Backsplash Ideas For Granite Countertops

January 20, 2020

backsplash ideas for granite countertops

Granite comes in a wide variety of stunning colors and patterns, and while perfectly pairing it with the right backsplash might sound easy, there should be some strategy involved. The goal in adding a backsplash is to elevate the look of the entire room, not just match a tile to the granite countertops. There are many ways to choose your materials, but if you follow one of the guidelines below, then you’ll be able to create a stunning look for your kitchen or bathroom. 

gorgeous kitchen backsplash

Balance Busy Patterns

Some granite slabs have busier patterns like Alaska White, so it’s best to balance the detailed design with a simple backsplash. And no, simple doesn’t always mean subway tile. Bianco Arabesque is a glass arabesque tile in an elegant white color that pulls from the frosty blend of silvers, onyx, and white granite hues in the Brazilian stone. Because the backsplash is a solid and the pattern is much larger than the granite specks, it creates visual interest without competing with the stone. 

Pick Classic Opposites

A black-and-white kitchen is a classic that will never go out of style, so when you have Black Pearl granite paired with white cabinets, stick with the theme. Whisper White Subway Tile is a traditional and timeless choice that works with many different design styles, and the white ceramic makes the semi-solid black granite with speckles of various shades stand out even more. 

kitchen countertops with backsplash

Choose Similar Colors

When you have a popular granite with neutral colors like Alaska White, you can complement it with a wide range of warm backsplash tiles. Cecily Pattern Polished is a high-design marble mosaic with an interesting pattern. The soft creamy whites and beige accent pieces blend beautifully with the whites, pale silvers, and warm neutrals in the Brazilian granite. The light tones go beyond the backsplash and countertop and carry on throughout the design, with light neutral gray cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. 

Match the Finish

When you have dramatic and bold Italian granite like Lemurian Blue Granite, you can emphasize the beautiful coloring even more by pairing it with a backsplash with similar finishes and undertones. Not just for pool applications, Carribean Mermaid Glass Tile is a recycled glass mosaic with deep green and teal tones that are complementary to the blend of peacock, Prussian, and indigo blues in the natural granite. The shimmer and shine of the glass backsplash mimics the glossy polished finish of the show-stopping surface. 

bathroom countertops with backsplash

Fortunately, granite is a natural stone material that seems to effortlessly pair well with various patterns and colors, similar to quartz vs. granite. While some stone surfaces come with bold designs from Mother Nature, it’s important to know how to pick a winning backsplash for your space. While there are many materials to choose from, start with a color, pattern, detail, or finish to find something that suits your stone and your style. If you’re still unsure, then know that simple is best, especially when factoring in the variation of the granite. 

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