Transforming Your Backyard: Combining Artificial Turf And Pavers For A Low-Maintenance Oasis

July 10, 2023

Many homeowners desire a lush, vibrant backyard space that serves as a welcoming oasis for family and friends. An outdoor layout that offers aesthetic charm coupled with enduring, effortless upkeep is even better. With artificial turf and porcelain pavers, you can create an attractive and inviting space with incredible resilience and longevity.

Let’s take look at how can you transform your front and backyard with the beautiful blend of Evergrass Artificial Turf and Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers.

Benefits of Pairing Pavers and Turf

Outdoor living spaces offer a great way to commune with nature and spend quality time with the ones you love. This is especially true when you design your yard with a marriage of beauty and function in mind.

If you want a natural grass look, our Evergrass™ Artificial Turf delivers year-round greenery. Features like color variation and unique blade shapes lend authenticity. Adding Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers will take your look to the next level with a premium outdoor hard surface resistant to stains, fading, and extreme weather cycles. With easy care, and safe, durable construction, you can create enchanting outdoor spaces that set the stage for treasured moments and carefree connections.

Easy Care Outdoor Design

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you need a home design that allows you to enjoy your downtime. With artificial grass and porcelain pavers, tasks like mowing and weeding are left far behind. Keeping surfaces pristine is easily accomplished with common yard tools like a leaf blower and a garden hose.

Timeless Appearance with Lasting Appeal

Our thoughtfully designed artificial turf and porcelain pavers offer the aesthetic appeal every homeowner loves with the durability they need. Featuring BioLuxe™ Worry-Proof Technology, our turf provides an authentic-looking lawn that remains vibrant without the need for water, pesticides, or seeding. Moreover, thanks to its outstanding UV resistance, our Evergrass™ Artificial Turf endures over time, delivering years of radiant green hues. Even better, all our Evergrass™ and Arterra® products include a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty for added peace of mind.

msi-trevi-silver-pavers-and-artificial-turfEvergrass Putting Green Turf 78 and Trevi Silver Arterra® Pavers

You can't go wrong with a pairing like short pile Evergrass Putting Green Turf 78 and Trevi Silver Arterra® Pavers in shades of gray. This combination is stunning in any design setting. Our pavers and turf together offer versatility in crafting diverse designs for patios, courtyards, gardens, and even driveways.

Safety First

You naturally want your yard to present a safe place for kids and pets to play and an accommodating environment for family and friends of all ages. With Arterra's®  ZeroSlip technology, our turf’s antimicrobial properties, and its unique drainage design, you'll enjoy the safe and attractive outdoor space you expect and deserve.

Best Ways to Combine Pavers and Turf

When you pair our porcelain pavers with our artificial turf, you'll achieve the look of luxurious natural stone and a lush lawn that is always green and practically maintenance free. Explore how these hardscaping materials can be integrated into your personal outdoor spaces.

Driveways and Walkways

It's easy to elevate typical concrete driveways and walkways when you pair porcelain pavers and artificial turf in clever and creative ways.

msi-emerald-green-turf-and-benton-blanco-paverEvergrass Emerald Green Turf 110 and Beton Blanco Arterra® Pavers

Create a stunning driveway that adds instant curb appeal with a verdant Evergrass Emerald Green Turf 110, offset against bright Beton Blanco Arterra® Pavers in striking shades of icy white.

Entertainment Areas

It's important to put some thought into designing outdoor spaces where you'll spend your leisure time. With the right elements, you can create a walkway, a welcoming play area, or a patio area your family and friends will flock to.

msi-emerald-turf-and-livingstyle-cream-pavers-on-walkwayEvergrass Emerald Green Turf 110 and Livingstyle Cream Arterra® Pavers

A simple way to achieve this is to start with the brilliant, breathtaking Evergrass Emerald Green Turf 110 that practically beckons you to walk barefoot. Add in dreamy Livingstyle Cream Arterra® Pavers to complete a soft and inviting look.

msi-emerald-green-turf-and-soreno-taupe-paver-by-poolSoreno Taupe Arterra® Pavers and Evergrass Emerald Green Turf 110

If your outdoor oasis includes a swimming pool, surround it with the luxury and warmth of Soreno Taupe Arterra® Pavers in modern hues of grayish brown, paired with Evergrass Emerald Green Turf 110 to complete the look.

Pavers and Artificial Turf Are a Winning Combination

You can't go wrong when you pair our Evergrass Artificial Turf and Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers. Not only will you enjoy safe, resilient, low-maintenance surfaces that suit your modern lifestyle, but you'll also benefit from materials that deliver nature's beauty and authentic appearance.

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor living spaces and add curb appeal to your home? Contact an experienced MSI team member via our convenient online chat now to learn more about Evergrass and Arterra® collections, or find an authorized MSI dealer today to visit a nearby showroom

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