Tile Style: Wood You Believe This Is Porcelain Tile?

February 08, 2016


Wood — it's much beloved for so many surfaces in the home. Wood lends a certain ambiance to a room, making it feel warm and cozy. Whether your decorating taste leans toward classic, country, rustic, or contemporary, chances are wood is going to be on your inspiration list. However, for all its versatility, wood has its drawbacks. For example, putting a hardwood floor in your kitchen — or, worse, the bathroom — is just asking for trouble. Wood exposed to water can warp and stain. Wood may not hold up to heavy traffic either. And then there are things wood just can't do, such as cover your kitchen countertops (butcher block surfaces aside), and not recommended for backsplashes. Wood needs polishing, sealing, waxing. Do you have time for that? We've got the perfect solution: porcelain wood tile. Here are five MSI tile options that offer the beauty and visual texture of real wood, but are as tough and versatile as porcelain tile… and you can use them in every room of your home without any worries. 

Ecowood Tungsten Porcelain Tile 

Ecowood-Tungsten-woodFeatured: Ecowood Tungsten Porcelain Tile

Ecowood Tile would be right at home in a log cabin at the end of a tree-lined, winding country road. But even those who live in the city can enjoy its natural appeal. Ecowood Tungsten is a medium-brown shade mimicking a rustic hardwood. It has a matte finish, and subtle variations in hue, so it's easy to blend this tile with nearly any other texture, color or material. It is perfect for flooring, countertops, and backsplashes. It can also stand up to light commercial use. 

Walnut Porcelain Tile 

palmetto-walnut-woodFeatured: Walnut Porcelain Tile

Walnut Porcelain Tile is reminiscent of natural walnut wood in both texture and coloration, and are ready to install as wood tile flooring in any room of the house, including the mud room! As with Ecowood, it's perfect for counters and walls as well. 

Musk Porcelain Tile 

salvage-musk-wood-Featured: Musk Porcelain Tile

With amazing texture and color variation, Musk Porcelain Tile has the look of reclaimed barn wood, which has become a super-hot design trend! If your tastes run toward the shabby chic, rustic or vintage, you'll love this colorway. You can install this beauty in unexpected places with no worries! 

Teak Porcelain Tile 

botanica-teak-woodFeatured: Teak Porcelain Tile

If classic elegance is the style you seek, Teak Porcelain Tile is a great addition to your home. With the silky matte texture of fine teak, it lends a refined charm wherever you choose to install it. This tile is excellent for dining room floors (no worries about spills!), family rooms (it can take whatever the kids bring on), even on walls, countertops, and backsplashes. 

Mahogany Porcelain Tile 

Mahogany-wood-porcelainFeatured: Mahogany Porcelain Tile

Speaking of elegance, you can't beat mahogany to dress up a room. Whether it's in your antique furniture or on the floor, mahogany's warm, subtle coloration whispers "upscale." Mahogany Porcelain Tile is no exception, but unlike that fine furniture, you'll never have to polish or wax porcelain wood tile. Or worry about what the cats will do… or those muddy dog paw prints. 

Wood-look tile flooring can be installed creatively, just as you would use real wood — try a parquet floor-style pattern, herringbone, basketweave or wicket pattern, or even mix wood tile colorways to create a unique mosaic-style work of art. Porcelain wood tile lets you have the stunning home décor you love while allowing you to live worry-free in it too: spills and splashes, pets, kids and all.