Q™ Premium Natural Quartz: Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

January 27, 2024


In the realm of countertop materials, Q Premium Natural Quartz distinguishes itself as a prime choice, celebrated for its exceptional blend of beauty and practicality. Revered in both kitchens and bathrooms, it garners acclaim from homeowners and designers for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the attributes that make this product a favored quartz countertop option, addressing common questions and shedding light on Q’s unique features.

We'll explain the composition of Q Premium Natural Quartz, discussing whether it is man-made or natural, and explore its components. We will also compare Q’s qualities with other quartz brands and different countertop materials like quartzite, marble, and granite. Additionally, we'll provide essential tips on maintenance, including cleaning, and heat resistance. The goal is to help you understand why Q Premium Natural Quartz stands out as a superior choice for contemporary home design.

What is Q Premium Natural Quartz?

calacatta-bolina-q-premium-naturalCalacatta Bolina Quartz

Q Premium Natural Quartz is a quartz brand from MSI. Q represents a masterful union of nature and technology, and it contains up to 93% natural quartz crystals. Well known for its hardness, the substantial quartz content provides exceptional durability, and ensures the material's low emission levels. This composition results in a surface that can withstand the demands of everyday use while maintaining an eco-friendly profile.

While it may evoke the elegance of natural stone, it's essential to recognize it as a manufactured product. The creation process is intricate, meticulously blending natural quartz with polymer resins to enhance the material’s strength and beauty. Despite being engineered, it retains many of the desirable properties of natural stone, such as its rich texture and variety of patterns, which makes it a versatile choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

At its core, Q Premium Natural Quartz is a fusion of nature's robustness with human ingenuity. The primary ingredients—quartz, polymer resins, and pigments—are carefully selected and combined using advanced manufacturing techniques. This innovative combination is what gives this product its unique character, marrying the timeless beauty of natural elements with the reliability and consistency of modern engineering.

Is Q Premium Natural Quartz a Good Quality?

calacatta-miraggio-cove-q-premium-quartzCalacatta Miraggio Cove Quartz

Absolutely! The quality is indisputable. Designed with longevity in mind, it boasts a durability and aesthetic appeal that endures, maintaining its beauty through the years. Its appeal is further enhanced by its low maintenance, as it requires no sealing, polishing, or reconditioning, making it a practical choice for busy lifestyles. The hygienic properties of the surface are impressive as well, being resistant to bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring a clean and safe environment for all your culinary activities. Q’s advanced manufacturing techniques, including the use of the Bretonstone® system, underscore the brand's commitment to innovation and quality.

Comparing Q Premium Natural Quartz to Other Quartz Brands

marquina-midnight-q-premium-quartzMarquina Midnight® Quartz

In the competitive landscape of quartz countertops, Q Premium Natural Quartz carves its niche with an impressive array of diverse styles and colors, boasting a portfolio of over 120 choices that cater to a spectrum of design preferences, including classic concrete quartz looks, marble look quartz, and additional modern and avant-garde aesthetics.

Q’s enhanced durability is attributed to a high quartz content, which provides increased resistance to the wear and tear of kitchen activities. The ease of maintenance is another celebrated feature; its surfaces are simple to clean, promoting a hygienic environment that's ideal for the culinary space.

Affordability is not overlooked, as it presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional stone options like granite or marble, without compromising on the luxurious appearance.

MSI stands behind the quality of Q Premium Natural Quartz with a strong warranty that provides peace of mind for both residential and commercial customers. The warranty includes a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 10-Year Commercial Warranty, which reflects the company's belief in the durability and longevity of its products.

Q Premium Natural Quartz vs.
Other Countertop Materials

bianco-pepper-q-premium-naturalBianco Pepper® Quartz

When comparing this product to other popular countertop materials like quartzite, marble, and granite, each has its own set of characteristics and care requirements.

Quartzite countertops, while natural and durable, relies on regular sealing to maintain its integrity. Marble countertops, known for its luxury appearance, is similarly susceptible to staining and etching if not sealed. Granite countertops, known for its hardness and heat resistance, also requires frequent sealing to preserve its surface.

In contrast, Q Premium Natural Quartz does not require sealing or maintenance, which offers a harmonious combination of beauty, durability, and ease of care, positioning it as a versatile, practical, and stylish bathroom and kitchen countertop option.

Caring for Q Premium Natural Quartz Countertops

calacatta-versailles-q-premium-natural-quartzCalacatta Versailles Quartz

Maintaining the pristine condition of your Q Premium Natural Quartz countertops is straightforward and hassle-free. For daily upkeep, a simple wipe down with mild soap and water will suffice, ensuring the avoidance of any harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. In the event of spills, prompt action with gentle, non-abrasive cleaners is usually enough to prevent staining, keeping the quartz in immaculate condition.

To ensure longevity, it is advisable to take certain precautions to avoid physical damage. Even though the material is resistant to etching, scuffing, and scratching, it's beneficial to use cutting boards during food preparation. This practice maintains the integrity and beauty of your countertops for the long term.

When it comes to heat resistance, it performs admirably. However, to maintain its elegant appearance, it is advisable to use trivets or hot pads when placing hot items directly onto the countertop. This extra layer of protection ensures that the quartz remains unscathed from the potential impact of extreme temperatures, thus extending its life and appearance.

Choosing the Right Q Premium Natural Quartz Countertop for Your Home

Choosing the right Q Premium Natural Quartz countertop for your home is more than a mere selection—it's a statement of your style, a reflection of your lifestyle, and a commitment to enduring quality. It's about harmonizing your space's design elements with your personal aesthetic preferences and the practical demands of everyday life. Q Premium Natural Quartz, with its extensive palette of designs and hues, stands ready to meet these diverse needs. Whether your home exudes a contemporary minimalism or radiates a classic warmth, there's a quartz color in this collection to perfectly complement your vision.

Who is MSI and How Are They Related to
Q Premium Natural Quartz?

Q Premium Natural Quartz or "Q" is a quartz countertop brand from M S International, Inc. Founded in 1975, MSI is North America's leading nationwide wholesale surfaces distributor and the highest volume countertop supplier. MSI maintains over 45 local showrooms and distribution centers across the United States and Canada. Each MSI location features an impressive Q Premium Natural Quartz showroom displaying a variety of MSI quartz products.

Explore the world of Q Premium Natural Quartz by browsing our impressive variety of quartz colors. Q’s curated selection highlights the beauty of our quartz, featuring everything from deep, elegant shades to light, invigorating tones, ensuring every design vision is met. We invite you to request a low-cost quartz sample for a hands-on decision-making experience. The chance to touch and feel the quartz in person lets you truly appreciate its fine quality, colors, and veining.

Discover the beauty of the Q Premium Natural Quartz collection. For expert assistance, connect with us through online chat, visit a local MSI retailer, or drop by an MSI showroom in your area.


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