Verdant Storm: A Vibrant Design Aesthetic

October 23, 2023


Dive into a world of color with the Verdant Storm trend, the captivating allure for an interior oasis. With striking shades of emerald, sage and midnight blue, create vibrant vibes in the kitchen, living room and beyond. Incorporate the aquamarine hues of Bay Blue 4x12 Tile or Azul Scallop Tile as a decorative backsplash or an inviting accent wall in coordination with bright white cabinets or whimsical quartzite countertops to create a desired focal point that will be adored by all.

Allow the brilliance of light to penetrate the rich ambiance by introducing Kingsdown Gray® Luxury Vinyl Planks and complement your space with diverse accents throughout. Whether it be a lavish hunter-green couch alongside black or gold fixtures, don’t be shy about adding pops of color to your decor. Brighten up the room with new waves of color around the home, office or any environment that embraces chameleon-like shades of the tropics.  

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Bay Blue 4x12 Tile, Azul Scallop Tile

Flooring: Kingsdown Gray® Luxury Vinyl Planks

THE PLAYBOOKmsi-2023-fl-verdantstorm-9619-hiresjpg

  1. Brave the storm with lightning-like veins of Audacia Quartzite. Featuring prominent black and charcoal striations adorned with green accents against a warm beige backdrop, this natural stone option is perfect for creating lavish waterfall islands, bar and countertops, accent walls and more in kitchens, bath areas and beyond. Brighten up the room with emerald or blue cabinets and other furnishings to fully encompass the vibes of a verdant storm.

  2. Create adorning walls with the light sage tones of Prudent Spring Glass 4x12 Subway Tile. With a contemporary twist on the classic subway tile, these elongated glass tiles offer a unique touch to interiors. Whether it be a stylish accent wall in the kitchen or a vanity wall in the bathroom, this tile will add a subtle yet inviting aesthetic to any residential or commercial space. Embrace its subdued tones as the calm before the storm by adding bold midnight blue, turquoise and other aquamarine undertones found in marble countertops, appliances and other decor.

  3. Set the mood right with Carbonita Subway Tile 2x6 and its chameleon-like shades. From enchanting midnight blues and lush greens to almost-black stormy indigo and vibrant turquoise, this subway tile is ideal for enhancing the ambiance in kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond, especially when used for backsplashes and accent walls.

  4. Icelandic Green Picket Polished tile is ideal for adding a pop of color to countertops, walls and residential floors. Featuring an elongated hexagon pattern and a range of green shades, from subtle jades to deep hunter-greens, these marble tiles combine contemporary style with timeless elegance. Icelandic Green exudes a serene aura, invoking oceanic vibes that resonate with everyone.

LAND THE LOOK: ONEcalacatta-laza-night-verdant-storm

Add a splash of color with navy blue cabinets accompanied by striking statement surfaces featuring Calacatta Laza Night® waterfall islands, countertops, and beyond. With its pristine white base and dynamic charcoal veins, Laza Night adds a stunning touch to any setting. Complement the rest of the space with either gold or silver fixtures, hints of green through lush plants, and charming area rugs adorned with wavy patterns.

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Countertop: Calacatta Laza Night®

LAND THE LOOK: TWOblue-shimmer-chevron-6mm-verdant-storm

Embrace a serene ambiance by infusing interiors with glistening shades of blue and other aquatic colors. Craft alluring living spaces using the wavy design of the Blue Shimmer Chevron Pattern Tile for your bathroom walls. Infuse a dash of style with distinctive artworks and bathroom fixtures inspired by the treasures of the ocean depths. Accentuate the aesthetic with rugs and lush greenery to perfect the atmosphere of a welcoming spa-like sanctuary.

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Blue Shimmer Chevron Pattern Tile

LAND THE LOOK: THREEazul-scallop-tile-1

Soak up the soothing aquamarine hues of Azul Scallop Tile and dive into a world of whimsical mermaids, all captured in this unique design. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom accent walls, or any area in need of a dash of oceanic elegance, the glossy finish of these tiles will infuse your room with the ultimate touch of serenity and style. Transform your surroundings into a mermaid's haven, and let the Azul Scallop Tile make waves of beauty in your home.

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Azul Scallop Tile

LAND THE LOOK: FOURbay-blue-4x12-tile-verdant-storm

Savor the moment with Bay Blue 4x12 Tile boasting muted, yet bold royal blues tones. Use this vibrant ceramic wall tile to captivate kitchen backsplashes, shower surrounds, vanity walls and other vertical spaces. Create a timeless appeal with a classic subway tile that features brilliant oceanic shades combined with metal fixtures and appliances, contrasting wood textures and other subtle decor aesthetics that embrace the Verdant Storm trend.  

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile:Bay Blue 4x12 Tile

DIVING INTO THE WAVES OF A VERDANT STORMsoapstone-metropolis-azula-floret

Navy blue and other aquamarine colors are taking interiors by storm. The cool tones of an Azula Floret backsplash, Soapstone Metropolis waterfall island, navy statement furniture and flourishing plants will unleash the appeal of a verdant storm. Decorative light fixtures, colored ceiling beams and contrasting cabinets will bring kitchens and other living spaces to life with the timeless allure of modernity. Dive deep into this design aesthetic and let your home become a sanctuary of bold, cool, and captivating colors that are as irresistible as the depths of the ocean.    

Create lush surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Azula Floret

Countertop: Soapstone Metropolis

To see this trend come to life, watch the video below. If you’re inspired by the Verdant Storm trend, use it in your next construction or remodeling project. Make sure you capture the greatness and tag us on Instagram - #msisurfaces.

Watch the trend come to life!

Thank you for being a source of inspiration and we look forward to seeing your designs when they show up on our feed. Best wishes! ~ Team MSI


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