Must-See Marble Backsplash Tile For Kitchen And Bath

February 06, 2017


When you think of a marble backsplash, what comes to mind? Elegant white with subtle gray veining? Crisp, snowy-white subway tile?

While the popularity of these classic styles isn’t fading anytime soon, if your tastes run more toward the dramatic and bold, we’ve got a side of marble you may not have considered.

These backsplash tile designs have a definite “wow” factor, and when you see them you’ll fall in love with marble all over again!

Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern

arabescato-carraraFeatured: Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern Marble

Once just a protective covering to shield the wall from splashes and splatters, backsplash tile has become a design element of its own – and why stop there? With Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern Marble you’ll want to continue it all the way to the ceiling. This pattern takes those classic white-and-gray tiles to the next level. 

Arctic Storm Arabesque Multi-Pattern

arctic-storm-multiFeatured: Arctic Storm Arabesque Multi Finish Marble

If one type of marble is good, a multi-finish, multi-colored arrangement is superb! Arctic Storm Arabesque Multi Finish Marble combines several shades, patterns and textures in mosaic tile, which also features the graceful arabesque shape. When used as a kitchen backsplash, it effortlessly ties together the colors of your cabinetry with the countertop, as well as other design elements.

Tundra Gray Basketweave

tundra-gray-basketweaveFeatured: Tundra Gray Basketweave Marble

Whether it’s a narrow backsplash or an entire accent wall, Tundra Gray Basketweave Marble is an eye-catching, dramatic way to integrate marble into your décor. It brings together pale, veined gray marble with darker squares in a contemporary pattern, with neutral shades that are a snap to coordinate. Its polished surface is water-resistant and easy to keep looking lovely.

Telaio Hexagon Honed

telaio-hexagon-marbleFeatured: Telaio Hexagon Honed Marble

There’s nothing more classic and time-honored in mosaic tile collections than the hexagon shape. Telaio Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaics offers a modern twist, creating a look that’s never old-fashioned and always in style. This complex pattern is pre-assembled, so it’s much easier to install than it looks. As backsplash tile, it’s the perfect complement to white porcelain and stainless-steel fixtures.

Crema Arched Herringbone

crema-arched-herringboneFeatured: Crema Arched Herringbone Polished Marble

If you truly desire to take marble to the next level, 3-D is the way to go. Crema Arched Herringbone Polished Marble is definitely a standout… literally. In shades of neutral taupe with subtle variation, the individual marble tiles are curved so they project from the wall surface imitating a woven basket. This bathroom accent wall uses basketweave tile with bright wall sconces to show off the texture to its best advantage.

Marble has been a favorite material for surfaces within the home for hundreds of years, for good reason – it’s gorgeous, of course, but also durable and versatile. Although marble isn’t an inexpensive surface covering, marble backsplash designs offer an excellent return on your investment. With these dramatic mosaics, you’ll never look at marble the same way again.


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