Tile Style: Interior Designers Keep Coming Back To Black And White – Here’S Why

November 28, 2017


The drama of black and white interior design never goes out of style. It’s a forgiving palette – there’s more than one way to do it, and you can’t really go wrong. It doesn’t matter whether your style is traditional and classic, rustic, vintage or super-modern and contemporary, black and white will always be in harmonic balance. 

MSI’s Domino collection of porcelain tile is an easy way to incorporate black and white into your own interior design plans. The unique textures and shapes are sure to inspire your creativity, and leave plenty of room for personalization. 

It’s true, you don’t need a rainbow of colors to make a look that’s all your own. A black and white interior design guide can help you get started, but the rest is up to you! 

White Glossy Fish Scale 

Tired of the same old, same old, when it comes to porcelain tile? White Glossy Fish Scale Mosaic can cure that attitude right away. The unusual shape of this kitchen tile is eye-catching and inspires one-of-a-kind applications such as this jazzy backsplash. How to make it your own: Install it with the curve up, curve down, or even off to the side. Use either matching white or contrasting dark grout. 

White Glossy 2x2 Hexagon 

Hexagon-shaped porcelain tile in a petite 2” size is an old-fashioned favorite that’s come back to make a big modern splash, particularly in the bathroom. All-white kitchens and baths are all the rage right now, for obvious reasons – we love that clean, fresh look. But incorporating even a small bit of black in the design, such as this window frame, adds instant sophistication. 

White and Black Basketweave 

There may be no better use for black and white tiles than in an intricate, high-contrast basketweave mosaic. You’ll find this look in vintage designs from the Victorian era, but it’s not fussy; it fits in modern design too, even the minimalistic look so popular right now. Despite the small size of each individual tile, it’s pre-assembled on a mesh backing for ease of installation, and the durable tile flooring is easy to keep clean. 

White Glossy Penny Round 

Who says a bathroom wall needs to be two-dimensional? White Glossy Penny Round Mosaic tile lets you add an irresistible texture with an unusual shape that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it. You can create a subtle look by using matching white grout, a favorite choice for traditional bathroom tile. Or, if you favor the more modern and dramatic styles, you can make it really pop with contrasting black grout. 

Black Glossy Penny Round 

Black and white is already a complementary combination, but it becomes even more dramatic when you combine two completely different tile shapes. Case in point: Glossy white subway tile next to Black Glossy Penny Round Mosaic tile. It works, because the shapes and sizes are completely different, so they don’t compete against each other to become the room’s focal point. 

White and Black Matte Octagon 

Featured: White and Black Matte Octagon Mosaic

Like the basketweave and hexagon tile patterns, White and Black Matte Octagon Mosaic is a superb, high-contrast combo with timeless appeal that complements a wide range of décor styles and room applications. This one, however, uses a matte finish instead of the glossy finish on most porcelain tiles. The result is soothing, and a nice balance against other elements in the room that do shine such as appliances, glass doors, or fixtures. 

Choosing a color combination can be tricky even for the experts – color wheels, hues and saturation values, anyone? Black and white is a classic combo for good reason: it always looks fabulous, no matter what room, what style, and what elements you choose.