Tips From The Trade: What Affects The Cost Of Marble Countertops?

May 26, 2017


Marble countertops are sophisticated and stylish, and durable enough to last for the lifetime of your home. Get the most out of your investment by learning about the factors that drive the cost of marble countertops, including the varieties and availability of marble, countertop edges, and surface finishes. There are many options to customize marble countertops, making this surface an ideal choice for any home. Here are a few.


The type of marble is one of the key factors in its cost. Marble from Carrara, Italy, is one of the most prized marbles. However, due to its popularity, Carrara is also the most widely available marble, making it somewhat cost effective. 

Other prized varieties are rarer. For example, Calacatta marble has a brighter white background for its gray veining, versus the more subtle veining of Carrara. This coloration makes Calacatta highly desirable and therefore one of the more expensive marble slabs on the market. But with such a huge variety of marble countertops on the market, you can find one that suits both your taste and your budget. 


Featured: Volakas Marble 

Selecting the type of marble is only the beginning. Next you have to consider the design you want for your marble countertops. For example, what better way to show off the natural beauty of your marble slab than with a waterfall edge or marble backsplash? Better yet, why not incorporate both, as shown in this image of MSI's Volakas Marble from Greece! 

Of course, specialty countertop edges such as a waterfall or ogee edge will add to the cost of your marble install and fabrication. However, that extra investment may be worth it for the impact provide and the value added to your home as a result.


The thickness of your marble slab is another consideration. Common thicknesses are 2 cm, 3 cm, and 5 cm, and the price of the slab increases with the thickness. A 5cm provides a substantial, rich look, whereas 3 cm is the most common thickness chosen by homeowners. 


Featured: Statuary Venato Marble

The finish of the countertops can also impact cost. A polished finish is the most common and provides a sophisticated sheen, whereas a honed finish can really show off the natural beauty of a slab's veining without the distraction of a mirror-like shine.

Other finishes include leather and brushed, which are less popular but also more difficult to achieve, making them more expensive. You can use MSI's countertop visualizer tool to explore all the customization options for your marble countertops.

Installation Price

Finally, installation is a key factor in the final bill for your new countertops. The layout of your kitchen can affect the amount of labor necessary and increase the cost. While it may be an expensive part of the process, installation is a key component and it's best to entrust a quality, proven installer with the work. 

With beautiful and timeless marble countertops, the possibilities are practically endless. Enjoy exploring all the products that MSI has to offer. You can further estimate the cost of marble countertops with this article