Best Examples Of Colored Grout With Porcelain Tile

May 26, 2018


Choosing the right porcelain tile for your design is important, but the choices don’t stop once you’ve selected your material. Your grout selection is another key player in the design game because it serves as more than just ”filler.” In fact, this simple mixture of water, cement, and sand is itself an essential part of the décor, and can completely change the look of your tile installation. 

One reason homeowners sometimes go with a colored rather than plain white grout is because a brighter or darker hue helps to outline the tile, making intricately designed tiles stand out even more. In contrast, colored grout can also be a perfect pick when it is chosen to match the tile, disguising seams.

This is especially useful in wood-tile installs in order to mimic the look of wood flooring as closely as possible. Now that we've got you considering colored grout for your new floors, here are some of our favorite examples of pretty porcelain with colored grout! 

Bark Country River

msi-country-river-procelain-plank-tile-for-bathroom-with-matching-grout-minBark Country River Wood Look Tile

Don't be fooled by this wall's authentic wood grain look! Today's wood-look tile mimics real hardwood so closely that you wouldn't guess it's porcelain. Part of that trickery is thanks to the colored grout.

This modern, rustic wet room features Bark Country River Wood Look Tile, 6x36 planks composed of porcelain. The rich brown tones, realistic knots and grains, and dark brown grout all contribute to its authentic appearance. These porcelain tiles pair perfectly with the slate tile and natural river rock that bring everything together. 

Carrara Pietra 

msi-carrara-pietra-porcelain-tile-flooring-with-matching-grout-for-living-room-minCarrara Pietra Porcelain Tile

Does the flooring in this simple yet elegant living room make you do a double take? Absolutely! Even the most modest rooms can be elevated to levels of luxury and sophistication when they feature porcelain flooring. Using a grout in a similar color to the tile also ensures that lines on the floor aren't distracting from the overall clean and seamless feel of the space. Plus, porcelain is great way to get the grand look of natural marble, but without the big price tag or troublesome maintenance.

msi-carrara-pietra-marble-look-bathroom-flooring-minCarrara Pietra Porcelain Tile

Depending on the color of grout used, the look of Carrara Pietra Porcelain tile can vary once installed. Gray grout will emphasize the dramatic gray veins that mimic real Carrara marble, while the white grout will make the porcelain floors light, bright, and elegant. 

Brina Kenzzi

msi-brina-kenzzi-porcelain-tile-wall-in-living-room-minBrina Encaustic Tile

No, you didn't travel back in time when you glanced at these intricate encaustic tiles... they're making a big splash in today's design world! The original ceramic tiles were composed of multiple layers of colored clay, and have long been all the rage when it comes to adding a pattern punch to any room.

But you can achieve the same effect with porcelain. Brina Encaustic Tile is an 8x8 porcelain tile from Turkey with an on-trend graphic white, black, and gray pattern. This installation with black grout makes certain patterns stand out while others fade into the grout lines. 

White Glossy Penny Round 

msi-gray-glossy-pennyround-tile-with-white-grout-on-kitchen-backsplash-minGray Glossy Penny Round Mosaic

My, oh my... mosaics! These tiny tiles are turning heads in more applications than just as a small backsplash. The modern design of Gray Glossy Penny Round Mosaic tile can be used everywhere, from walls to floors, but the porcelain circles pop with the contrasting white grout. Another option is to keep it traditional by using a grout similar in tone and color to the gray tile. 

Bay Blue Arabesque Tile

msi-bay-blue-arabesque-tile-kitchen-backsplash-minBay Blue Arabesque Tile

Say hello to sophistication with arabesque tile! This pattern is typically traditional and ornamental in design but you can also choose one with contemporary flair. This kitchen includes Bay Blue Arabesque Tile, a cool ocean-hued porcelain mosaic backsplash with simplified curves. The white grout makes the already alluring mosaic pop but without overwhelming the design. 

Changing up the color of your grout can make your tile look seamless or transform it into a bold statement. We think it's a good idea to explore a variety of grout options before choosing what looks perfect for your own project!

However, if you find you're still unsure whether colored grout is right for your tile, check out this helpful article on how to choose your grout. Of course, we're also available to offer real-life assistance! Chat with us online, take a trip to an MSI showroom, or find an MSI authorized dealer in your area to mix and match tile and grout to your heart's content.


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