Everlife® LVT: A Stone Look That Lasts Without The Hassle

January 19, 2024


If you love the look of natural stone and you’re seeking a product that offers a range of practical benefits designed for busy homeowners, you can have your cake and eat it too, when you choose luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring from MSI’s Trecento® Collection.

Part of the Everlife® Waterproof Flooring Collection, these marble-look LVT designs deliver the luxury aesthetic you love, along with functional advantages intended to add convenience to everyday life.

Luxury Paired with Convenience

You’ll notice right away that these tiles offer comfort and stability underfoot, thanks to rigid core technology and an innovative 1 mm pre-attached backing that offers sound protection as well. The sturdy center is enhanced by layers of durable vinyl, coated with our exclusive PietraTech polish layer to mimic the smooth look and feel of marble.

Households with kids, pets, and frequent visitors are sure to enjoy 100% waterproof tiles that handle the hustle and bustle with minimal maintenance. The CrystaLux protection layer provides incredible longevity, saving you money in the long run.

Installation is easy as well, with a patented locking system that requires no adhesive or fasteners. This cuts installation time so that you can enjoy your new flooring quickly and curb labor costs. Floating flooring not only offers cushion underfoot but also minimizes noise when walking.

Even better, you’ll find several eye-catching, marble tile designs to choose from, ensuring the perfect match for any style sensibility and every room in your home. But which pattern is right for your next interior upgrade?

Bold Veining for Maximum Impact

calacatta-marbello-natural-stone-look-lvtCalacatta Marbello® Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile can elevate interior design throughout the home, including the entryway, kitchen, living room, and even the master bedroom and bath. Calacatta Marbello® Luxury Vinyl Tile, featuring a snowy backdrop adorned with chunky veining in gray, delivers a look that’s neutral, yet dynamic.

Bold and sophisticated, this marble look brings movement and visual appeal to a tranquil sleeping space decorated in natural wood furnishings, crisp white linens, and accents in calming powder blue. If your goal is to design a bedroom with resort-level ambiance, start with this striking, marble-look LVT.

Soothing Striations

white-ocean-natural-stone-look-lvtWhite Ocean® Luxury Vinyl Tile

Modern living calls for open floor plans and multi-functional living and entertaining spaces. Build on the breezy, open-air appeal of this interior style with flooring options that add luxury appeal and low maintenance.

White Ocean® Luxury Vinyl Tile is dominated by soothing tones of warm beige and cool gray, making for a versatile addition to any home design. Marked by delicate, linear striations, this LVT is elegant and understated, offering the perfect foundation on which to build welcoming entertaining spaces.

This tile design complements a bright, minimalist aesthetic and pairs beautifully with the Scandinavian style of design, featuring ample natural light, a neutral palette, wooden cabinets, and sleek, modern furnishings.

Windswept Luxury

quarzo-taj-natural-stone-look-lvtQuarzo Taj Luxury Vinyl Tile

The kitchen is the undisputed heart of the home, where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. This is probably why so many homeowners prefer a kitchen space that’s bright, airy, and inviting.

With Quarzo Taj Luxury Vinyl Tile, you’ll enjoy easy installation and an elegant backdrop for your kitchen design. Wispy, gray veining flits across a field of ivory, creating a windswept effect that softens the formal appeal of pure white cabinets and countertops.

This lively flooring design also helps to tie in an expansive backsplash in darker gray tile, ensuring a cohesive and refined interior.

Whimsical Vibes

carrara-avell-natural-stone-look-lvtCarrara Avell® Luxury Vinyl Tile

White marble is often described as pristine, elegant, and luxurious. With Carrara Avell® Luxury Vinyl Tile, you can add a whimsical mood to the menu based on a delicate tracery of silvery veining to accent a background in icy white.

This unique luxury vinyl flooring design is a lovely complement to modern, neutral designs, such as an open-concept living and dining area featuring white walls and simple furnishings in gray and light wood tones.

Touches of greenery sprinkled throughout add pops of color and carry the organic allure of the flooring throughout the space.

Serene Styling

calacatta-serra-natural-stone-look-lvtCalacatta Serra® Luxury Vinyl Tile

Bathrooms are an ideal space to install luxury vinyl tile, as waterproofing is high on the list of priorities for flooring in this steamy space. For a high-end look that helps to define your spa-like primary or guest bath, you can’t go wrong with calming Calacatta Serra® Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Laced with soft, subtle veining in light to mid-tone gray, this cool white tile adds brilliance to a cozy space and bridges contrasting floor-to-ceiling wall tile in white and gray. Rustic, heavy-grained wood for the floating vanity and bronze accents add further depth and focus to the room.

Luxury and Practicality with Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT flooring is an ideal addition to any room in the home, from gathering spaces like the kitchen or living room to more private areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms. With a range of stunning marble look designs to choose from, you’ll enjoy the luxury aesthetic you prefer, paired with the many practical benefits modern homeowners expect.

Whether you already have your heart set on one of our gorgeous designs orneed help selecting the perfect LVT for your home remodel, it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for with MSI.

Chat with one of our friendly and experienced agents online now to learn more, or find an authorized MSI retailer in your area and visit an MSI showroom to see products and samples in person.


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