Polished Style With Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Metal

March 18, 2017


Whether it’s polished to a mirror-like shine, brushed to a satiny texture or aged with a hint of patina, metal surfaces are a hot trend in home décor. Sophisticated or rustic, contemporary or classic – no matter which style you prefer, it may be just the finishing touch you’ve been seeking. But while metal tiles are considered an easy-care surface, they have some drawbacks that may make them impractical for your home. Here’s a better choice: porcelain tile that looks like metal.

Why choose a porcelain lookalike over real metal? For one thing, due to their thin size, metal tiles are a soft material that dent and scratch easily. Just like natural stone, metal tiles require occasional sealing. Without proper sealing to protect from humid or moist environments like your kitchen or bath, metal may oxidize.

While some homeowners may desire the patina created from oxidized copper or a hint of rust, results can be unpredictable. With porcelain tile, you can get the exact look you’re dreaming about from day one – and be assured it will stay just as beautiful as the first day you installed it. 

Here are a few of MSI’s porcelain tiles that bring the beauty and charm of real metal into your home, with absolutely none of the drawbacks.

Jupiter Iron

Featured: Jupiter Iron Porcelain

Shimmering with aged copper glaze, Jupiter Iron Porcelain has a sophisticated, understated shine. It’s available in 16” x 24” and 20” x 20” sizes, making for a quick install on walls or floors. This bathroom demonstrates how striking this porcelain tile looks as a shower surround, and there’s no need to worry about exposure to water, soaps, or cleansers. Porcelain tile resists mold and mildew, so it’s easy to keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

Saturn Coal

saturn-coalFeatured: Saturn Coal Porcelain

Saturn Coal Porcelain tile features a shiny metallic glaze alongside a rusty patina. This would be a great complement to rustic décor, or as shown here with an industrial aesthetic inspired by steampunk. Porcelain tile is a great choice for a fireplace surround; it’s fire-resistant for safety’s sake, and unlike metal tile, will remain cool to the touch.

Graphite Focus

Glimmering with a brushed-steel texture, the linear pattern of Graphite Focus Porcelain lends a contemporary edge. Available in large format 12” x 24” tiles, it’s a perfect choice for tile flooring – and much more appropriate to that purpose than the metal it resembles. This tile also looks stunning as a backsplash or wall tile.

Graphite Dimensions

dimensionsFeatured: Graphite Dimensions Porcelain

Pewter-gray, matte-finish Graphite 2x2 Porcelain tiles from MSI’s Dimensions Collection are 2” x 2" squares, available in a convenient pre-assembled mosaic with sheets of 36 tiles each. Small-format mosaic tiles like this are excellent for a kitchen backsplash, because it’s easy to trim a few small tiles to make way for electrical outlets and other fixtures. 

If you’ve been thinking about integrating metal tiles into your decorating scheme but weren’t sure how to begin – or if you had concerns about its durability – porcelain tiles that look like metal are the perfect alternative. You’ll get all of the features of porcelain, including durability, versatility, easy maintenance, along with the timeless charm of shimmering metal. 


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