Current Obsessions: 7 Dreamy, White Quartz Countertops

November 18, 2015


From all-white kitchens to gleaming counters, floors, and backsplashes, white is making a big comeback. Creating a crisp, open feel with white can make any space look bigger—from kitchens to floors and bathrooms. White quartz countertops deliver that coveted, stark-white look while still appearing exquisite and trendy. Like a blank canvas ready for anything you desire, the possibilities are endless with white quartz. Crowning each room with an understated elegance, white quartz provides an ideal backdrop to applaud other design elements—wood floors look richer, artwork gains depth, and lights shine more brightly.

Whether you’re set on white quartz, or just window shopping, let these seven designs whisk you away to a dream home of your own.

1. Arctic White Quartz


Featured: Arctic White Quartz

Arctic White Quartz—available in 2 and 3cm slabs in regular, jumbo, and prefab quartz—is a solid, bright-white product with a perfectly. pristine polished finish with no veins or pattern. Like freshly fallen snow on a sunny winter day, the details are simple and understated, yet naturally bright and beautiful. This versatile, contemporary quartz is ideal for a variety of interior projects, from walls to backsplashes, countertops, and flooring.

2. Frost White Quartz


Featured: Frost White Quartz

With a dreamy, frosty finish, Frost White Quartz offers a delightful deviation from all-white quartz. With delicate, glass-like flecks throughout—and a gentle balance of white and off-white elements—this quartz provides a beautiful and luxurious surface for a variety of residential and commercial spaces where a touch of frost is desired.

3. Glacier White Quartz


Featured: Glacier White Quartz

Like a vast sheet of glacial ice, Glacier White Quartz is naturally sparkling. The milky, polished quartz glistens with a faint cloud of frosty heather and is available in prefabricated 2cm quartz countertops suitable for a variety of projects. Eminently appropriate for residential and commercial flooring, walls, and backsplashes, this time-honored combination of white and muted gray is right at home in a range of settings and themes.

4. Fairy White Quartz


Featured: Fairy White Quartz

Delicately threaded with light-sterling and dove-grey and stippling, Fairy White is a brilliant, porcelain-white quartz. Like the snowy peaks of a ski chalet on a sunny, midwinter day, this modern quartz is gleaming bright and refreshingly white. Available in polished, 2 and 3cm slabs, this quartz is sparkling, beautiful, and suited for a variety of interior residential and commercial applications—including floors, walls, countertops, and backsplashes.

5. Snow White Quartz


Featured: Snow White Quartz

Like frost-covered tree branches on a snowy winter morning, Snow White Quartz is understatedly exquisite and naturally beautiful. This solid-white quartz is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers—and any other room where a clean, white appearance is desired. Recommended uses include flooring, counters, and walls in both residential and commercial properties.

6. Peppercorn White Quartz


Featured: Peppercorn White Quartz

With a beautiful blend of soft whites and warm grays, Peppercorn White Quartz countertops emanate the natural, peaceful magnetism of a pebble-scattered stream. Neutral in nature, these beautiful slabs are ideal for a variety of designs and formats, including interior residential and commercial applications. Available in 2 and 3cm slabs, this design is equally stunning on floors, countertops, and accent walls.

7. Stellar White Quartz


Featured: Stellar White Quartz

With a harmonious blend of subtle gray flecks against soft-white surroundings, Stellar White Quartz countertops are understatedly beautiful. Easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, this stunning quartz is exquisitely suited for floors, waterfall islands, backsplashes, and counters. Simultaneously modern and classic, this stellar quartz serves as a beautiful backdrop in a variety of settings.

Whether you crave a simple or ornamented look, MSI’s white quartz countertops are crisp, clean, and classic. With a plethora of patterns, styles, and formats to choose from—from 2 and 3cm in regular, jumbo, and prefab—there’s a perfect fit for every project.