MSI Introduces Terrado Stacked Stone Veneers

November 08, 2021


A common theme of the structures on the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is that they consisted of stone. Stone has been a popular building product for thousands of years because of its strength and its beauty.

Today we have seen a rise in the use of stone in houses again. The timeless color and style of stone have made it a popular choice of home designers across the nation. 

Stacked stone is popular, but the costs and structural needs of installing real stone have made it hard for homeowners to have in the past. New solutions have come to help the homeowner with engineered stacked stone veneers.

Let's dive into what is behind the popularity of stacked stone and how engineered stacked stone could be the decorating answer for you.

The Stacked Stone Popularity

Stacked stone veneer panels have grown in popularity for builders and remodelers across the country because of their versatility. They can change the look of a room significantly while not being as hard to put up as real stone.

Veneers give the homeowner many different options for looks and styles. The engineered veneers offer many different color combinations and looks. The colors are consistent and the looks fit many different styles.

Some veneers have a polished look with more contemporary color options. The Copen Line of the Terrado collection is an example of this style. The stones give a clean look and the snow and ash colors complement many modern styles.

The Peninsula Line offers a more rustic feel with different thicknesses and other variations. Their colors range from a darker earthy color to a light-colored sand option. 


What Is a Stacked Stone Veneer?

A stacked stone veneer looks like pieces of natural stone. They are actually made from high-quality colored concrete. Their coloring is from iron oxides, so it is safe for all indoor uses.

The concrete pushes into molds that make it form the shape of stone. The molds come prearranged so the stones will fit together. The shapes combine onto a backing which makes application a breeze because the stones fit together.

These veneers give the look and feel of real stone without the high cost. The stone sizes are carefully picked to ensure fast and easy installation. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and are almost maintenance-free.

One of the benefits of manufactured stone veneers is they don't need extra support to be installed like regular stone. They can be used at any location inside and outside the house without having to worry about structural support.


Indoor & Outdoor Uses

The power of stacked stone veneers is their versatility. The stones fit in both indoor and outdoor settings. Their coloring is consistent and they can either accent or be the center stage of a room.

Stone veneer use has increased as the trend of adding texture to vertical surfaces has become more popular. The three-dimensional look of the veneer adds color and texture to a natural look. 

Inside the house, one of the most popular places to put stacked stone is in the kitchen. They are a popular choice for backsplashes. Their colors and styles make them fit with many different kitchen styles.

Stacked stone around a fireplace makes for a unique mantle and centerpiece for a room. Another popular place for stone is in the bathroom. Stacked stone veneer is often used to add style to the bathroom.

Outside the house, veneers have been used as outdoor patio tile, and around landscape applications. They also have helped accent a house by being used as the bottom half of the exterior when the house has siding.


Benefits of Stone Veneers

One of the benefits of stacked stone veneers is how they are applied to the house. The ledger panels of stones are added to a wall like wallpaper. The designs are seamless and can flow in any room and around corners.

The fact that the stones are manufactured from concrete means they are strong and easy to clean. They will mainly just need dusting. If they get dirty, a soft brush with some soapy water will usually take care of it.

When used in the kitchen as a backsplash, it is recommended that they be sealed to protect them from grease. This also makes them easy to clean and helps them to look great for years to come.

Many designers also recommend sealing the stones that are around the fireplace to protect them from soot. The bathroom is another location you may want to consider sealing the stones to protect them.

The engineered stones come with consistent color so a homeowner can choose the stones they want and know the ones delivered will look the same. This will help them choose the other colors of the house with confidence.


Your Own Home Wonder

Your home may never be on the list of being a wonder of the world, but you can have the benefits of stone in it. With the ease of application, the color selection, and the strength of the material, your house will benefit.

The Terrado Collection from MSI gives you the natural stacked stone look without the high price tag of installing real stone. They have styles and colors to match all types of decorating. 

The stones can be used for indoor and outdoor applications so you can take your house to the next level with both! Contact them and let them help you understand the benefits of engineered stacked stone veneers.