior of the house. The gold hues blend incredibly well with the solid color wall, the fireplace itself, and the dark wood on top.

The Malibu Gold Stacked Stones are made of quartzite. This gives them incredible strength and toughness for any application. They are also Greenguard Gold Certified for your indoor atmosphere. 

Silver Canyon Stacked Stone


Created out of fine marble, the Silver Canyon Stacked Stone brings depth to any room you add it to. Its dusty grey hues can work on interior walls, kitchen backsplashes, or your outdoor barbecue area.

The grey accents throughout the stone keep it from looking monotone. The randomly set stones mix in an array of greys that holds your interest as you gaze at it. 

This picture is a great use of the silver canyon stone as a fireplace wall between two outdoor views. The wall adds some texture to the look and sets off the fireplace without distracting from the beautiful views out the windows.

These stones feature MSI's exclusive Interlocking Z system. This keeps them from having to use grout and ensures they fit together smoothly. They have a split faced finish available along with corner pieces to finish your look.

Discover Your Perfect Stacked Stone Look

The MSI Rockmount stacked stone collection is the perfect way to add beautiful depth and creative color to your room designs. You can also use it to add unique looks to the outside of your house.

The beauty of a stacked stone panel is you get the wonderful texture plus the powerful strength of natural stone. Rockmount has put them into panels to make their installation a breeze.

Contact MSI Surfaces and let us introduce you to these brand new colors as well as all the wonderful looks of Rockmount Stacked Stone. Since 1975, we have helped homeowners create the home of their dreams.