Current Obsessions: Sophisticated And Sparkling Quartz Countertops

January 14, 2016


Modern quartz countertops, a blend of natural minerals and current technology, deliver the radiant splendor of natural stone with the added durability that your lifestyle demands. From dark-grays with subtle veins to clean and contemporary whites, there’s no mistaking the stunning beauty of quartz. While some decorators prefer a matte look with minimal movement and variation, others bravely venture into uncharted design territory. From Sparkling White to Athenian Gold, these lovely designs will have you looking twice. 

Sparkling White Quartz

sparkling-whiteFeatured: Sparkling White Quartz

White is an extremely popular color choice in contemporary interior design because of the clean, crisp, and airy feeling it creates. Whether you adore gleaming white floors or stark-white backsplashes, a white color palette is refreshingly chic. For decorators who crave that little extra something, add some sparkle to make an all-white aesthetic pop. Sparkling White Quartz is a stunning reflection of whites and icy speckles, an ideal option in areas where you desire a touch of gleaming elegance. With a snow-white backdrop and glass-like flecks that resemble an iced-over pond, Sparkling White Quartz adds a lovely shimmer that brings kitchens, baths, and other design features to life. This beautiful quartz is best suited for residential and commercial projects, such as floors, countertops, landscaping, and walls.

Sparkling Black Quartz

sparkling-blackFeatured: Sparkling Black Quartz

Dramatic and bold, black quartz delivers a sophisticated look that’s stunning on floors, countertops, and other design accents. Blending beautifully with neutrals and bright colors alike, black offers a striking contrast that adds dimension and drama to any space. If you wish to add a hint of whimsy that softens deep, dark blacks, consider a touch of sparkle. Like a night sky alive with distant stars, Sparkling Black Quartz is a dynamic, deep-black quartz with charming sparkles and highlights. Available in regular and prefab quartz, this stunning design is a fantastic choice for countertops, floors, and wall projects in both residential and commercial properties.

Athenian Gold Quartz

athenian-gold-quartzFeatured: Athenian Gold Quartz

A warm, inviting option that suits classic tastes, quartz shines beautifully in hints of gold, tan, and brown. Stunning when paired with wooden accents and cabinetry, or alongside metallics in wrought iron or copper, neutral shades of tan and brown are eternally elegant. For a modern twist on a tried-and-true classic, consider quartz infused with subtle sparkles. Athenian Gold Quartz is a dazzling, gold-and-cream quartz that sparkles with hints of gray and brown. Like rich soil at the first sign of frost, this lovely design delicately blends earth tones with icy flecks of white and gray. Equally beautiful on floors, countertops, and walls alike, this durable, polished slab quartz is best suited for interior use.

Whether you prefer soft whites or fiery reds, there’s something truly special about sparkling quartz. With a wide variation in color and tone, you’re sure to find a sparkling quartz from MSI that makes you feel right at home.

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