Whether you are looking to create a backyard retreat or carry the style of your interior space to the exterior, Arterra® Porcelain Pavers can help you achieve your design goals. Merging the look of natural stone with the benefits of MSI’s proprietary features, this porcelain pavers collection is available in various colors, sizes, and patterns for increased flexibility. With true-to-life graphics and texture, Arterra® Porcelain Pavers offer the ultimate worry-free surface that never fades, stains, or needs any sealing. Set them on grass, sand, or on concrete, Arterra® Porcelain Pavers will bring any outdoor space to life.

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The Ultimate Worry-Free Surface

Arterra<sup>®</sup> Porcelain Pavers outdoor patio

Arterra® with ZeroSlip™ technology

Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers are where safety and beauty meet. This leading-edge collection of porcelain pavers deliver the desired look of natural stone with the peace of mind. This proprietary technology provides exceptional slip-resistance, ensuring a dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) value of at least 50% greater than the industry standard and far exceeds the DCOF of many of the most popular pavers on the market.

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Turn your outdoor living area into one that’s uniquely yours with porcelain pavers and artificial grass.

 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers are UV, stain, and freeze resistant
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers 340  Arterra<sup>®</sup> Stain Icon  Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers cold weather icon

100% uv, stain, and freeze thaw resistant

Life’s too short to spend it maintaining or replacing your pavers. Rain or shine, warm weather and cold, Arterra® Porcelain Pavers stand up against the elements, aren’t affected by mold or mildew, and won’t fade or discolor over time. And spills are no longer a cause to worry, as the pavers are also 100% stain resistant.

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 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers are durable and low maintenance
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers 337  Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers 339  Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers 338

Durable and low maintenance

People and time aren’t always friendly to ground surfaces; however, Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers offer worry-free surface that never needs re-sealing for the lifetime of the product. These pavers are engineered to provide permanent protection from day-to-day wear and tear. Best of all, Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers come with Lifetime Residential Warranty and 10 year commercial warranty for added peace of mind.

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 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers are UV, stain, and freeze resistant
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Arterra® porcelain pavers are expertly crafted with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Free from chemical emissions, they provide a clean and eco-friendly option. These pavers are crafted from a blend of natural clay, sand, feldspar, and minerals, making them among the most eco-conscious choices on the market.

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Go big! Collection

MSI’s Arterra® pavers are now super-sized! Offered in 16x47”, 18x36”, 24x48” and our innovative Jumbo Mix.

Indoor/outdoor collection

The indoor/outdoor movement is here to stay—beautiful floors no longer stop at the back door.


Create a space that is unique to your home or building. Arterra® Porcelain Pavers are available in a variety of sizes and patterns for a one-of-a-kind look. Cap the edges around the pool with copings for a smooth transition and decorative finish.

Available Paver Sizes (All 2Cm Thick)
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Size 24"x24"
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Size 18"x36"
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Size 16"x47"
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Size 12"x48"
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Size 24"x48"
Paver Pattern consists of 24”x24”, 12”x24”, 12”x12”
 Arterra<sup>®</sup> Pavers Random Jumbo Mix
Available Coping Sizes
Coping 2cm Bullnose
Coping 2cm Eased Edge
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Learn more about Arterra® Porcelain Pavers by downloading brochures, warranty information, FAQs, and more.

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Arterra® Porcelain Pavers come with a lifetime residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty for added peace of mind.


Are Porcelain Pavers Comfortable to Walk on In Hot Temperatures?

Porcelain pavers are generally cooler to the touch compared to stone and concrete surfaces, especially in direct sunlight. To enhance comfort underfoot, light-colored Arterra® Porcelain Pavers are recommended for areas with extreme sun exposure.

How Durable Are Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain pavers are known for their exceptional durability. Arterra® Porcelain Pavers are resistant to scratches, chipping, staining, temperature fluctuations, moisture, mildew, and UV color fading. Their long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements make them a cost-effective choice for homeowners.

Can Porcelain Pavers Be Used in Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings?

Yes, porcelain pavers are versatile and can be used inside and outside. Arterra® Porcelain Pavers' nonporous nature makes them ideal for areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Elegant patios and outdoor living spaces benefit from their durability and resistance to weather and foot traffic.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain pavers are low maintenance. Arterra® Porcelain Pavers do not require sealing like natural stone and are resistant to efflorescence, which can affect the appearance of outdoor paving. They are easy to clean, requiring only regular household cleaning products without needing special treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Using Porcelain Pavers for Pool Decks?

Arterra® Porcelain Pavers feature Zeroslip technology for added slip-resistance. This non-slip surface makes them a good choice for pool areas. They are also very strong, surpassing the durability of many other materials, and do not require regular sealing, offering both safety and convenience.

Are Porcelain Pavers A Good Long-Term Investment?

Considering their durability, resistance to various elements, and low maintenance requirements, Arterra® Porcelain Pavers offer great long-term value. They may initially be more expensive than some materials like concrete but provide significant savings over time due to fewer repair and maintenance needs.

How Well Do Porcelain Pavers Handle Cold Climates?

Arterra® Porcelain Pavers are frost-tolerant and resistant to thermal shock, making them capable of withstanding freezing temperatures without cracking. Their low water absorption rate of less than 0.5% ensures that they are not prone to damage from freeze-thaw cycles, rendering them suitable for cold climates.