April 13, 2023


Invite the world into your home with open arms and worldly influences stemming from warm Mediterranean inspired colors, textiles, surface materials, architectural styles and other decor elements.


By applying wood-look luxury vinyl planks, brick-look tiles and natural stone-look slabs as a neutral base to interior and exterior spaces, you can start accomplishing the vibes found in a comforting Mediterranean villa. Whether it’s a new construction or remodeling project, add architectural details like arches surrounding entryways or curvilinear shapes found in furniture. Complete the Global Spice trend by finishing your project with complementing accents like stylish paint, textiles and other furnishings in various soulful tones and hues of terracottas, burgundies and rosy blushes.

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Noble Red Clay Brick Tile 2.25x7.5



  1. Complement your painted walls, furniture and appliances by using dynamic shapes and colors found on hard surfaces. From vintage accent tiles like Marza Rust to more intricate mosaics like Montage Blue Oak geometrical patterns, create a Mediterranean ambiance by incorporating a spice-like palette in the kitchen, master bath and along any wall surface where there’s a touch of romance.

  2. Make marble looks the star of the show using bold veins with pops of warm and cool tones. There’s nothing more striking than copper streaks slashing through the dark and light cloudy tones and hues encompassed in Tempest Quartzite slabs and countertops to complete a kitchen island or fireplace surround, especially when paired with matching fixtures, textiles and decor options from around the world to make any room feel complete.

  3. Create a smooth transition from the inside out by applying earthy wood-looks from our luxury vinyl flooring and matching pavers collections. Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks create a warm atmosphere and pair well with decorative colors like rosy blushes, burgundies and red wine hues found indoors. Take this look outside by applying matching Fauna Pavers from the Arterra Collection to patios, pool areas and pathways leading to the greater outdoors.

  4. Complete the look by incorporating architectural elements like arches in entryways or atop of doorways and window surrounds. You can also complement a room using curvilinear shapes on furniture or with curved edges on kitchen islands and countertops made from the Q Premium Natural Quartz Collection.



This Calacatta Laza quartz kitchen island is on-trend, versatile and highly durable even in the busiest of households with two little ones running around the George Hadjichristou home, whom of which is the homeowner and co-designer of this beautiful Mediterranean inspired Arizona villa. Image by Vivir Design

With roots spanning between the states and Canada, Vivir Design duo George and Kris Parks, soulfully incorporated the dramatic movement of Calacatta Laza’s milky white background and realistic soft brown veins found in genuine marble. Encompassing the Global Spice trend, this waterfall island is surrounded with inspirations from the Mediterranean. With arches on the pantry door and transition wall in combination with various brown wood tones and textures from the floor to ceiling, a villa-like ambiance is created. As a large-scale remodeling project, this stunning kitchen is part Vivir’s Project Mowry. Click here to see Project Mowry from start to finish. 

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Countertops: Calacatta Laza®



Bring simplicity with a touch of shabby chic to the kitchen with Urbano Graphite 3D. Incorporating a classic subway tile that has four unique 3D designs, brings soul and charisma to the room as a patterned accent wall.

As you enter the kitchen, appreciate the worldly influence with the mix of gray tile with brown wooden countertops, kitchenware and cabinetry. With this simplistic palette, you can add an array of rich burgundies and terracottas to help bring life and soul into the room. You can even brighten things up by painting the cabinets in blushy tones and adding plants to help boost the morale of any room.

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Urbano Graphite 3D Mix Tile



Cyrus Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks are not only trendy, but they’re also highly durable and versatile, making bathrooms and other spaces throughout the home feel warm and cozy.

Available in multiple sizes and wear layers, including Cyrus, Cyrus XL, Prescott and Prescott XL, use this wood-look vinyl flooring to bring earthy brown tones with natural looking knots and grains to your interiors. You can even take this warming vibe outside with matching Fauna Porcelain Pavers. Complete the rustic look with contrasting strawberry blonde wood looks, blush toned patterned rugs and other various decor to welcome heart and soul to the environment.

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Flooring: Cyrus Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks, Prescott Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks



Whether it’s a full wall, accent wall or backsplash, there are various shades of blonde and brown along with many hard surface materials you can use to accomplish authentic looks found in interiors from around the world.

Add traditional brick shaped tiles in warming colors like Artisan Taupe to create a classic design in the bathroom, in kitchens or other understated vertical surfaces throughout your interiors. Incorporate a variety of rosy accent tones by using patterned hand towels, floor mats and other decor with a pop of color to help bring soul into the room. This decor will also look great with silver, gold and even copper water fixtures. No matter how big or small the space, the Global Spice palette can make rooms feel warm and comfortable.

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Artisan Taupe Subway Tile 3x6, Artisan Taupe Subway Tile 4x12



As we start off 2023 with various weather changes across the globe, we can all appreciate the warm, earthy tones that are highlighted in the Global Spice trend. No matter the season, a variety of rosy undertones can brighten up any space. Using Calacatta Azai on countertops from the Q Premium Natural Quartz Collection to applying Cyrus or Prescott Brianka® luxury vinyl planks to floors you can enhance a room with fresh accent colors, textured furniture and more grandiose arched windows, walls and doors to complete an appealing villa aesthetic. These Mediterranean vibes are highly on-trend and something we can appreciate all year long.

Create heart felt surfaces using the materials below:

Countertops: Calacatta Azai®

Flooring: Cyrus Brianka® Luxury Vinyl Planks; Prescott Brianka® Luxury Vinyl Planks

To see this trend come to fruition, watch the video below. If you’re inspired by the Global Spice trend, use it in your next construction or remodeling project. Make sure you capture the greatness and tag us on Instagram - #msisurfaces.


Watch the trend come to life!

Thank you for being a source of inspiration and we look forward to seeing your designs when they show up on our feed. Best wishes! ~ Team MSI