7 Most Popular Uses Of Stacked Stone

February 02, 2024


Stacked stone is an excellent option for a timeless design choice that adds texture and complexity to your structure. Ideal for interior and exterior applications, this finishing material offers outstanding versatility.

When applied as an accent wall, fireplace surround, retaining wall, or the entire front facade of a building, stacked stone elevates a rustic design, enriches a modern space, and enhances a retro vibe. But what is stacked stone exactly, and how can you use some of our most popular products in your space?

What Is Stacked Stone?

You’d never mistake modern stacked stone for the heavy old castle walls. MSI stone veneers feature materials like trimmed stone or porcelain stacked to create lightweight, modular panels in different sizes.

These decorative installations add depth and visual interest to any surface, elevating your overall design. Variations in the color, size, and placement of stones help create an organic pattern that increases dimensionality and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The Many Benefits of Using Stacked Stone

Whether you choose porcelain or natural stone panels to upgrade your design, you’ll find that these materials offer more than visual appeal. Modular construction allows for easy installation, and stacked stone delivers low-maintenance appeal.

Durable materials are well-suited to indoor and outdoor use. They offer longevity in bustling interior spaces and hold up well in various weather conditions.

Different Types of Stacked Stone Offered by MSI

Finding the stacked stone look you love is easy, with so many collections and design options available. Here are a few exciting ways to use some of our most popular stacked stone products.

Breathtaking Curb Appeal

rocky-gold-stacked-porcelain-panelsRocky Gold Stacked Porcelain Panels

With rich gold, brown, and greige hues, Rocky Gold Stacked Porcelain Panels are a stunning addition to any home exterior. Paired with varied sizes of porcelain to mimic natural stone, these manufactured stone veneers from our Dekora Porcelain Ledger Panel Collection perfectly complement natural elements like knotty wood planks and stone-paved pathways. They create a warm welcome to your home.

Dazzling Interior Accent

arctic-white-3d-honed-stacked-stoneArctic White 3D Honed Stacked Stone

A stacked stone accent wall can define spaces, create a focal point in a room, or add luxury to any design. Arctic White 3D Honed Stacked Stone offers an effortless solution to bring texture into your modern space.

Bright and beautiful, this honed marble design from the Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection presents understated beauty that dazzles in cool whites and a dimensional arrangement that reflects light. It’s a lovely complement to flat panel cabinets in white and an expressive granite countertop in beige.

Upscale Outdoor Hardscape

golden-white-stacked-stoneGolden White Stacked Stone

A retaining wall is a great way to infuse interest in a simple yard space. If you desire to get every detail just right, you’ll want to consider our Rockmount Golden White Stacked Stone.

The warm gold and gray quartzite with touches of rusty red looks stunning next to vibrant grass and foliage, and the rough, split-face construction creates a rustic tableau.

Impressive Building Façade

california-gold-stacked-stoneCalifornia Gold Stacked Stone

First impressions are an opportunity to grab attention, and bold California Gold Stacked Stone from our Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection wows at first glance. Natural slate with a rugged, split-face finish creates an appealing, dappled effect over large surfaces. Alternatively, you can represent power and prosperity with earthy brown, gray, and burgundy tones that blanket a façade in a rich tapestry of color.

Fresh Hospitality Spaces

ardesia-black-stacked-porcelain-panelsArdesia Black Stacked Porcelain Panels

Retail and hospitality locations can benefit from stacked stone’s traditional perception and the modern designs that make it feel fresh. Ardesia Black Stacked Porcelain Panels are a great example of both principles.

They boast an eye-catching blend of colors dove gray to black. This dark design from our Dekora Porcelain Ledger Panel Collection grounds whitewashed brick walls when used as the skirting for a coffee counter.

Bright and Inviting Water Feature

rainforest-natural-stacked-porcelain-panelsRainforest Natural Stacked Porcelain Panels

Sunny backyards are perfect opportunities to entertain. An inviting water feature fills the space with soothing sounds that eases stress and encourages social connection.

With Rainforest Natural Stacked Porcelain Panels from the Dekora Porcelain Ledger Panel Collection, your average fountain becomes a gathering place. The matte porcelain, in soft hues of cream and beige, features delicate wood grain patterns in darker cocoa and espresso. This creates variety and dimension across every panel, adding beauty to a massive water feature and providing a cozy ambiance.

Statement Feature Fireplace

coal-canyon-stacked-stoneCoal Canyon Stacked Stone

A fireplace is often the centerpiece of a room, but the right design choices can transform it into a masterpiece. This is especially true of a floor-to-ceiling fireplace wall in a double-height space with cathedral ceilings.

Upgrade a basic overmantel expanse by carrying moody Rockmount Coal Canyon Stacked Stone to the rafters. A uniform color palette in deep charcoal gray highlights the rough texture of rugged, split-face quartzite.

When paired with a chunky, modern mantel shelf in heavy-grained walnut, it’s easy to enjoy the show-stopping fireplace you’ve always dreamed of.

Stacked Stone Delivers Unbeatable Style

Whether you prefer a traditional or a sleek, modern design, stacked stone is an excellent option. It brings color, texture, dimension, and natural appeal to interior and exterior spaces. Durable and easy to maintain, MSI stacked stone offers variety and can upgrade every residential or commercial property.

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