Stone Veneer: Transforming Your Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

March 06, 2024


Nature offers endless inspiration for outfitting your home for comfort, style, and luxury. When nature’s beauty is paired with creative modern manufacturing technologies, the result is innovative stone veneer designs that look like authentic stone in an affordable, low-maintenance format like concrete.

What makes veneer from our Terrado® Stone Veneer Collection a great choice for your interior and exterior surfaces? It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to install. This material offers the dimensional texture of a rough-hewn look, paired with variable stone sizing and an organic stacked style.

With stacked stone from MSI, you’ll enjoy various natural colors, from striking whites and charcoals to soft beiges and warm grays. How can you weave these gorgeous stone looks into your interior and exterior designs for maximum impact? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Elevating Interior Living Spaces

Your home is the place to relax and be yourself. It’s where you enjoy your most treasured moments with family and friends and is a calming embrace that offers an escape from the bustle and demands of the outside world.

Your home is your castle, and your design choices affect how you feel when you’re in it. Adding surfaces that mimic the rustic appeal of natural stone is a great way to instill an ambiance of luxury and comfort simultaneously. If you’re unsure how to create powerful visual stories in stacked stone, consider a statement fireplace or accent wall.

A Showstopping Fireplace

denali-anthracite-manufactured-stone-veneersDenali Anthracite Manufactured Stone Veneers

Contrasting color combinations like black and white are considered timeless because they make it easy to create standout styles. If you want to capture this aesthetic with stone veneers, the Terrado® Stone Veneer Collection has many great options.

The burnt charcoal, dark chocolate, and deep espresso hues of Denali Anthracite offer a stark and stunning counterpoint to a bright bathroom space. When used for a floor-to-ceiling fireplace wall, this design stands out against pale gray stone-look walls, cream tile flooring, and a freestanding soaker tub in bright white. Black fixtures and accents help to tie the high-contrast look together.

A Tranquil Statement Wall

peninsula-cream-manufactured-stone-veneersPeninsula Cream® Manufactured Stone Veneers

Homeowners interested in making a statement with MSI stone can create a bold yet understated expression of style with an accent wall in Peninsula Cream®. The warm, creamy tones vary from ecru and buttercream to the palest latte shades, adding brightness and warmth that help to define shared living spaces.

This design offers the ideal way to offset the grandeur of a double-height ceiling, thanks to a balance of elegance and warmth that makes spacious rooms feel cozy. The aesthetic is enhanced with natural wood flooring in honeyed tones and plush furnishings that invite loved ones to melt in and enjoy quality time together.

Crafting an Inviting Exterior

A lovely home exterior is about more than just curb appeal—it is also the starting point for crafting welcoming outdoor living spaces. Stacked stone can create an attractive and upscale backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

Whether you’re seeking a classic, refined look that adds to your luxury aesthetic or you want to capture the imposing majesty of towering rock formations, you’ll find what you’re looking for with samples from the Terrado® Stone Veneer Collection.

Rustic and Refined Foundations

copen-snow-manufactured-stone-veneersCopen Snow® Manufactured Stone Veneers

Stone veneers add rich texture to any living space and embody upscale refinement. Copen Snow® is the perfect example of this principle, with a soft palette of cool, dusty whites and pale grays.

Elegant and timeless, this design pairs the rough texture of stacked stone with the refined aesthetic of a marble-like appearance, striking a balance that elevates pewter-hued siding and accents in pale, heavy-grained wood. Verdant landscaping adds joyful color that pops against the white backdrop.

Capturing the Majesty of Nature

peninsula-sand-manufactured-stone-veneersPeninsula Sand Manufactured Stone Veneers

Stacked stone adds splendor to any home exterior and is particularly stunning when used to wrap stately columns. There are many ways to infuse personality into your exterior, but if you want to make a powerful statement, columns in Peninsula Sand will do the trick.

Shades from soft beige to warm gray to touches of copper breathe warmth into any surface, while the rustic depth of variable stone sizes draws the eye to architectural highlights. The mid-tone palette offers a charming accent to siding in cream and framing in darker gray hues, delivering a pleasant gradient effect.

Stacked stone columns help to bridge the gap between lush landscaping and the stark planes of a manmade structure. This surface material is the ideal choice for outdoor living spaces that are cozy, distinguished, and enduring.

MSI Stacked Stone Provides a Beautiful Backdrop to Your Life

Home means different things to different people, but you always want a space that reflects your tastes and preferred ambiance. Designs from the Terrado® Stone Veneer Collection allow you to saturate interior and exterior living spaces with the indescribable elegance of nature in an easy-care format that fits your busy lifestyle.

When you’re ready to explore stacked stone options to upgrade your home, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team via convenient live chat, locate an authorized MSI retailer near you, or visit an MSI showroom to view samples.


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