Current Obsessions: When To Choose Prefab Quartz Countertops Over Conventional Quartz Countertops

December 28, 2017


Many folks hear the word prefabricated and think of cookie-cutter items that lack individuality and unique design. Not so when it comes to prefabricated quartz countertops, which are uniquely beautiful and come in a wide range of colors and styles. Plus they are cost effective, making prefab countertops a wonderful way to save money on remodeling.

Prefabricated quartz counters are available in many different designs, thicknesses, sizes, and colors. The counters are precut with three out of four edges already finished, making them a good choice for installation along a wall. The unfinished edge that abuts the wall has a generous, six-inch backsplash. 

In addition, you can choose from three outer edge designs, from sleek to ornate, giving the countertops a truly custom look. In fact, once you start listing all the pros of this countertop material, you’ll soon see that there are a number of reasons why you should give prefab a second look.

Reasons to love prefabricated quartz counters:

1. Lots of choices: Don’t assume that prefabricated means “limited selection.” In reality, MSI has 30 prefab quartz colors that range from solids with a contemporary feel to speckled quartz options that pair well with more traditional designs. 

2. Lower cost: Prefab counters are pre-cut into the most popular and useful lengths, saving you big bucks on labor. The only requirement is that your project follow standard sizing. When it comes to countertop slabs, that most likely means 112x26x2 cm or 100x26x2 cm for kitchen countertops, and 84x26x2 cm for bathroom vanities. 

3. Shorter waits: You can wait weeks—even months—for custom stone counters. But prefabricated quartz counters cut that lag time dramatically. In fact, in some cases a distributor may already have your desired counters in stock, and can deliver and install them in mere days.

Maybe you’re convinced that prefabs are a practical option, but do you actually like the way they look? It’s time to browse the selection and decide for yourself! With that in mind, here are some of MSI’s most popular prefabricated quartz countertop options.

Calacatta Vicenza

This elegant, white quartz with subtle gray veins is a designer favorite because it so closely resembles natural marble. But unlike real marble, Calacatta Vicenza Quartz doesn’t stain or easily chip. And you won’t ever have to seal it, making it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom counters. 

Stellar Gray

Gray has become a top color pick for kitchens, and Stellar Gray Quartz is a homeowner favorite. The quartz has a medium gray background with flecks that add interest and dimension. Stellar Gray plays particularly well with contemporary designs, especially modern industrial and urban chic.

Iced White

Timeless white kitchens get a design boost with Iced White Prefabricated Quartz, which combines shades of white and gray accent specks, making your kitchen look like a winter wonderland. And don’t worry, this white delight is stain-resistant, so the inevitable wine and spaghetti sauce spills won't bother you a bit.


Concerto Quartz is a harmonious blend of dove and frost grays, accented by charcoal specks. This quartz looks great in trendy all-gray kitchens, or in kitchens where gray is the eye-catching accent color.

Carrara Grigio

You’ll love this marble-like quartz with a warm white background and gold veins and puffs. Installed on counters or islands, Carrara Grigio Quartz will soften white kitchens and pair well with warm, wood cabinetry.

Still haven’t had your fill of prefab quartz choices? Take a look at all the colors available for prefabricated quartz countertops.

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