Brand New Porcelain Tile Floor Designs For 2017

May 21, 2017


Every new year brings new trends in interior design, and flooring is no exception. MSI’s new porcelain tile collections are fresh and exciting, designed to complement these trends and suit the needs of discerning homeowners. Some of these interior design trends for 2017 include an emphasis on seamless indoor/outdoor spaces, interesting new textures and patterns, new twists on brick and concrete looks, and the continued popularity of wood look tile flooring.

MSI’s tile options fit well with many different décor styles, from natural to industrial, classical to modern, refined to rustic. Using the most advanced inkjet printing process, porcelain tile floor patterns penetrate deep into the tile and the results are incredibly realistic, durable, and long-lasting. Check out MSI’s floor visualizer for some ideas and inspiration – and here are a few of our favorites.

Red Brickstone

red-brickstone-porcelainFeatured: Red Brickstone Porcelain

With the authentic look of reclaimed brick, Red Porcelain Tile from the Brickstone collection features warm reds, creams, and browns. New interpretations of traditional masonry are hot trends for 2017, and this tile fits well with industrial, cottage, and classic designs. Plus, MSI’s porcelain tile – unlike real brick – needs no sealing to keep it water-resistant and easy to clean. 

White Carolina Timber

carolina-timber-woodFeatured: Carolina Timber White Wood Look Tile

The wood-look porcelain tile floor is here to stay, and White Carolina Timber White is a delightful new variety. This year’s designs use lots of white, and off-white shades to create airy and relaxing spaces. These realistic planks mimic natural hardwood in shades of soft white and gray, creating dramatic floors that blend flawlessly with natural cabinetry and pale walls.

Cream Livingstyle

cream-livingstyle-porcelainFeatured: Cream Livingstyle Porcelain

Many homeowners enjoy dramatic and bold décor, but minimalism is making a big splash. Shake off the stresses of everyday life and come home to relaxing simplicity. Cream Porcelain from the Livingstyle collection is available in many different sizes, and are suitable for flooring as well as backsplashes, shower surrounds, and more. The easy care of porcelain tile keeps your cleaning routine simple, too.

Cream Optima

cream-optima-porcelainFeatured: Cream Optima Porcelain

Continuing the minimalism trend, Cream Porcelain from the Optima collection, is available in both matte and polished finishes. Not only does it provide a soothing, solid backdrop for the creative elements in your home décor, it’s also perfect for mixing with other colors of tile to create a one-of-a-kind floor in any room of your home.

Grigio Watercolor

grigio-watercolor-porcelainFeatured: Grigio Porcelain

Featuring a subtle linear pattern resembling natural stone tile, Grigio Porcelain tile from the Watercolor collection is a relaxing shade of neutral gray, and available in various sizes including narrow planks and 12” x 24” rectangular tiles. This tile features a matte finish, which gives it a non-slip quality making it ideal for bathrooms another spaces that may have wet floors.

Upscape Bruno

bruno-upscape-porcelainFeatured: Upscape Bruno Wood Look Tile

Homeowners have loved hardwood for generations – but they’re not always practical. Upscape Bruno, like other wood look porcelain tiles, changes that; now you can put it anywhere, including the walls. Unlike real wood, Bruno doesn’t need sealing, resists scratching, and works well even in the wettest locations. 

While it’s vital to stay on top of the latest decorating trends, MSI’s porcelain tile floor options are truly timeless. You can be assured that this year’s fad won’t be out of place in a year or two, like shag carpeting or tacky floral prints.

Embrace 2017’s new ideas, which demonstrate practicality for today’s busy lifestyles – and take advantage of brand-new technologies. What new interior décor trends will you fall for this year?


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