Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Prefabricated Granite Countertops

June 06, 2017


An investment in granite countertops is sure to pay off – it increases your home’s resale value, enhances the beauty of your kitchen or bath for your own enjoyment, and delivers a durable, easy-care surface you’ll love.

But if you could invest less of your budget in that countertop, just think of what you could do with the money you save! How about a dinner party to show off your newly remodeled kitchen?

Alaska White

Here’s one of our best ideas to save money on granite: Installing a prefabricated countertop instead of a custom installation can save you a bundle, without sacrificing any of the benefits. 

Valle Nevado

valle-nevado-graniteFeatured: Valle Nevado Granite 

Here’s the difference: Prefabricated granite countertops are available in a standard set of lengths and widths, and are finished on three sides with a popular bullnose edge. They are a bit thinner than custom granite slabs, and are reinforced underneath with plywood. This means they’re simpler to install, less expensive to ship, and a big savings to you.

Blue Flower

Don’t be misled by the myth that prefab countertops are lower in quality, are not real granite, or are made from cheap slab scraps. MSI’s prefabricated granite counters are made from the same top quality, beautiful granite we use for custom installations.

In fact, we have 61 gorgeous granite colorways to choose from, ranging from creamy white to jet black with a huge variety in between. 

Moon White

granite-countertopFeatured: Moon White Granite

Prefab countertops allow for some customization, too; since they come without sink cut-outs, you can specify exactly what openings you need depending on the location of your sink, its shape and size, and more. Need an opening for your cooktop or other accessory? No problem, it’s all available at your request.

MSI prefab counters are available with matching 6-inch backsplash strips as well, which can simplify your design project and create a polished, finished result.  

Giallo Fantasia

MSI’s prefabricated granite countertops are available in several popular sizes to fit standard kitchen counter lengths and bathroom vanities – there’s probably one just right for yours. Come browse MSI’s gallery of 61 prefabricated granite colors, and prepare to be impressed.

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