A First Look: Top 5 Design Trends Of 2024

January 17, 2024


And just like that 2023 has come and gone. As we embark on the journey through 2024, it’s time to take a seat back to look into what’s trending for the remodeling and new construction world. While a good majority of pandemic trends are now a thing of the past, many are still thriving. Home offices and expansive outdoor living areas are a couple, to say the least that are not going anywhere any time soon.

Team MSI is committed to helping you stay on trend as you look at the year ahead as we bring new inspirations to life for your home indoors and out. We unveil the favored decor themes of the year by consumers with the Top 5 Design Trends for 2024. Our talented team of designers and home improvement enthusiasts have compiled 5 trends you’re sure to appreciate whether it’s for a renovation, remodel, or new construction project. Get inspired with the 2024 MSI Lookbook

Sunlit Serenity, Sable Renaissance, Watercolor Wonder, Mulberry Maven and Al Fresco Allure capture the Lookbook’s trends for 2024. The MSI Lookbook serves as a source of inspiration for creating dream spaces, catering to a diverse audience ranging from internal sales teams and trade partners to interior designers and beyond, showcasing surface materials that can transform spaces one at a time.


Urbanslat Natural 16” x 48” Tile

In the midst of a dusky city skyline, shines the authentic allure of warm beige and brown tones with a fluted wood look of the expansive Urbanslat Natural 16” x 48” ceramic tile. Make a lasting impression with these large format tiles on the divider walls of an exterior patio. Complete the look with vibrant blonde and golden décor complemented by inviting house plants, while cozying up on a plush lawn chair with a warm blanket while you watch the light radiate through the clouds. 

Transcend ordinary spaces with the glistening tranquility of Sunlit Serenity. Whether outdoors or in, submerge yourself in the relaxing hues of blonde, ecru, and cream using surface materials like oversized ceramic tile, marble slabs, and extra-large wood looks on floors and walls. Inject a dash of refinement by incorporating gold and taupe accents into your furniture, textiles, and other decor elements.

Calacatta Miraggio Cove™ and McCarran™ Whitlock Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Whether you have a large family or simply like to entertain, having an open kitchen is something we can all appreciate. Introducing a waterfall island adorned with Calacatta Miraggio Cove™ in an expansive setting is an ideal way to add a touch of brightness to the space. The mesmerizing combination of gold, white, and beige veins against a warm gold Carrara-like background in this quartz countertop enhances the room's illumination, especially when harmonized with the inviting hues present in the fabrics of barstools and dining chairs. To perfect the ensemble, consider incorporating gold or copper fixtures throughout the kitchen area. 

Immerse your surroundings in the radiant warmth of Sunlit Serenity, where each element embodies a serene and welcoming design. Elevate your environment with tranquil radiance and an inviting aesthetic, creating a perfect space for gathering with friends and loved ones. 

Lanston Oak Hybrid Rigid Core
and Royal White Splitface Stacked Stone

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with the warm tan and oak beige hues of Lanston Oak Hybrid Rigid Core paired with vibrant green foliage, infusing your space with warmth. Elevate the ordinary by incorporating a coordinating couch and chairs adorned with pillows in a variety of blonde hues, designs, and fabrics. Illuminate the room further with decorative centerpieces, wall art, and other carefully chosen design elements. The Royal White Splitface Stacked Stone wall, stretching from floor to ceiling, introduces a distinctive touch, contributing to an enchanting ambiance in the room.

Design Tip: Craft a Sunlit Serenity with a warm blonde palette found in fluted ceramics, expansive wood-look luxury vinyl planks, decorative mosaics, and marble-look natural stones, utilizing neutral tones to breathe life into your spaces. Whether you’re a fan of Barbie or not, in this trend we’re all about the blondes. Embrace this sun-drenched movement by incorporating various wood accents, rounded edges, and modern shapes.

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Calacatta Miraggio Seaglass™

Don’t be afraid to embrace a dark palette throughout living areas like the kitchen, dining room, or even bathrooms. Create an enchanting space with a palette of dark brown hues on kitchen countertops, window surrounds, floors, and beyond. With lighter marble patterns like Calacatta Miraggio Seaglass™ complemented by intricate veining of deep aquamarine, chocolate brown, and mysterious dark gray, turn the atmosphere into a Sable Renaissance.   

These rich tones allow you to elevate the room when incorporated with layered antiques and delicate florals featured in stylish subways, playful penny rounds, elegant planks, and classic squares. Make any room more expansive with arched walkways and window seals. Floor to ceiling windows and patio doors will allow the room to open up for a breath of fresh air. A tale of sophistication and artistry found in each element adorns timeless elegance.

Arabescato Venato White Argyle Tile

Attain timeless allure in bathrooms by embracing the refined marble aesthetics of Arabescato Venato White Argyle Tile, set against a striking hunter green painted wall, complemented by a freestanding bathtub and vintage shower fixture. Infuse a spa-like ambiance by incorporating elegant towels and rugs to add a touch of coziness to the space. Whether your taste leans towards intricate patterns or a more straightforward design, you have the flexibility to craft the perfect choice for introducing chic and darker accents to your aesthetic.

Beckley Bruno Luxury Vinyl Planks
and Sierra Blue Stacked Stone

Darker tones have the power to enhance the look of any living room. Embrace the antique allure of Beckley Bruno Luxury Vinyl Planks to evoke vintage vibes, accompanied by a Sierra Blue Stacked Stone accent wall, extensive book shelving, and additional decorative elements, creating the enchanting ambiance reminiscent of a Sable Renaissance.

Design Tip: Immerse yourself in a world of artisanal luxury by integrating rich dark tones accented with deep aquamarines, hunter greens, and midnight blues. Transform your space into a haven of allure, where every element exudes timeless elegance.

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#3 Watercolor Wonder 

Azurmatt™ Q Premium Natural Quartz™

Watercolor is making a comeback with the pastel hues of peaches and cream, sky blue, rosy blush, and icy green. Emulating the authentic charm of quartzite, Azurmatt™ Q Premium Natural Quartz™ displays subtle gray veins with aquamarine undertones, lending a whimsical touch to elongated kitchen backsplashes and waterfall islands.

Craft a Watercolor Wonder by integrating washed-out wood furniture, cabinets, and flooring, while injecting pops of color through paintings and other decor elements. For a refreshed cottage charm, introduce soft florals and muted tones using large surface materials in various shades of blonde. Consider incorporating decorative mosaics, herringbone and hexagon shapes, along with intricate marble looks to enhance the overall appeal.

Greta Encaustic Tile
from the Zaria Collection

Allow the light to reveal the radiant beauty of the Greta Encaustic Tile from the Zaria Collection, expertly crafted by artisans. With its immaculate white backdrop embellished with a subtle blue and gray floral pattern, this tile embodies the allure of a modernized cottage aesthetic. Each tile, meticulously hand-painted, encapsulates the genuine essence of a Watercolor Wonder.

Stella Biscotti Tile

Grab a cup of joe as you get ready for a sunny morning picking me up. Immerse yourself in the coziness of Stella Biscotti ceramic tiles, bringing a delightful ambiance when incorporated into bathroom shower surrounds and walls. Infuse a whimsical touch to the space by complementing these tiles with golden fixtures, wood accents, and light-colored textiles for a playful interpretation of watercolors.

Design Tip: Embrace a variety of aesthetics for your interiors, ranging from faded blondes to pastel shades of pink, green, peach, and blue. Enhance the overall appeal by incorporating floral patterns, elongated hexagons, and herringbone designs, contributing to a tranquil and calming design aesthetic.  

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Peninsula Sand Stacked Stone

Embrace the Mulberry Maven aesthetic with a palette of blush, berry, and burgundy textiles gracing the furniture, accent pillows, and drapes, resulting in a space exuding global charm. Enhanced by the warm beige and copper tones of the Peninsula Peninsula Sand Stacked Stone fireplace facade and other neutral elements, you can create a comforting allure. Inviting friends and loved ones over for a cozy night by the fire will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Calacatta Miraggio Sienna™
and Brickstone Red Brick 2x18

Come together around the expansive Calacatta Miraggio Sienna™ quartz tabletop, adorned with vibrant burgundy and gold veins against a warm white backdrop, for a delightful family mulberry pie bake-off. Gather the essential ingredients - eggs, flour, and plump berries, and remember to include the sophisticated touch of merlot for the adults. Fully immerse yourself in the opulent Mulberry Maven trend, whether by incorporating a striking Brickstone Red Brick 2x18 accent wall or by curating the elements for a truly delectable pie. Uplift your kitchen into a cozy haven, infusing it with a burst of lively colors and soft illumination, turning it into your modern sanctuary.


Stella Blush Tile

Craft a timeless allure inspired by Mulberry Maven's, seamlessly blending classic charm with global allure. Achieve the perfect fusion with Stella Blush ceramic tiles on a bathroom backsplash, set against marbled black and white walls and rich chocolate brown cabinets. This carefully curated mix of an evolved color palette pays homage to a design aesthetic filled with high drama.  

Design Tip: Infuse vibrancy into any space with colorful ceramic tiles and striking marble-look elements. Integrate bold burgundies, checkered blacks and whites, and rich dark browns for a vintage-meets-global vibe. Embrace elongated shapes, stacked stones, traditional subways, and more to pay homage to high drama and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf

In today's world, cherishing outdoor spaces has gained unprecedented significance. The presence of expansive yards and play areas has become a lasting trend. Regardless of the season, a family water fight remains an activity that brings joy to all. With Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf, concerns about mud or harsh chemicals are a thing of the past, as this artificial grass is designed to be safe for the entire family. Engage in a game of catch with furry friends or enjoy the sun-soaked moments, as this turf assures exceptional foot comfort and captivates with its natural shades of green, replicating the authentic appeal of real grass. 

Enhance the Al Fresco Allure by pairing this turf with one of our diverse paver options to create an outdoor dining area. Transform your patio into a stylish and fully functional space that is sure to be adored by everyone.

argento-travertino-arterra-paversArgento Travertino® Arterra Pavers

Craft expansive outdoor living areas where friends and family can come together for a refreshing glass of iced tea or cocktail. Establish the foundation with generously sized, large-format Argento Travertino® Arterra Pavers, accompanied by a gracefully shaded patio cover, comfortable and snug outdoor furniture, and generously sized potted plants.

Zaria Sakura Encaustic Tile

Whether relishing some peaceful solitude or hosting loved ones for a terrace meal, a hospitable outdoor dining space is a treasured enhancement to any home. Guarantee comfort with snug chairs and a corresponding table, offering everyone a spot to unwind. Attain a contemporary and cohesive visual appeal for your environment by integrating the handcrafted Zaria Sakura Encaustic floor tiles. Full-length glass windows allow ample light to filter through, creating an all-encompassing Al Fresco Allure.

Design Tip: Revamp outdoor spaces by incorporating turf alongside oversized pavers and stacked stone, crafting extensive and welcoming areas. These elements not only enhance the durability of your outdoor environment but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

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Ready to channel your inspiration? The trend spotters have shared their insights, and now it's your chance to infuse your space with fresh looks that reflect your unique personality. What creative endeavors will you embark on in 2024?