Hardscape: MSI Natural Stone Ledgers & Veneers

March 31, 2014

When one hears the terms panels and veneers, the first mental images may be of an old fashioned wood-paneled wall or the manufactured stone wall of an outdated chain restaurant. Panels and veneers have admittedly been synonymous in our minds as false exteriors for decades, as surfaces that cover up flaws or that are somehow less substantial than “the real thing”. Fortunately, these unseemly connotations are swiftly becoming a thing of the past, as contemporary homeowners are learning that there are other kinds of panels and veneers – options that are now recognized as desirable upgrades rather than substitutions. MSI’s ledger panels and veneers are convenient, real natural stone that will enhance your outdoor hardscape, interior walls and fireplaces. 


Ledger Panels

Ledger panels are a popular hardscape option for incorporating the organic nature of real stone into modern and old world design schemes. These trimmed pieces of natural ledger stone are affixed together to form modular panels in a stacked look, for creating walls, columns, and other facades.

Ledgers offer an authentic dimensional look and will blend into the existing natural landscape or create a new one seamlessly. Whether defining a pathway, showcasing a water feature, or upgrading an outdoor kitchen, these landscape stones add the texture and elegance of quality natural stone.

In addition to creating extravagant landscapes, ledgers also offer a unique façade for beautiful outdoor (or indoor) fireplaces. Fireplaces are in fact one of the most popular applications of these panels, as it takes a functional piece of the outdoor living hardscape and transforms it into a centerpiece!

Ledger panels are available in slate, quartzite, sandstone, marble, or travertine. They coordinate with hundreds of slab options as well as matching “L” pieces to form or improve whatever structures you desire.


MSI also offers a wide variety of Natural Stone Thin Veneers. This lightweight alternative to full veneers is a higher quality to manufactured stone and is a true product of nature.

The defining difference between manufactured stone veneers and MSI’s natural stone veneers: the natural stone color permeates the entire stone, not just the surface. Scratching, chipping or long term exposure to the elements of the surface does not affect the veneer’s appearance, which makes these veneers perfect for vertical surfaces throughout your hardscape display for years to come.

Like ledger panels, one of the more popular applications for thin veneers are outdoor fireplaces. The panels tie the feature into the existing natural design scheme, while also providing a clean and natural backdrop to showcase a crackling fire.

MSI’s veneers are available in a wide selection of attractive colors and finishes in stones like marble, slate, sandstone, granite, and travertine. Like MSI’s ledger panels, there are matching corner pieces available for a finished look.

Today’s ledger panels and veneers are truly a great marriage between genuine natural stone and modern convenience. Imagining and executing a backyard paradise can be realized in days rather than months or years, and the look will be far removed from past expectations.

View MSI’s short video to see the real possibilities for enhancing your home’s hardscape with modern Ledgers & Veneers.