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April 11, 2024


At MSI, we’re dedicated to providing inspiration and innovation in home design. We’ve developed resources to help you create a space that reflects your preferences, showcases the latest design trends, and shares tips and tricks for home design in our Lookbook and Product Gallery.

Whether you need help determining what product best fits your needs or choosing a color palette that beautifully complements your home, our resources and experts are here to help. In this blog, we’ll meander through our tools and tips for home design, 2024’s design trends, our Lookbook, and our Product Gallery.

Tools and Tips for Home Design


Designing your home can be tricky, but with the help of our handy tips and tricks, you can draw inspiration and create a haven that sparkles. From our blogs that cover innovative ways to incorporate beautiful elements to our inspiration gallery that features captivating combinations, we have many tools and tips for home design that help you channel your inner creativity.

For example, pull from our trending flooring tiles, such as wood-look tile, encaustic tile, brick-look tile, or large format tile, to tie your space together, choosing colors that mesh effortlessly with your existing palette. Spice up your kitchen or bathroom with sleek hexagon backsplash tiles and other geometric tile patterns that add visual intrigue to your backsplash.

Whether you opt for cool white marble countertops to create a contemporary vibe or warm quartz countertops to create a cozy, welcoming ambiance, our blogs, featured trends, inspiration galleries, and social media have something for everyone. Pull elements from each to draw inspiration to create a space that reflects you.

Unveiling 2024’s Top Design Trends


2024 has brought notable shifts in the design world, eliminating  the pandemic’s trends and whisking new inspirations into the mix. From the light, bright, and airy Sunlit Serenity to the creamy pastels of Watercolor Wonder, much has changed in home design.

Each trend is perfect for different preferences, meshing seamlessly with all spaces. Whether you want to adorn your kitchen with a creamy backsplash tile from Watercolor Wonder or add warmth and invitation with flooring featuring shades of beige and brown from Sunlit Serenity, these trends are versatile enough to span your entire home.

Sunlit Serenity


Featuring a light, breezy, and radiant palette teeming with creamy whites, blondes, and golds, Sunlit Serenity is a showstopper. This palette steals the spotlight, embracing tranquility through fluted details, rounded edges, wood accents, and blended textures.

Sable Renaissance


Sable Renaissance is an enchanting blend of deep, moody hues and stark contrasting tones. This refined palette features rich browns, midnight blues, and stormy grays that complement awe-inspiring marble aesthetics for a lavish and timeless feel.

Watercolor Wonder


Teeming with soft pastels, Watercolor Wonder creates a delicate, graceful atmosphere. A mixture of icy greens, pale sky blues, gentle pinks, and creamy whites graces this palette, elevated through eye-catching herringbones, delicate floral touches, whimsical hexagons, and stacked subways.

These three trends are a few of many. Other captivating trends include Mulberry Maven, where vintage meets global allure, and Al Fresco Allure, an enticing fusion of indoor-outdoor living. Each has something unique to offer, making them worth your perusal.

Exploring the MSI Lookbook Gallery


If your well of creativity runs dry, our Lookbook Gallery can help refill it through exciting splashes of inspiration. It is a source of inspiration to help you create dream spaces, showcasing real-world room scenes with your favorite pieces.

From flooring to countertops, this Lookbook showcases numerous elements in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, laundry rooms, outdoors, and commercial spaces. It caters to diverse projects, showcasing surface materials of all kinds that transform, elevate, and complete spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Use it as it has been used by many: to inspire interior design projects.

Luxor Kona Gold Pattern

luxor-kona-gold-pattern-igLuxor Kona Gold image courtesy of @homeimprovementleb on Instagram

Pictured as a captivating accent, the soft grays and gold accents of Luxor Kona Gold Pattern Tile tie the space together, creating a cohesive, classy finish. The soft grays tie in the cool bluish-gray cabinets and cool-toned surrounding backsplash, while the warmth of the gold accents beautifully complements the natural wood hues and wicker accents.

Calacatta Laza Quartz

calacatta-laza-quartz-igCalacatta Laza Quartz image courtesy of on Instagram

The sweeping brown veining set atop the milky white background of Calacatta Laza Quartz adds drama to this modern kitchen. The warmth of the veining blends with the toasty comfort of the rest of the space, from the glow of the accent lighting to the wood tones, while the milky white background ties in the cooler tones throughout the space, from the soft grays in the background to the stone in the far corner.

Prescott Draven Luxury Vinyl Planks

prescott-draven-luxury-vinyl-planks-igPrescott Draven Luxury Vinyl Planks image courtesy of @dreamcontractors om Instagram

Prescott Draven Luxury Vinyl Planks are adorned with a captivating combination of beige and cool grays, in swirls that mimic the appearance of genuine wood. Pictured as the flooring adorning each stair tread, landing, and lower level flooring, this flooring option creates a luxurious, crisp, and contemporary feel.

Transform Your Home With Innovative Design Tips and Trendy Themes

These innovative design tips, latest trends, and inspirational Lookbook ideas are the tip of the iceberg. Explore more of MSI’s helpful resources by following MSI on social media and delving into MSI’s blog. Share your design projects featuring MSI products (don’t forget to tag us; we’d love to see your project!) or contact MSI for help generating ideas for your project.

Whether you run into a design roadblock or need help choosing the best product for your home, our experts are here to help! Chat with our experts online, visit a local MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer near you!