Hotel Flooring Guide: Lobbies, Guest Rooms, And Bathrooms

February 26, 2024


Flooring makes an impact in a hotel, whether it's the first impression it creates upon walking into a gleaming lobby or its role in creating the comfortable ambiance of the guest lounge. Given its importance, selecting an appropriate hotel flooring option is an essential, multifaceted decision that not only encompasses aesthetic appeal but also functionality, durability, and guest satisfaction.

Each space presents unique considerations, from the high-moisture environment of bathrooms to the heavy foot traffic in lobbies. From the waterproof nature of porcelain that makes it ideal for bathrooms to the durable expanse of luxury vinyl flooring that is ideal for high-traffic lobbies, various flooring options make the cut, ranking among the most popular hotel flooring.

How to Select the Right Hotel Flooring

miraggio-gray-porcelain-tile-in-hotel-lobbyMiraggio Gray Porcelain Tile

Selecting the right flooring for a hotel comes down to an assortment of considerations, from aesthetics and guest experience to functionality and durability. When shopping for the perfect flooring option for each space, consider these factors:

  • Foot traffic: Consider the amount of foot traffic in each space, choosing an option that is durable enough to handle it. For example, a hotel lobby should have flooring that is both durable and long-lasting to ensure it holds up well under the frequent travelers crossing its surface.
  • Maintenance needs: With guests constantly coming and going, cleaning happens daily, so it’s important to choose an option that is easy to clean for maximum efficiency.
  • Brand image and style: The floors stretching throughout the hotel contribute to the overall appeal of the space, just like the paint color coating the walls and the decor elements artfully placed throughout. Choose an option that reflects your hotel’s brand image and style, whether it’s traditional and cozy or sleek and modern.
  • Comfort: Consider the space and what it’s designed to do. For example, in a guest room, comfort is key, so choose a flooring option that helps create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance.
  • Safety: Some spaces, like bathrooms and hotel lobbies, are more likely to be exposed to moisture, so choosing non-slip flooring is paramount for the safety of your guests.

By carefully considering each factor, you can select a flooring option that suits both your and your guest’s needs, from easy maintenance and lasting durability to comfort and satisfaction.

Hotel Flooring FAQs

What Type of Flooring is Used in Hotels?

Hotels can feature various flooring materials, often utilizing more than one type to accommodate the needs of different spaces. Luxury vinyl, porcelain, engineered hardwood, and carpet flooring are popular options for hotels, each with its own perks.

What Flooring is Best for a Hotel Bathroom?

Hotel bathrooms require a durable flooring material that can withstand regular exposure to moisture. The best options often include high-quality and waterproof options, such as porcelain or luxury vinyl flooring.

What is the Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas in Hotels?

The lobby, guest lounges, hallways, and other common areas in a hotel demand flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic. While the best option can vary based on factors such as brand image and the space in question, natural stone, luxury vinyl, porcelain, and engineered hardwood are popular options.

Popular Flooring Options for Hotel Lobbies

malton-hybrid-rigid-core-flooringMalton® Hybrid Rigid Core Flooring

Hotel lobbies require a balance of aesthetics and practicality as they’re one of the first things people see when they walk in, and they experience heavy foot traffic as guests come and go. So, the best and most popular flooring options for lobbies are those that live up to both.

For example, natural stone flooring is a popular pick for its strong, luxurious impression and remarkable durability. It makes a statement when guests walk in, creating an opulent feel while effortlessly withstanding constant foot traffic.

Luxury vinyl flooring is another staple, favored for its versatility and durability. It’s available in a diverse range of patterns and colors that can mimic more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, it’s built to withstand high traffic and is easy to maintain, making it a worthwhile consideration for hotel lobbies.

Porcelain is also an excellent option, coveted for its durability and low-maintenance nature. It blends beautifully with modern designs, but with the addition of natural stone and wood looks, it can work with any theme or design. It boasts a low porosity, which makes it easy to clean, and effortlessly withstands foot traffic, so it’s another excellent option.

For hotel lobbies aiming to combine warmth and welcome with practicality, hybrid rigid core flooring emerges as an excellent choice. Balancing the appealing aesthetics of engineered hardwood with enhanced durability and less maintenance, it stands up admirably to high-traffic demands. This innovative flooring option delivers the coveted wood look alongside the resilience needed for bustling environments, offering an ideal solution for those seeking both style and functionality.

For those exploring additional wood look alternatives that bypass the need for extensive maintenance, luxury vinyl planks and wood-look porcelain tiles present themselves as attractive solutions. Luxury vinyl planks offer a versatile and cost-effective option, featuring water resistance and ease of installation that make them ideal for various settings, from residential to commercial spaces. On the other hand, wood-look porcelain tiles bring unmatched durability and the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them perfect for bustling lobbies. Both options provide the aesthetic appeal of wood with the added benefits of superior durability and minimal upkeep, catering to the practical needs of modern living spaces.

Popular Flooring Options for Hotel Guest Rooms

4.-msi-katella-ash-luxury-vinyl-flooring-in-hotel-guest-roomKatella Ash® Luxury Vinyl Planks

In a hotel guest room, cozy, relaxing comfort is paramount, so the flooring should help create such an ambiance. These floors should balance visual appeal with comfort and easy maintenance, yet must be durable enough to withstand frequent foot traffic.

Given these must-have features, a couple of options stand out: carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, and porcelain. Carpet is a staple in high-end hotel bedrooms, adding a degree of warmth, comfort, and soundproofing as well as making for a peaceful and quiet environment.

Luxury vinyl flooring is coveted in hotel rooms for its opulent looks, from natural stone to sleek hardwood. It’s both versatile and durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can add warmth to the room’s atmosphere.

Hardwood flooring is another solid option, favored for its warm, welcoming feel. It has a natural charm and elegance, inviting guests in for a relaxing stay. Its durability and longevity further sweeten the deal, making it a worthwhile choice.

Porcelain is also popular in hotel rooms for its durability and low-maintenance nature. It’s easy to clean, holds up well over time, and boasts beautiful, luxurious aesthetics that can mimic the look of everything from natural stone marble to wood.

Popular Flooring Options for Hotel Bathrooms

9.-msi-eden-statuary-in-hotel-showerEden Statuary Porcelain Tile 

Not all flooring materials are suitable for use in a hotel bathroom due to its high moisture environment. In a hotel bathroom, the material needs to be durable enough to withstand frequent foot traffic, easy to clean, and waterproof to withstand exposure to moisture.

So, given the nature of luxury vinyl flooring and porcelain tiles, it’s no surprise that these two materials are top contenders for hotel bathrooms.

Porcelain tile, with its 100% waterproof nature, effortless maintenance, durability, and ease of cleaning, is a staple in hotel bathrooms. These features make it a practical choice, yet the assortment of colors and patterns ensures you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.

Luxury vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank flooring, is also a favorite for its versatility, durability, and waterproof nature. It’s easy to clean and maintain and comes in an assortment of beautiful finishes, from the sleek opulence of natural stone to the charming vibe of genuine wood.

MSI’s Hotel Flooring Options

mccarran-wayland-engineered-wood-flooringWayland Engineered Hardwood Planks

At MSI, we have flooring options to cover every space in your hotel, from the grandeur of the lobby to the relaxing ambiance of each room. Our natural stone flooring, including marble tile, granite tile, and travertine tile, makes a statement, complementing surrounding spaces by adding a gleaming touch.

Our luxury vinyl flooring adds a splash of elegance and mimics the look of popular materials, such as our wood look luxury vinyl plank flooring or our LVT that mirrors natural stone.

Our porcelain tile adds undeniable elegance and luxury, from our wood look porcelain tiles that add warmth to our porcelain to natural stone looks that emanate opulence.

Last but not least, our W Luxury Genuine Hardwood Planks add the genuine warmth and charm of natural hardwood with the perks of superior durability and longevity. Each option has its merits in a hotel application, being well suited to varying spaces, from common guest areas to private rooms and suites.

Enhance Your Hotel with MSI's Flooring Solutions

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of your hotel, from the first impressions it makes on your guests as they stroll into the lobby to the comfort it lends to each room. Given its role in a hotel, it’s important to select a well-suited option that reflects your hotel’s style and guest needs.

Our team at MSI can help you select the perfect fit for all of your hospitality spaces, allowing you to add an impressive final touch to each space. Ready to get started? Chat with our team online, visit a local MSI showroom, or contact an authorized MSI retailer near you.


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