Tips From The Trade: Are White Quartz Countertops More Expensive Than Marble?

August 30, 2018


White quartz countertops create a designer look in the kitchen or bath, because they are a luxury surface, the perfect combination of beauty and durability. But with all this talk about luxury, one might get the impression that quartz countertops also have an upscale price tag — maybe even more than marble. 

While it’s true that the quartz countertop cost is reflective of its premium quality, it’s not quite as expensive as marble. White quartz and marble may look incredibly similar, especially if it’s a marble-look quartz color, but they have different qualities and should not be compared on price alone. 

As one of the vital steps to planning a kitchen remodel, we invite you to compare the two and consider all of the features they share — as well as what makes them unique. Only then will you feel truly confident in choosing the countertop material that suits your lifestyle and discriminating taste, as well as your budget.

Mara Blanca

Featured: Mara Blanca Quartz

It’s a well-known truth that kitchen upgrades are one of the best returns on investment when preparing your home for resale. Natural marble has the potential of boosting your home’s value, and since quartz countertops deliver the look and feel of opulence you’d expect from a premium surface, it can do the same. Mara Blanca is a sophisticated quartz color with subtle white and pale-gray coloration. Home buyers love the durability, and it’s easy to imagine how it will complement their own decor.

Blanca Arabescato

Featured: Blanca Arabescato Quartz

One of the reasons homeowners choose marble countertops is the dramatic veining found in some varieties. A white background with bold gray and brown accents heightens the style of the room, delivering a punch of personality and charm. Blanca Arabescato, a gorgeous marble-look quartz, has one distinct advantage over marble — since it’s manufactured, you know exactly how it will look when installed, with no worries about natural variation between slabs.

Calico White

When you invest in either marble or white quartz countertops, you’re making an investment in the future — far into the future. Both are “lifetime” installations, and with proper care, they will maintain their beauty for decades. On the other hand, installing a pure white marble in the kitchen near food-prep areas is a risky proposition. With Calico White quartz you can relax and enjoy your kitchen, knowing that even a solid white will stay spotless and pristine.

Calacatta Lago

It’s important to note that all marble does not have the same cost. The dramatic veining of Calacatta makes it highly prized, which raises the price tag. Still, marble is a timeless look that people associate with elegance and enduring tradition. With Calacatta Lago white quartz countertops, you can enjoy that look for less.

Gray Lagoon

Both marble and marble-look white quartz countertops shine with basic edge treatments. That look is ideal for contemporary designs and for those in love with minimalism. However, there are times you want a bit more panache, and a decorative edge may be the detail that takes your kitchen or bath to the next level. Marble is ideal for this treatment, but so is quartz, like this Gray Lagoon quartz. Some quartz counters even come in a matte finish that mimics a honed marble finish.

For some people, nothing less than natural marble will do, and they’re more than willing to take on the extra maintenance and cautious behavior it can require. Others are perfectly content with an authentic-looking quartz countertop that mimics fine marble. Both are a significant investment because neither will let you down in terms of beauty and quality. Browse MSI’s website to see all the varieties of marble-look quartz and find out what makes it so popular.

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