Making A Big Impact: The Rise Of Large Format Surfaces

June 20, 2024


The world of interior design is ever-changing, inviting new and intriguing trends to the mix year after year and witnessing old trends become popular once more. In recent years, large-format tile, flooring, pavers, and more have surged in popularity, revolutionizing both residential and commercial spaces.

The use of big, bold surfaces makes a splash in contemporary design, bringing a sense of grandeur and seamless aesthetic appeal to interior and exterior spaces alike. The expansive design has much to offer, from its alluring composition to its functionality and versatility.

These large format surfaces are the perfect finishing touch for nearly any space, adding a bold finish that elevates the area. Given the extensive benefits, it’s no surprise that large-format surfaces are becoming the go-to pick for homeowners and designers alike.

Design Trends: Big, Bold Surfaces

Many interior and exterior design trends in 2024 feature sprawling surfaces that provide a striking, luxurious feel to any space. From luxury vinyl flooring to stacked stone, large-format options are plentiful. 

Large Format Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Favored for its larger-than-life feel and remarkable benefits, large-format luxury vinyl flooring is a top pick in current design trends. This flooring is exceptionally durable, effortlessly withstanding heavy foot traffic and the wear and tear of busy homes with kids and pets. Maintaining these floors is simple, ensuring you don’t spend time poring over nuanced cleaning processes.

The flooring comes in a range of realistic colors and patterns, featuring everything from the genuine charm of wood in luxury vinyl planks to the crisp luxury of stone in luxury vinyl tiles. These options are perfect for many applications, from cozy living rooms to opulent bathrooms.

xl-cyrus-barrell-luxury-vinyl-planks-large-formatXL Cyrus® Barrell Luxury Vinyl Planks

For example, consider XL Cyrus® Barrell Luxury Vinyl Planks, pictured in a small living room. The extra-wide planks make the space feel larger, giving it a more open feel without losing the cozy ambiance.

xl-prescott-brookline-luxury-vinyl-planks-large-formatXL Prescott® Brookline® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Or, explore the XL Prescott® Brookline® Luxury Vinyl Planks, photographed in a compact kitchen. Each extra-wide plank helps the space feel larger, while the warm hue promotes an inviting feel. 

-xl-trecento-calacatta-marbello-luxury-vinyl-tile-large-formatXL Trecento® Calacatta Marbello® Luxury Vinyl Tile

XL Trecento® Calacatta Marbello® Luxury Vinyl Tile is another excellent example, pictured in a lavish bathroom. The sprawling tiles add to the space, complementing the expansive sizes of the mirror, accent wall, and bathtub.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles and Pavers

Expansive themes also appear in the world of porcelain tiles and pavers, elevating the benefits that these classy options already offer, from the impressive durability ideal for high-traffic areas to the easy maintenance, courtesy of the nearly non-porous porcelain.

These tiles and pavers are weather resistant, holding up well against stains, fading, mold, mildew, and freeze-thaw patterns. Plus, they come in diverse designs and patterns, ensuring something to accommodate nearly any décor theme. These perks shine through in numerous modern tiles and pavers, accompanied by the aesthetically alluring large-format design.

brighton-grey-porcelain-tiles-large-formatBrighton Grey Porcelain Tile

This gorgeous Brighton Grey Porcelain Tile, part of our newest large-format porcelain collection showcased at KBIS 2024, is pictured in a sprawling common area. This ultra-wide flooring boasts elegant hues of creamy white and subtle grays, adding to the space's palatial vibe.

cordova-avorio-porcelain-tile-with-matching-porcelain-paverCordova Avorio Porcelain Tile with matching Cordova Avorio Arterra® Porcelain Pavers

Pictured in an indoor-outdoor living space, Cordova Avorio Porcelain Tile and matching Cordova Avorio Arterra® Porcelain Pavers create a seamless experience. The hues perfectly complement the rich browns and beiges throughout the space, while the large format contributes to an airy, open feel.

true-bluestone-arterra-pavers-large-formatTrue Bluestone® Arterra® Pavers

True Bluestone® Arterra® Pavers are another excellent example. This pick meshes the appeal of expansive pavers with a haunting blue-gray shade that adds an element of understated elegance.   

Large Format Engineered Wood

Many engineered hardwood options also feature the broad charm of large-format flooring, combining the genuine appeal of authentic hardwood with the luxurious feel of extra-large planks. The expansive vibe adds to the existing benefits, from the remarkable durability, courtesy of supportive core layers, to the slip-resistant properties that provide more grip and traction underfoot for superior safety.

Furthermore, these engineered wood floors are eco-friendly, as they’re harvested with sustainable methods and feature multiple indoor safety credentials, including GREENGUARD, CARB, TSCA, and FloorScore®.

mccarran-montevideo-oak-engineered-wood-flooring-large-formatMcCarran Montevideo Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Our extra-large engineered wood flooring offers all these benefits wrapped in an ultra-wide package for an opulent feel. For example, consider McCarran Montevideo Oak Engineered Wood Flooring, pictured in an entryway. The broad planks enhance the space, while the genuine wood layer complements the deep wood tones throughout the entryway.

mccarran-bourland-engineered-wood-flooringMcCarran Bourland Engineered Wood Flooring

McCarran Bourland Engineered Wood Flooring is another phenomenal example. Photographed in a living room, the wide planks and pale hue contribute a light, airy, and open feel to the compact space.

Large Format Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is a design staple, beloved for its unique appearance and ability to add warmth and texture to interior and exterior spaces alike. Given its treasured status, it’s no surprise that large-format trends have seeped into stacked stone.

This stone is incredibly easy to maintain, offering exceptional durability and weather resistance that makes upkeep a breeze. It provides a natural, rustic appeal, creating an earthy ambiance and making it the ideal finishing touch for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Options are plentiful, from marble's allure to travertine's aesthetics. Whether you want to bring nature indoors to your backsplash or elevate an outdoor barbeque surround, this stacked stone can be an excellent way to combine the earthy vibe of stone with large-format opulence.

xl-rockmount-royal-white-stacked-stone-large-formatXL Rockmount Royal White Stacked Stone

XL Rockmount Royal White Stacked Stone perfectly embodies this seamless combination, blending grandeur with nature. Pictured as an accent wall in a living room, this product effortlessly complements the color palette while helping the room feel larger. 

xl-rockmount-alaska-gray-stacked-stone-large-formatXL Rockmount Alaska Gray Stacked Stone

XL Rockmount Alaska Gray Stacked Stone also meshes the opulence of extra-large components with the earthy feel of stone. Integrated as a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround, this option ties in the outdoor stone feature, creating a cohesive yet sprawling feel. 


Make a Big Impact in Your Home with Large-Format Surfaces: Elevate Your Spaces with Grandeur and Style

Incorporating large-format surfaces into your home design projects can elevate your living space’s overall aesthetic and functionality. From the lavish feel of large-format luxury vinyl flooring to the enduring elegance of extra-large porcelain tiles and pavers, these picks offer unparalleled benefits that can transform your home.

Embrace the grandeur and versatility of large-format surfaces to create a captivating and timeless ambiance in your home, making a bold statement that reflects your unique style and vision. Need help choosing the perfect large-format surfaces for your home? Chat with our experts online now, visit a local MSI showroom, or find an authorized MSI retailer near you.