8 Trends For The Hotel Industry: Hotel Flooring And More!

December 03, 2021


Your choice of hotel flooring is one of the first things your guest notice upon entering your establishment. They will see your flooring in lobbies, dining rooms, conference rooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, and more throughout their stay. This flooring represents your brand. 
Choosing the right flooring to match your brand's integrity is a decision you shouldn't take lightly. Different areas of your hotel have different needs, requiring unique flooring options for each. Making the right statement in the right setting is also key to impressing your guests, so style, color, and other factors play a huge role in your selection. Finally, you want to get the most out of your hotel flooring dollar, so durability, ease of installation, and ease of care should all play into your decision. 
In this guide, we'll explore 8 of the hottest trends in the hotel industry to help you make the best choice when selecting premium surfaces for your fine establishment.


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That feeling of a warm and soft bedroom carpet underfoot remains as popular as ever. Using the right carpet in your guests' rooms can give your hotel that "home away from home" feeling. Among other benefits of choosing carpet are seemingly endless design styles, textures, and colors. Carpet is also remarkably cost-effective compared to many flooring options. Install the right carpet correctly, and you'll cut down on room-to-room noise due to its strong ability to absorb sound. 
In a hotel setting, though, carpets come with a good deal of drawbacks. Among them are the large expenses of keeping your carpets disinfected, maintained, and clean. Carpets stain easily and wear out quickly compared to other flooring options like luxury vinyl tile.


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Opting for a hybrid of flooring materials in areas like conference rooms, large gift shops, and restaurants can make the room look bigger with more separation between areas. Achieve this by using luxury vinyl tile, real wood, or natural stone with another material like carpet running down the middle or in various stations. Suddenly one room feels like many, and your guests will return home with stories of your tastefully on-trend flooring design.



It’s no coincidence that designers, hotel owners, and managers love luxury vinyl tile as hospitality flooring. Among its numerous benefits is its ability to deliver the highly coveted look of authentic stone at a lower price point. And the savings don’t stop there—you’ll save a bundle on upkeep since durable one of the benefits of luxury vinyl tile is that it doesn’t require annual sealing or the regular maintenance we see with the more expensive real stone floorings. 
If you’re not sold on luxury vinyl tile yet, consider how it’s stain resistant, waterproof, and non-porous. Like carpet, it can act as a sound dampener if installed with an underlayment. If you choose the right underlayment or use multiple layers, it could even be quieter than carpet. But it doesn’t stop there—the underlayment makes this hotel flooring immensely comfortable underfoot, something all of your guests can appreciate. 
Use stone look luxury vinyl tile in guests' rooms as well as larger areas like lobbies, long hallways, and restaurants to increase the luxurious vibe of your establishment. We don’t need to tell you that reviews and word of mouth are huge in the hospitality industry. With gorgeous flooring like this, your guests will rave about the beauty to friends, coworkers, and in online reviews. Before you know it, you could be booked solid for weeks or even months.



Wood look luxury vinyl tile delivers all the benefits of the luxury vinyl tile listed above. The only difference is rather than capturing the look of authentic stone, this luxury vinyl tile features the irresistible look of natural wood down to the small details like knots and graining. Everyone loves the look of wood flooring. Now you can keep your guests smiling and feeling cozy with this less expensive, more durable alternative.



Use a porcelain tile that looks like marble like the Living Style Pearl Porcelain Pavers to create an elegant, streamlined look. This large format porcelain tile is cheaper than the real thing and is perfect for covering large areas. 

Large format marble look porcelain tile requires fewer grout lines. This provides a cleaner look and makes a sophisticated, modern statement. 

Like other flooring featured in this article, porcelain doesn’t require the ongoing upkeep and regular sealing required of natural stone. Another great porcelain option is wood look porcelain tile that delivers the look of real wood without all the worry and higher price point.



Patterned flooring is always chic, especially in the hospitality industry. Add flooring like Paloma Porcelain Tile to a room with an otherwise simple theme to make the flooring stand out and become the talk of the entire hotel. This tile pattern features black and white tile patterns with a vintage stamp quality. The use of light and darker shades of black highlighting speak to a bygone era that your guests will delight in exploring.



While it costs more and requires polishing and regular sealing and other upkeep, natural stone is still a luxurious flooring statement for upscale hotels. It speaks to the high-end service your guests expect and which you provide. With options like marble, travertine, granite, and more, it’s hard to go wrong with natural stone if you’re willing to pay the higher price and budget far in advance for its ongoing upkeep and even repair.


In a hotel setting, there are more premium surfaces you'll need to choose other than flooring. For example, quartz and granite are excellent choices for a hotel countertop, a hotel bathroom vanity, a hotel accent wall, or a hotel shower surround
It doesn't end there. Many of the surfaces discussed in this article work great beyond serving as quality floorings. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are here to help you choose the best flooring to make your hotel stand out and keep your guests returning year after year for decades to come.


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