Current Obsessions: White Oak Marble Collection

December 10, 2016


Marble has always been a popular material for floors, countertops, backsplashes, and wall tile. MSI’s White Oak Marble Collection, however, will surprise you – it has a peculiar pattern unlike the classic marble you know and love, a delicate linear pattern resembling wood grain. In fact, you might even mistake it for wood grain, until you get closer and realize it’s a lot more durable and easy to care for.

Even better, the pattern of White Oak Marble is great at hiding small etches and water stains, two concerns that may cause homeowners to bypass marble as a surface material.

What does this mean for your interior design? You can enjoy the charm and character of wood grain many places real hardwood might be impractical, such as shower surrounds, floors, even outdoors in your hardscape! Check out White Oak and other gorgeous marble colors, shapes, patterns, and mosaics. 

Asteria 3D

asteria-3D-blendFeatured: Asteria Blend Interlocking 3D Polished Marble Tile 

Three-dimensional wall tile installations are one of the year’s hottest trends! Asteria Blend Interlocking 3D Polished Marble Tile features a variety of textures and finishes in shades of beige ranging to dark-cocoa-brown, with characteristic veining, speckles and swirls within each piece. We love the way it catches the light, both indoors and out, day and night. It’s tough enough to use outdoors in your hardscape, as shown here on this planter wall. But you’ll also love it indoors as a backsplash, fireplace accent wall, or truly luxurious shower surround.

White Quarry Chevron

white-oak-quarry-marbleFeatured: White Quarry Chevron Marble Tile

The chevron pattern has long been a favorite, and White Quarry Chevron Marble Tile displays the chevron at its best. In this pre-meshed, easy-to-install mosaic, White Oak marble tile is featured in several different textures, creating a rich, eye-catching monochromatic surface. This mosaic is suitable for many uses including floors and backsplash tile. As shown here on this bathtub enclosure, it works well in a small area amid other neutral-color materials.

Bellagio Blend Elongated Hexagon

ellagio-blend-elongatedFeatured: Bellagio Blend Elongated Hexagon Marble Tile

A modern twist on the classic hexagon tile mosaic, Bellagio Blend Elongated Hexagon Marble Tile features four types of gray marble in a random pattern. These range from palest gray to charcoal, each featuring its own pattern of striation and veining. The variety makes this mosaic easy to match with other gray features, or use it to complement bright colors. As with other types of marble, it’s ideal for backsplashes, showers, floors, and accent walls. 

Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern

arctic-storm-bambooFeatured: Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern Marble Tile 

The linear layout of Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern Marble Tile is shown here as a dramatic backsplash, installed horizontally, but you could use it vertically as well. It features several shades of gray marble in long, narrow tiles interlocked in a random pattern. Its honed finish brings out the natural veins and swirls to create a finished design that’s sure to become the room’s focal point. You’ll also love it as a fireplace surround – a great alternative to the usual bricks.

White Oak Octagon

white-oak-octagonFeatured: White Oak 2" Octagon Marble Tile

The beloved octagon mosaic gets a modern upgrade with White Oak 2" Octagon Marble Tile. The linear-pattern, wood-look White Oak marble provides the octagons, while the diamond accents are a complementary darker shade with similar striations. The tiles are set randomly, highlighting the natural patterning. It’s a tough, water-resistant surface suitable for flooring, and as with other MSI mosaics, we recommend it also for backsplashes, marble countertops and accent walls.

Marble is such a timeless, classic material that’s always a great choice for surfaces throughout the home. And with these contemporary mosaics – featuring wood-look White Oak as well as other lovely patterns and shades – you can showcase your own amazing sense of style!