Our Favorite White Granite Countertops

May 15, 2019


White granite countertops can feel contradictory when considering them for your kitchen. After all, aren’t spills and stains best covered up in any color that isn’t white? However, white granite is a top-notch selection for a functional countertop and offers a variety of advantages. When considering this stone, keep in mind there are lively veining and flecks of color that lend nuance and character—white granite is hardly ever just plain white. Ultimately, this is an optimal choice to incorporate into your home with countless benefits.

Countertops are focal points of any room or kitchen, and white can offer a bright and spacious atmosphere. Few colors—even black granite—can rival the sophistication and freshness of white. It can set an aesthetic tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making a room feel more open, which is what most people strive for in their décor. Additionally, these premium surfaces are known for their compatibility and can complement a variety of colored cabinets, furniture pieces, and flooring.

The stunning beauty of a white granite countertop can increase the value of your home since it’s practical and provides a transformative timeless quality to any room. Granite, on the whole, is an ideal food preparation surface since it’s not susceptible to scratches and can withstand heat. Naturally, this is top of mind for any homeowner’s kitchen.

Let’s explore some of MSI’s popular white granite countertop selections so you can see the versatility and beauty of this stone for yourself. If you find one you particularly like, feel free to use our Virtual Kitchen Designer to see how well it would match up in your own home!

msi-colonial-white-granite-kitchen-counter-with-speckled-look-and-dark-wood-cabinets-minColonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite comes from India and is known as a blend of grey and cloudy silver decorated with precise black speckles. This nuanced granite would make a great addition to any kitchen and complement various backsplash designs.

msi-salinas-white-granite-kitchen-countertop-with-country-look-minSalinas White Granite

Salinas White Granite is a polished granite consisting of snowy white stone with various speckles integrated with light pewter. Salinas White Granite comes from Brazil and is sure to ground any kitchen island with its tinges of color and gradation.

msi-everest-mist-granite-waterfall-kitchen-counter-and-natural-wood-floors-minEverest Mist Granite

If you’re looking for a granite countertop with misty variations of charcoal set against a backdrop of veiny icy white, Everest Mist is just the pick for you. Also from Brazil, this design features a polished granite speckled with greys and graphite, durable and highly versatile for a variety of kitchens.

msi-pitaya-white-granite-kitchen-counter-with-light-speckles-in-modern-kitchen-and-icy-blue-backsplash-minPitaya White Granite

Pitaya White granite integrates a cool white palette with scattered speckles and delicate, smoky veining throughout and is available in slabs of 2CM and 3CM of thickness. It’s easy to picture this particular design accenting either modern or traditional designs.

All in all, it’s important to keep in mind that white granite countertop has a variety of advantages and comes in a spectrum of enticing designs. Take some time and explore it as a viable option, as it’s sure to enhance your kitchen tenfold! Chat with us online, visit a nearby MSI showroom, or find an MSI authorized dealer in your area to view even more white options for white granite surfaces. 

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