Creating A Statement: 8 Bold And Exotic Quartzite Countertop Colors

April 10, 2024


Natural stone is a desirable addition to home interiors, delivering benefits like beauty, durability, and luxury that enhance value. Quartzite countertops have gained recent popularity due to their outstanding resilience and unique visual appeal.

If you’re looking for bold patterns and exotic colors, our breathtaking selection of quartzite varieties offers something for every style preference. Consider these eight enchanting options for your next kitchen upgrade.

The Unmatched Beauty of Quartzite Countertops

Before choosing the kitchen countertop that best matches your interior, you should know that quartzite offers a range of practical benefits, along with stunning aesthetics. This natural stone is among the hardest materials used in home design, resisting heat, staining, scratching, cracking, and chipping.

Regular sealing helps to maintain the performance and appearance of quartzite, and daily cleaning requires only a soft cloth and stone cleanser, or alternately, warm water and gentle soap.

Showcase of 8 Bold and Exotic Quartzite Countertop Colors

Durable quartzite is a superb choice for function when upgrading countertops, but you’ll also find that it offers incredible visual appeal. Whether you’re looking for a striking contrast, surprising colors, or bold, chunky veining, there’s an ideal quartzite variety to transform your living spaces and display your style.

Patagonia Green Quartzite Countertoppatagonia-green-exotic-quartzite-countertop

An elegant background boasting various natural rock colors like green, white and black is sure to catch your eye when you first see Patagonia Green Quartzite. This singular stone suggests the landscape of its breathtaking namesake region, offering design versatility.

However, the best way to ensure a standout style is by pairing it with a muted palette of black and white for cabinetry and backsplash tile, along with pale wood tones for flooring and furniture.

Tempest Quartzite Countertoptempest-exotic-quartztite-countertop

Like the violent storm for which it is named, dynamic Tempest Quartzite evokes a wild, windswept seascape beset by dark clouds and churning waves. A background in deep gray, onyx, and hints of white is offset by frenetic veins in chocolate, rust, and caramel that tell a tale of nature’s fury.

For a showstopping statement, apply this stone generously to your kitchen space on countertops, backsplashes, and wraps for the hood vent and island. Gray flooring and flat panel cabinets in mid-tone wood borrow from the stone coloration without pulling focus.

Andes Black Quartzite Countertopandes-black-exotic-quartzite-countertop

The classic, black-and-white motif gets a stylish boost with Andes Black Quartzite, featuring a raven-hued backdrop painted with thick strips of charcoal and snowy white.

The stark contrast will stand out in any design, but for a modern appearance with timeless appeal, consider a wash of soft gray for flooring and cabinets, along with a paneled ceiling and open shelving in beige wood tones.

Azul Macaubas Quartzite Countertopazul-macaubas-exotic-quartzite-countertop

Brilliant royal blue isn’t a color you might expect to find in stone countertops, but Azul Macaubas Quartzite delivers just that, with rich blue veins slicing through a background of creamy latte and mocha hues, like tropical waters drifting over a sandy seabed.

Heavy-grained wood cabinets in mahogany and brick flooring tiles ground your space without detracting from the lively movement of your counter surface.

Blue Lava Quartzite Countertopblue-lava-exotic-quartzite-countertop

There are few sights in nature more spectacular than lava slicing through the landscape. If you yearn to capture the organic beauty of a heedless lava flow in ice rather than fire, Blue Lava Quartzite is just what you’re looking for.

A background in cool, blue-gray shades is marked by soft washes of slate blue, along with a crackle of veining in competing hues of navy and burnt orange. It makes for a majestic waterfall island, especially when paired with subdued beige flooring and white cabinets.

Azul Treasure Quartzite Countertopazul-treasure-exotic-quartzite-countertop

Calling Azul Treasure Quartzite dramatic is a significant understatement. Chaotic striations in sunny yellows and sweeping charcoals compete for attention, while hints turquoise enhance dimension and movement.

Wrapping your island in this captivating and expressive stone creates a focal point for your kitchen design. You’ll want to downplay other elements with choices like sleek, white flooring and flat panel cabinets in dark walnut.

Crytos Quartzite Countertopcrytos-exotic-quartzite-countertop

The visual texture of Crytos Quartzite is beyond compare. The veining in white, pink, and garnet shades creeps across the moody, black surface like the spidery venation on a leaf. Paired with white cabinets and pale wood flooring, this dusky stone is an ideal choice for contrasting counter, backsplash, and island surfaces that deliver exceptional visual interest.

Fusion Quartzite Countertopfusion-exotic-quartzite-countertop

Abstract art meets practical application with Fusion Quartzite. A dense amalgam of cream, rust, charcoal, and bluish-gray swirls across the surface of this energetic quartzite enlivens your home. Flat panel cabinets and flooring in warm, complementary wood tones are ideal supporting players for this stone’s star power.

Designing With Bold and Exotic Quartzite Countertops

When you’re looking for the catalyst to kick off your singular kitchen design, exotic quartzite is the perfect place to start, thanks to eye-catching patterns that steal the show and a range of colors that make it easy to create a unified design.

All you have to decide is how bold you want your statement style to be when selecting the perfect quartzite variety.

Go Big on Style with Exotic Quartzite

Incomparable beauty and outstanding resilience characterize these quartzite varieties. When you need a centerpiece for your kitchen upgrade, consider the many benefits of our exotic quartzite selection.

If you’re ready to get your renovation underway, chat with our online representatives to learn more, visit one of our showrooms, or locate an authorized MSI retailer near you.


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