MSI’S Q+ Collection: The Perfect Blend Of Natural Stone Elegance And Quartz Durability

March 26, 2024


MSI's new Q+ Collection takes countertop design to new heights by combining natural stone's timeless beauty with the superior performance of manufactured quartz countertops. Using advanced high-definition inkjet printing technology, Q+ surfaces replicate the depth, movement, and intricate details of authentic stone-like marble with unparalleled realism.

The Ultimate in Natural Stone Aesthetics

calacatta-anava-q-quartzCalacatta Anava™ Q+ Quartz

The biggest draw of natural stone is the unique veining, coloration, and movement, which cannot be replicated. With Q+, we have cracked the code to achieve these coveted visuals through its innovative printing process. The ultra-high resolution imaging captures even the finest details to create surfaces virtually indistinguishable from natural stone slabs. The Q+ collection currently offers designs mimicking famous Calacatta in stunning marble look quartz.

Quartz Performance and Easy Care

castana-quartz-countertopCalacatta Castana Q+ Quartz

While Q+'s appearance is second to none, its real beauty lies in its quartz composition and low-maintenance quality. Like our Q™ Premium Natural Quartz line, Q+ offers superior durability, stain resistance, scratch resistance, and a nonporous surface, making it an ideal material for high-traffic areas.

Q+ requires no sealing or special cleaners—just simple soap and water for routine upkeep. It's also non-porous and antimicrobial, ensuring a hygienic surface that doesn't harbor bacteria. Backed by the same residential lifetime warranty and commercial 10 year warranty as our standard Q Quartz products, Q+ is designed for enduring performance and complete peace of mind.

The Q+ collection debuts with two exquisite Calacatta marble-inspired designs.

Calacatta Anavacalacatta-anava-quartz-vignette

Discover the sublime refinement of Calacatta Anava, a signature stone-look in our Q+ Collection. Adorned with a mesmerizing gray Calacatta vein pattern, this piece symbolizes the apex of classical design, offering an air of timeless and modern elegance.

Calacatta Castanacalacatta-castana-quartz-vignette

Delve into the extraordinary charm of Calacatta Castana, a premier choice in our Q+ Collection. This remarkable quartz color boasts a striking vein structure that weaves together warm and cool hues, crafting an ambiance of balanced sophistication. It's a seamless marriage of tradition and innovation.

Mitered Edges for a Bold, Modern Lookpicture-1

At MSI, we suggest opting for a miter edge finish to enhance your Q+ countertop and create an elegant and seamless look. A mitered edge connects two slabs at a precise 45-degree angle, giving the impression of a singular, continuous surface that elevates the counter's overall beauty. This method introduces a subtle detail that amplifies your space's luxury and aesthetic appeal.

The Q+ Collection: Exclusively from MSI

The Q+ Collection is a testament to MSI's commitment to innovation and raising the bar for countertop design. As the leading quartz brand in North America, our in-house experts leverage decades of experience to engineer surfaces that merge luxury aesthetics with outstanding functionality.

With Q+, we have defined what's possible in quartz surfaces, providing homeowners the opportunity to have the natural stone look they desire without sacrificing easy care and durability.

We invite you to fully discover what Q+ quartz can bring to your project by reaching out to MSI for tailored support. Chat with our experts online, visit an MSI showroom to experience the array of styles and designs firsthand, or contact an authorized MSI retailer to help bring your design vision to life with the perfect quartz countertop!


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