Beautiful Gray Granite Countertops

December 08, 2015


Typically found with striking flecks in colorful shades of reds, golds, creams, rusts, and silvers, granite is a naturally superior material that’s both distinctive and durable. Granite countertops, with its lovely and natural molting, are inherently rich making each piece truly unique. Classically understated but decidedly elegant, gray granite can create a look that is equally stunning. More than just smoke and mirrors, gray granite delivers a delicate, silvery sheen to any space. From Ganache to White Storm, there’s a beautiful gray granite from MSI to suit a variety of tastes and aesthetics.

1. Ganache

ganache-graniteFeatured: Ganache Granite

Like rich cream whisked into a cask of chocolate, Ganache granite is lavish and indulgent. Mid-tone grays, white veins, and dark charcoal flecks dance together in this exquisitely natural granite. With this stunning design, it’s easy to craft the countertops, accent walls, shower and tub surrounds, and floors that are absolutely dreamy. Easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for both residential and commercial properties, these lovely granite tiles are available in 2 and 3cm thicknesses.

2. Gray Mist

gray-mist-graniteFeatured: Gray Mist Granite

Like the sun peeking through a hazy fog on an early winter morning, Gray Mist granite beautifully blends dark and light grays with a hint of warmer tones to create movement and visual interest. Perfectly durable for busy homes and commercial kitchens alike, Gray Mist fashions fine-looking countertops and accent walls. Available in 2 and 3cm polished slabs, this gray granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects—even in climates with freezing temperatures.

3. Rocky Mountain

rocky-mountain-graniteFeatured: Rocky Mountain Granite

With a look that’s reminiscent of a weather-worn mountain pass, Rocky Mountain granite is bold, hard-wearing, and naturally beautiful. With hints of mid-tone grays weaved together with light and dark gray swirls and veins, this granite is rich, shadowy, and showy. This high-movement granite—idyllic for statement islands, bar tops, accent walls, and floors in residential and commercial properties—is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even in climates with sub-zero temperatures.

4. Silver Cloud

silver-cloud-graniteFeatured: Silver Cloud

Like a thick snow cloud forming a dense bank on the horizon, Silver Cloud granite is naturally magnificent. In this refined and sophisticated granite, finely-grained sterling, and fog-grey swirl throughout alabaster and white. Suitable for countertops, floors, walls, and backsplashes, this beautifully durable material can be used in interior and exterior installations and both residential and commercial properties.

5. White Storm

white-storm-graniteFeatured: White Storm Granite

Like fresh snow carried downward by wayward winds, White Storm creates a naturally peaceful reverence. Featuring shades of gray emphasized by dark veins and flecks, this durable, easy-care countertop is available in 2 and 3cm polished granite slabs. For a harmoniously coordinated look, place this gorgeous granite on floors, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds. Blur the lines between the indoors and out with exterior kitchens, landscaping projects, and cladding.

Muted but magnificent, gray granite delivers an understated elegance and sophistication in both homes and commercial applications. Whether you crave the rich look of Ganache or the natural charm of Silver Cloud, the options in gray granite colors for countertops and more from MSI that will make you feel right at home.


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