Stik Wall-Tile™: DIY Holiday Refresh

October 27, 2017


Ready to take on an afternoon project that’ll give your walls a little love before the holidays? 

Meet STIK Wall-Tile™ – premium DIY peel and stick tiles made of real stone. From kitchen, bathroom and laundry room backsplashes to feature walls in your bedroom and den, create the high-style look you’ve always wanted, before company arrives.

Putting your dream space on hold because you’re renting, on a tight budget, in a time crunch – or all three? Not on our watch - nobody puts baby in the corner! 

The professional installer guy—as cool as he is—can sit this one out because STIK Wall-Tile™ is designed with a heavy-duty adhesive backing – no grout or mortar required.

To share the do’s and don’ts of the new line and make your installation project as easy as can be, we created a Q & A with our product and design teams. Our step by step video is also at the ready with pro tips and insights. A chic backdrop for entertaining awaits with the help of these easy-breezy guides.

Affordable luxury? Yes, thanks to Golden Honey Veneer Peel & Stick Tiles

Q: What are my style options?

A: From luxe to rustic, all the styles curated for the collection are trending - like 3D tile, wood lookalikes, and the white marble instant classic Calacatta Cressa. We’ve paired these aesthetics with a fresh palette that includes shades of white, gold, gray, brown, and charcoal. The lineup is available in both honed and splitface finishes. Best part about their looks? They transform backsplashes from meh to marvelous in the space of a few hours. 

Q: What is STIK Wall-Tile™ made of?

A: Our peel and stick tiles are made with real stone – including marble, slate, travertine, and quartzite.
By using natural stone, it’s much easier to achieve a polished look – especially since they’re designed to work alongside our extended collection – from porcelain tile to Q Premium Natural Quartz. The commercial grade adhesive backing ensures that your tiles stand the test of time.


Q: How do I prep my walls?

A:  Apply tile sheets to smooth, clean, and dry surfaces. The adhesive will not stick properly with dust, grease or debris on the walls. Also, to achieve a professional look, make sure the wall is level.


Q. Do I need to use additional adhesive?

A:   No. Glue, grout, and mortar are not required. 


Q: How do I cut around an electrical outlet on the wall?

A:  Our styles require different methods of cutting – ie. a utility knife, cutting pliers, wet saw. For best results, please read the instructions on the box. As shown in the installation video, remember to remove outlet covers before you begin.


Q: What sizes are available?

A: Six mosaic tiles are offered in 12x12 sheets, the other four (veneers) are available in 6x22 sheets. 


Q: What sets STIK Wall-Tile™ apart from the competition?

A:  There are very few peel and stick tiles on the market made with real stone and industrial-grade adhesive. The majority are made of vinyl and lack the staying power of STIK Wall-Tile™.

And because they were curated to work with our other collections, the tiles are designed to unify a design scheme instead of working against it. Lastly, additional adhesives and grout are not required, so clean up is a cinch. 


Q: Can I use STIK Wall-Tile™ on the floor? 

A:  They are not made for use on floors. Check out our extensive line of trending floor tile.  You’re sure to find a handful of budget-friendly faves in the mix.


Q: Can I install them in the shower? 

A:  We don’t recommend STIK Wall-Tile™ in the shower or any place with direct water flow. However, they’re good to use in the kitchen and behind bathroom vanities. There are many options to choose from in our mesh-backed mosaic wall tile and floor tile collection – which are best-suited for shower surrounds and other wet zones.


Q: I'm renting so I'll need to remove the tiles before I leave. How difficult are they to take down? 

A:  STIK Wall-Tile™ is designed with a high-performance adhesive back so we recommend removing them with a drywall knife, (slide the blade under the edge of the tile and slowly work the tile off). You may need paint and spackle to refresh some areas. 

Awake or dreaming? Hard to tell with White Quarry Interlocking 3D Peel and Stick 
behind the headboard.

Q: Do you have any style tips you can share? 

A: Creating feature walls—a Top 5 Design Trend this year—is a staple in DIY playbooks. STIK Wall-Tile™ offers a chance to tap your creative side. Ready to impress your guests? Install them on a bookshelf insets, reading nooks, hallways, fireplaces, between steps in a staircase, etc. 

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Watch the video for features and installation tips.