Maximizing Hotel Outdoor Spaces With Durable And Stylish MSI Porcelain Pavers And Tile

May 09, 2024


The exterior spaces of your hotel are equally important to your guests’ comfort and experience as the indoor spaces. From pool decks and lounge areas curated for sunbathing and relaxation to artfully designed patio dining rooms crafted for an entertaining mealtime experience, the common areas surrounding your hotel make an impact.

In your quest to create a comfortable and classy al fresco experience for your guests, walking surfaces are a core consideration. At MSI, we offer high-quality porcelain pavers and tiles designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. These options are the perfect finishing touch for hotel landscaping and exterior design, offering a luxurious finish to complement existing elements.

Understanding Porcelain Pavers and Tile

Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers and the Traktion Collection of porcelain tiles are two excellent options for hoteliers looking to enhance the beauty and durability of their outdoor aesthetics. Made from high-quality porcelain, these products are designed to withstand extreme weather and heavy traffic while maintaining their stunning appearance.

The Traktion Collection

The Traktion Collection, including Calypso and Maven Collections, boasts a variety of contemporary designs and colors, ideal for bringing elegance and class inside and out. Multiple tile sizes, a variety of beautiful neutral shades, and our ZeroSlip tech make these tiles an excellent addition to various hotel spaces, from stunning patio designs to contemporary indoor areas. 

The Arterra® Collection

The Arterra® Collection, available in multiple colors, styles, and sizes, offers a natural look with its stone and wood-inspired finishes. It harmoniously combines elegance and safety with the addition of our proprietary ZeroSlip technology.

Whether you want to create a stylish patio, pool deck, or walkway, these porcelain options are an excellent choice for any outdoor project.

Benefits of Porcelain Pavers and Tile

Porcelain pavers and tile have many benefits to offer open air hotel settings, including:

  • Durability: Porcelain pavers and tile offer remarkable durability, holding up well under heavy foot traffic and withstanding ever-changing weather conditions. For example, our Arterra® Porcelain Pavers offer freeze-thaw resistance for superior resilience in differing weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance: Upkeep for porcelain pavers and tiles is straightforward. General cleaning for exterior installations is as simple as spraying with a garden hose to remove stains. Cleaning indoor installations requires removing loose dust and debris before mopping with warm water and your cleaner of choice.
  • Wide range of designs: Our Arterra® and Traktion collections feature a wide range of colors and patterns, from stormy grays to creamy beiges. There’s something to accommodate nearly any color palette and design preference, whether you prefer sleek and contemporary or cozy and traditional.
  • Safety and security: The pavers and tiles of our Arterra® and Traktion collections are crafted for superior safety and security. They feature our proprietary ZeroSlip technology for outstanding slip resistance on wet and dry surfaces, offering your guests more traction, even on wet pool decks.

Design Ideas for Hotel Outdoor Spaces

Porcelain pavers and tiles are versatile enough for many uses in hotel landscape design, from stylish pool decks to enchanting gardens. Here are a few ideas to elevate your hotel’s exterior aesthetics:

Pool Areas

Pool decks, patios, and surrounding areas present unique hardscaping challenges. These areas are often damp or wet, raising safety concerns, particularly for guests traversing the area. Luckily, since our porcelain pavers and tiles feature our ZeroSlip technology, both are an excellent fit for pool areas.

livingstyle-cream-arterra-porcelain-paversLivingstyle Cream Arterra® Porcelain Pavers

Our Livingstyle Cream Arterra® Porcelain Pavers enhance the pool area, pictured above, with proprietary slip-resistant technology, providing extra safety and improved traction, even on wet surfaces. These pavers also add an aesthetic touch, combining elegance with safety to offer a stylish and secure choice for your hotel's pool areas. 

Walkways, Paths, and Decks

With its remarkable durability and weather resistance, porcelain is a phenomenal option for walkways, paths, and decks. Whether you integrate it into the pathway of a lush garden bursting with color or a deck with panoramic views, porcelain pavers and tiles can be an excellent fit.

trevi-silver-arterra-porcelain-paversTrevi Silver Arterra® Porcelain Pavers

For example, pictured as a deck hardscaping material, our stone-look Trevi Silver Arterra® Porcelain Pavers make a statement. These pavers add a lighter, natural touch to the space, effortlessly adorning the potted plants and scenery beyond.

caldera-grigia-arterra-porcelain-paversCaldera Grigia Arterra® Porcelain Pavers

Or, photographed as the walkway and deck of an outdoor seating lounge, our wood-look Caldera Grigia Arterra® Porcelain Pavers bring the warm charm of wood with the effortless maintenance of porcelain. Its color variations tie in with the firepit's charcoal gray and the furniture's pale wood.

Dining and Lounge Areas

Crafted for elegance, safety, and comfort, porcelain pavers and tiles make outstanding additions to dining and lounge areas. Each option's sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance enhances the existing decor and ambiance, creating a comfortable and welcoming space to dine and relax.

traktion-maven-ivory-tileTraktion Maven Ivory Tile Porcelain Tile

Pictured in an indoor-outdoor dining area, the sleek appearance of our Traktion Maven Ivory Tile Porcelain Tile adds to the earthy neutrals, from the wood furniture and accents to the greenery alongside the far wall.

livingstyle-travertino-arterra-porcelain-paversLivingstyle Travertino Arterra® Porcelain Pavers

Or, utilized in an open air lounge setting, our Livingstyle Travertino Arterra® Porcelain Pavers add a touch of visual intrigue, diversifying the space through beautiful patterns and earthy tones that offset the jewel-toned pillows and rich-hued cushions.

Gardens and Entrances

Beyond pool areas, walkways, and dining areas, porcelain pavers and tiles can be an alluring finish for gardens and entrances. These options are beautiful and enhance guest comfort, but they’re also a sustainable pick for your garden sanctuaries and entrances, courtesy of an energy-efficient production process and natural and sustainable materials.

traktion-calypso-ash-porcelain-tileTraktion Calypso Ash Tile Porcelain Tile

Here, this hotel's welcoming entryway makes a lavish impact with our slip-resistant Traktion Calypso Ash Tile Porcelain Tile. The porcelain graces both the walkway and walls, creating a cohesive and elegant finish. Paired with sleek, matte-black finishes and contemporary seating, the entrance embodies luxury and comfort.

Bring Timeless Beauty and Style to Your Hotel Outdoor Spaces

Whether you need a stylish and safe option for your hotel’s pool deck or a luxurious, comfortable pick for an indoor-outdoor dining space, porcelain pavers and tiles can be an excellent fit. These options have much to offer, from timeless elegance and versatility to exceptional durability and weather resistance.

If you’re ready to integrate the sophistication and safety of porcelain pavers into your hotel outdoor spaces, we can help! Chat with our experts online, visit a local MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer in your area!


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