Natural Stone Ledger Panels Add Character Indoors And Outdoors

July 12, 2012
When one thinks of a ledger, it is often pictured as a book of where debits and credits are recorded and financial accounts are managed. However, in the world of landscaping and room design, Natural Stone Ledgers are on an entirely different page. These increasingly popular, beautifully varied pieces of natural stone, stack together in rich layers in order to make up a vertical wall of most any height, width and shape. Ledger Panels are a great resource, offering a fantastic way to add organic character and visual interest to your space. With the many color choices and unsurpassed durability of natural stone, the design options are endless!  

The Ins and Outs

Homeowners and designers alike are always looking for ways to bring a unique perspective to their indoor and outdoor projects. From their beginnings, Ledgers have always found their way into the top interior and exterior design magazines but never before have they been so popular as they are today. Inside, they can be used to build anything from a cozy fireplace hearth to a dramatic surround that makes an entire wall the focal point. Showcase a one-of-a-kind backsplash in the kitchen or create a fabulous bedroom wall that doubles as a headboard. For an outside oasis that beckons lounging and entertaining, use these beauties to build planters, pool and spa walls complete with cascading fountains, functional outdoor kitchen areas and barbeques, outdoor showers and fire pits to warm up after a swim, and the list goes on. No matter what the project, Natural Stone Ledgers are certain to bring lasting beauty and value to your home or business.

Going Before the Panel

M S International’s 100% Natural Stone Ledger Panel collection was designed to significantly simplify the installation process by pre-affixing several rows of trimmed ledger stone pieces of varied sizes into one panel. These panels easily fit together much like the pieces of a puzzle. MSI has eliminated much of the guesswork by offering an innovative joint design that ensures that the interlocking seams “seem” to virtually disappear once the product is properly installed. These panels come sized 6” X 24” and represent a host of color patterns found within earthen stones such as Quartzite, Slate, Travertine and Sandstone. The panels come in two styles: Ledger Stepped Panels or “L” ledger stepped panel corners that will beautifully finish off the 90 degree angles of your outside corners.


Whatever your Ledger project requirements are, MSI is at the ready to provide you with the exceptional natural stone products you need to ensure a successful outcome that can be enjoyed for generations to come.