Popular Hotel Bathroom Countertop Styles

May 23, 2022


When you check in to a hotel, go to your room, and discover the perfect hotel bathroom countertop—is there any better feeling?

Granite and quartz are different selections when it comes to countertops for bathrooms, but they each offer incredible benefits!

Quartz creates an immediate luxury that’s pleasing to the eye. It’s low maintenance, which is ideal in hotel bathrooms where people are coming and going week after week. It pairs well with other surfaces, is food-safe and even compliments different designs. The popularity of quartz is hard to ignore with more and more people rushing to get it installed in their kitchens. Quartz countertops are a top pick for hotel lobbies and bathrooms for these reasons and many more!

Granite, on the other hand, is an equally viable pick for hotels and perhaps a more traditional one. Granite countertops—when sealed and maintained properly—are heat and stain resistant. With a busy influx of travelers coming and going, that sounds like a major perk, don’t you think? Granite also resists chips and scratches and let’s face it—that can be crucial with people unpacking toiletries in a hotel bathroom. Granite is also unique and classy, evoking images of old-world New York and other stunning locations.

For many hotels, the look and décor are crucial for an ongoing customer base. Determining optimal premium surfaces is undoubtedly a huge decision where many factors must come into play. Is the hotel room going for a more modern design with its color palette? Does it want an edge treatment or a polished finish?

The world of granite and quartz countertops is vast, so we’re going to explore three options of each specifically for hotels. The options are really stunning in terms of pattern, consistency, and color. Who knows? You just may find your next natural stone selection for your next hotel renovation.

Amaretto Ornamental Granite


Originally from Brazil, Amaretto Ornamental Granite is rich with beige, yellow, creams, and even grays. This conglomeration of colors creates a soothing appeal to the eye and a natural fit for a variety of décor options. This polished granite would make an amazing addition to hotel private and lobby bathrooms, offering a subdued and classy pick for world travelers coming and going throughout a busy day.

Calcatta Bolina Quartz


Okay, how exceptional is this Balcatta Bolina Quartz? Its cool white background and marble-like surface is truly timeless. It gives a dramatic effect that with the right lighting could entrance anyone with its design. This would catch any traveler’s eye upon first glance, revealing a sense of sophistication and class.

Calcatta Laza


With a milky white background and soft brown veining, Calcatta Laza Quartz is an exceptional selection if you want a classy marble-look. This design would work well in both modern and more traditional environments. Additionally, since the quartz is so inherently maintenance-free, maintaining the elegant white coloring would be a breeze with regular wipe-downs and cleaning. Who wouldn’t want to check into a room and have Calcatta Laza waiting for you in your spacious restroom?

Fossil Gray Quartz

Fossil Gray Quartz is serene and soothing with a visual appeal of greys with darker black and white veining. The subtle specks add variety and nuance, making this design stand apart from the crowd. This would look great in a hotel check-in/check-out lobby or any bathroom. Relaxing to gaze at and timeless in its appeal, Fossil Gray Quartz would get the décor wheels of inspiration turning for any hotel designer!

White Ornamental Granite

Pivoting to our granite varieties, White Ornamental Granite is a low-variation selection with an alabaster background and specs of red, brown, and even gray. Pristine and versatile, this design would pair well with a handful of aesthetic sensibilities, especially in an immaculate hotel room with fresh linens. And since it’s granite, it has a grounding capability that can center a room with class and grace. What’s not to love about White Ornamental Granite? This is a granite selection worth considering for not one, but many rooms!

Grey Mist Granite


Gray Mist Granite is one-of-a-kind and is dazzling to look at day or night. This design features dark and light grays highlighted by warmer tones that facilitate a movement and natural beauty. This design almost looks like an intricate river in all the ways it can ebb and flow. How amazing would this look in a hotel lobby restroom or front desk countertop? Surprising and soothing, Gray Mist is a granite pick so many will love.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a quartz or granite countertop for your next hotel renovation, you aren’t short of options and choices. The benefits of quartz are multifold with it being nonporous, durable, and low maintenance.

Granite adds a uniqueness and value that people adore and come to respect. Additionally, when sealed properly, granite is durable and resistant to scratches and stains, which is critical when designing hotel lobbies, restrooms, and bedrooms.

Much of your decision, too, will revolve around color since that will create the mood of each room. And let’s face it—travelers want to check into a nice hotel and feel that their countertops are reliable and pleasing to the eye. Whether you’re selecting a white or alabaster countertop with different coloring and veining or a darker selection, you have to find the right balance for the aesthetic of the hotel itself.

With granite and quartz countertops, you can really reassure and recreate a room at the same time. The power and intrigue of both options are nuanced, so determining the best pick often revolves around maintenance, cost, and pattern. Regardless, you have many options that are varied and special, sure to delight travelers checking in for the night on their journey.

With all the selections available, which color and natural stone do you think is right for you?