Mccarran™ Collection Of Ultra-Wide Engineered Wood Planks Is Gaining Popularity

January 25, 2024


Wide-engineered hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in home design trends, coveted for the open and modern ambiance it provides. Each plank comes in an ultra-wide 9.5” size, and an impressive and eye-catching finish that makes spaces seem more expansive.

The material, a fusion of warm, classic, and authentic wood and layers of cross-grained plywood, offers the best of both worlds. It’s sturdy and stable yet offers the inviting, homey feel of solid hardwood.

The finished product, broad, natural wood planks, offers a different take on traditional hardwood floors, bringing an upscale vibe that adds to any space. They can accommodate any aesthetic, from a cozy traditional ambiance to a sleek modern build.

Engineered Hardwood: The Basics

Engineered hardwood is unlike other options, such as wood-look vinyl or solid hardwood. It features a unique blend of materials, a combination of real wood and plywood layers. The wear layer, known as the pinnacle layer, is an authentic hardwood species, bringing warmth and wood essence to the comfort of your home.

Every plank has various cross-grained plywood layers that add strength and stability. These layers amplify sturdiness and offer superior moisture resistance, making them a staple in high-moisture areas.

Each layer is fused using heat and pressure, resulting in a robust plank that offers remarkable resilience against warping and expansion. Our McCarran Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks embody the lasting elegance and durability of engineered hardwood, the perfect finishing touch to add elevated sophistication to any space.  

Unveiling the Benefits of
McCarran Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks

picture2Atwood Hardwood Planks

Our McCarran Engineered Hardwood Flooring offers a beautiful balance of high-end sophistication, the warmth of authentic hardwood, and the appeal of ultra-wide planks, all in a single package. These wide plank flooring benefits include remarkable beauty, versatility, lasting strength, and sustainability.   

Expansive Beauty and Versatility

The McCarran Collection features random length ultra-wide planks for a sophisticated and more authentic appearance. They measure 9.5” x 86”, are an elegant take on engineered hardwood flooring, adding an expansive, open feel to any space.

Each beveled piece emanates luxury and class, and make an excellent addition to any room. Whether you want to add a finishing touch to your kitchen or make your living room feel larger than life, this flooring is the perfect solution. McCarran planks will add elegance to a shabby chic living room or elevate an upscale contemporary ambiance.  

Timeless Strength and Security

northcutt-engineered-wood-flooringNorthcutt Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Each piece is carefully crafted for durability and security, and features an extra thick multi-ply core construction with ⅝” of multiple cross-grained hardwood backing layers for enhanced structural integrity. A 4mm flagship sawn cut European White Oak layer graces the top of each plank, lying transversely across the backing layers and drawing strength and stability from the lower multi-ply layers. And our exclusive CrystaLux Ultra protection layer adds a satin finish and extra protection for durability.

Strong Warranty Coverage

At MSI, we back our products, providing high-quality engineered hardwood flooring and ensuring longevity through industry-leading warranties. When you purchase McCarran Collection planks to elevate your home, you’ll get an excellent warranty that provides peace of mind. They come with Limited Lifetime Structural and Limited Lifetime Residential Finish warranties, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Commercial purchasers receive a 10-year Light Commercial warranty for added peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

As part of our W Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks Collection, our McCarran promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility. These planks boast various certifications, including GREENGUARD Gold, CARB, TSCA, and FloorScore®, solidifying our commitment to preserving the environment.

Furthermore, we’re Lacey Act compliant, taking a stand against illegal harvesting and trafficking practices that do more harm than good. We employ sustainable harvesting methods that ensure protection against deforestation, ensuring we don’t compromise our green cover. These methods conserve natural resources and contribute to climate change mitigation to promote the sustainability and safety of our planet.

Understanding the Popularity of
Wide Engineered Hardwood Planks

hinton-engineered-wood-flooringHinton Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Wide-engineered hardwood planks have become popular in recent years, remaining a staple in the design world. This popularity stems from sought-after openness to lasting appeal.

Sense of Openness

The sense of openness and expansiveness that wide planks can create is a part of its allure. Each piece is substantially wider than average, typically between two and four inches wide, creating a larger feel, even in smaller spaces.

These planks are ultra-wide, creating grandeur in the smallest spaces. The 9.5” width creates an airy feel, making your room seem bigger and more welcoming and open.

Effortless Versatility

Like other flooring options in our W™ Luxury Genuine Hardwood Collection, the McCarran Collection offers impressive versatility. The planks blend seamlessly with many design elements and features, magnifying the ambiance you’re trying to create.

From grand spaces reminiscent of Victorian opulence to cozy, rustic spaces that immediately make you feel at home, this flooring can do it all. These planks can be the final piece of the puzzle in your home that brings it all together, creating a cohesive finish that mirrors your dream aesthetics.

Abundant Personalization Options

whitlock-engineered-wood-flooringWhitlock Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Our engineered hardwood comes in a range of colors, styles, and patterns, each designed to mirror the authenticity of solid hardwood planks without the maintenance requirements. From gray tones ideal for a coastal ambiance to soft browns for modern aesthetics and chocolatey browns that blend perfectly with moody color palettes, there is no shortage of options.

The McCarran Collection offers diverse colors and grain patterns to accommodate your home’s unique features, whether you need a soothing tan or deep brown flooring.

Timeless Allure

Hardwood flooring is timeless, remaining a constant in ever-changing interior design trends. It never goes out of style, as homeowners can refinish it countless times to achieve various looks, from honey browns to soft tans.

Engineered hardwood flooring offers this lasting style with its layers of genuine hardwood. It adapts to design trends, meshing beautifully with various color palettes, aesthetics, and decor elements. It withstands time, making it an outstanding investment for homeowners looking for a universal option.  

Capture the Open Elegance of
McCarran Collection Flooring

Whether you love the sprawling looks of extra wide flooring or simply want to make a snug room feel larger, MSI’s McCarran Collection’s offerings are the ideal solution. If you’re ready to incorporate this captivating flooring option into your home, talk to our experts today. Chat with us online, contact an authorized MSI retailer, or visit a local MSI showroom to kickstart the process!