Stacked Stone: A Natural Choice For Both Interior And Exterior Projects

November 20, 2023


Natural materials like stone have a timeless appeal that pairs well with both classic and contemporary styles. Whether you love the rustic textures of split-face stacked stone or the refined surface of a honed product, you can curate a stylish facade that perfectly complements your interior and exterior spaces.

With the MSI Rockmount Stacked Stone Collection, you can choose from stunning materials like marble, slate, travertine, and quartzite. These products are available in full-size ledger panels measuring 6" x 24" that are perfect for larger wall spaces, as well as M-Series Mini Panels measuring 4.5" x 16" to conveniently swathe smaller spaces like niches, borders, or backsplashes.

With both cool and warm neutrals and hues ranging from bright whites and beiges to moody blacks and charcoals, our natural stone options deliver the versatility modern homeowners expect.

When planning your next indoor or outdoor upgrade, consider some of these popular options to add color, texture, interest, and an ample dose of luxury to your living spaces.

Brilliant Backsplash Design

sierra-blue-mini-stacked-stone-interior-projectSierra Blue Mini Stacked Stone

Tonal white kitchens stand the test of time thanks to a bright, breezy, pristine aesthetic. However, these spaces may look a bit flat and featureless without a hint of color and texture. This is where the right stone veneer can add a wow factor.

Sierra Blue Mini Stacked Stone in hues of white, gray, and blue quartzite, with hints of rust throughout, adds depth and beauty to a backsplash flanked by white cabinets and countertops in a light taupe. Next to these uniform surfaces, the variation of stacked stone brings intense visual interest to the design.

Swimming in Luxury

silver-travertine-stacked-stone-exterior-projectSilver Travertine Stacked Stone

A swimming pool is a luxury addition, but you can take it to the next level by adding stacked stone accents to your pool and spa area. Silver Travertine Stacked Stone in warm, trendy greige is an ideal choice, creating the calming feeling of being surrounded by nature every time you take a dip. The split-face finish exudes rustic charm with a sense of refinement.

A Spa-Like Bath Enclosure

colorado-cream-stacked-stone-interior-projectColorado Cream Stacked Stone

Bathrooms are private spaces. As such, they should highlight your style, ensuring that you feel calm and relaxed every time you enter. A full-height bath enclosure in Colorado Cream Stacked Stone is a great place to start.

Shades of soft cream, beige, and brown marble combine to deliver a warm and welcoming foundation for your bathroom space, with a dappled, organic appearance that puts you at ease. Natural wood elements contribute to the overall feeling of tranquility.

Fireside Delight

sparkling-autumn-stacked-stone-exterior-projectSparkling Autumn Stacked Stone

Outdoor fireplaces offer a cozy respite from the demands of daily life, whether you’re sipping wine with your sweetheart on a cool evening or toasting marshmallows with family and friends.

Sparkling Autumn Stacked Stone in cream and gold quartzite with touches of rust is the perfect complement to your outdoor gathering spot. Rustic and earthy, these split-face stone panels are the perfect backdrop for a cheerful, crackling fire and lively conversation.

A Focal Fireplace Wall

white-oak-3d-mini-stacked-stone-interior-projectWhite Oak 3D Mini Stacked Stone

Rich brick and dark stone are lovely choices for a rustic room populated by dark wood flooring and panels, but if you’re working with a brighter, more contemporary living space, a lighter stone like White Oak 3D Mini Stacked Stone is ideal.

The modernity of light wood flooring and pale gray walls calls for an airy approach, and a focal fireplace wall in off-white stacked stone with subtle color variation is just the ticket for adding dimension without overwhelming the design.

Breathtaking Curb Appeal

tuscany-scabas-stacked-stone-exterior-projectTuscany Scabas Stacked Stone

When visitors approach your home, you can make a good impression before they even cross the threshold. Accenting your entryway with charming, stacked stone creates an enduring sense of refined style and casual elegance.

With soft shades of cream, beige, and orange travertine, Tuscany Scabas Stacked Stone delivers the inviting ambiance of warm neutrals. It’s especially stunning when flanked by brick and complemented by a rich wood door, window mullions in espresso hues, and contrasting framing in cream.

A Stylish Statement Wall

coal-canyon-stacked-stone-interior-projectCoal Canyon Stacked Stone

A striking statement wall can help you define your space and add personality to any design. It’s hard to argue with the captivating character of Coal Canyon Stacked Stone. The deep, charcoal gray of this quartzite adds richness and moody, mysterious vibes to any living space, but it’s particularly well suited as an accent wall.

When paired with wood flooring and window and door frames, walls in taupe, and whiskey-hued leather furniture, this stunning stone contributes to a cozy, intimate aesthetic, even in a spacious room with tall ceilings.

Stacked Stone Enhances Any Home Project

There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate stacked stone when planning interior or exterior projects. Whether you want an eye-catching kitchen backsplash, a standout fireplace, an imposing accent wall, or a great way to highlight architectural features, the right stacked stone can create a space that represents your style and embodies a particular mood.

Are you interested in learning how stacked stone can add elegance and charm to your next home improvement project? Contact the experts at MSI now via convenient live chat, locate an authorized MSI retailer near you, or stop by an MSI showroom to browse products in person.