Mosaics As Bathroom Floor Tile: Chic Patterns, Shapes, And Designs

April 08, 2024


While mosaic tiles have traditionally been used for walls, they are increasingly popular as a flooring tile solution. They are well-suited for bathroom floors and shower bases, where they infuse the space with color, texture, and distinctive patterns. Their small size is ideal for these areas, enhancing the visual appeal without overwhelming the space.

Mosaic tiles are easy to install and come on a backing sheet, streamlining the installation process. MSI offers a multitude of patterns, shapes, and designs, from the seamless alignment of herringbone tiles to the bold, angular patterns of chevron tiles and a variety of geometric shapes like hexagons and patchwork.

These mosaic patterns elevate the aesthetic of a room and improve safety because their abundant grout lines provide slip resistance. Our mosaic tile selection delivers elegance and abundant choices for your bathroom floor. Here are a few popular and elegant mosaic floor designs for your next project.

Exotic Arabesque

white-quarrry-savona-arabesque-mosaic-floor-tileWhite Quarry Savona Arabesque

The whimsical mood of Moroccan design is evident in White Quarry Savona Arabesque Mosaic Floor Tile, featuring curvy arabesque tiles in beige marble with borders in a soft gray like early storm clouds.

If you want to add distinctive style to a breezy bathroom with a floating vanity, white countertops, and light beige walls, a few decorative mosaics are better suited to meeting your needs.

The Green Scene

icelandic-green-mosaic-floor-tileIcelandic Green Hexagon

Green can be vibrant and warm, but for a modern interior, you’ll love the cooler hues of Icelandic Green Hexagon Mosaic Floor Tile for your shower pan. This stunning marble flooring comprises hexagonal tiles in subtle pastels like pale jade, olive, and sage that add personality to a shower surround in white and gray Calacatta marble.

When you surround your bathroom flooring tile and fixtures in a striking black, you’ll enjoy the contrast of a classic black-and-white motif with a statement-making splash of green.

Hats Off to Herringbone

greecian-white-herringbone-mosaic-floor-tileGreecian White Herringbone

Herringbone mosaics deliver the timeless character and captivating style you crave with its staggered, zig-zag pattern that adds visual texture and movement to your space.

Greecian White Herringbone Mosaic Floor Tile in marble, featuring a neutral rainbow of warm, creamy whites and soft, smoky grays, is a beautiful addition to a bright bathroom space with gray cabinetry, a travertine-look shower enclosure, and ample natural light.

White Gold

calacatta-gold-matte-mosaic-floor-tileCalacatta Gold Matte Hexagon

If you want to warm up a crisp, white bathroom without losing the airy appeal, you can’t go wrong with Calacatta Gold Matte Hexagon Mosaic Floor Tile. A bright white background is layered with veining in stunning gold, ensuring an authentic marble look in easy-care porcelain tile.

This tile is enough to transform a space featuring white walls and a floating vanity, but the addition of an accent wall behind the vanity in a saturated terracotta hue ties in beautifully with the honeyed veins in the flooring.

Weaving a Spell

arabescato-carrara-mosaic-floor-tileArabescato Carrara Basketweave

The beauty of mosaic tiles is the ability to create a tight, repetitive pattern that makes small bathrooms feel more spacious and allows your personality and style to shine. If your home and taste lean toward traditional design, you will love Arabescato Carrara Basketweave Mosaic Floor Tile.

A woven pattern in wispy white and gray Carrara marble is broken up by black accent pieces that add dimensional appeal. This helps the flooring stand out against larger wall tiles and counter surfaces in Carrara, as well as the white cabinetry.

As a bonus, this tile features our exclusive ZeroSlip technology, offering the safety of a slip-resistant surface ideal for wet environments.

MSI Mosaic Tiles Transform Bathroom Spaces

Picking the right flooring tiles for your bathroom can be difficult when you already have countertops, cabinets, and wall tiles in mind. At MSI, you’ll find many chic mosaic patterns with shapes, colors, and designs that complement other elements, ground your space, and embody your unique sense of style.

Whether you want to create a spa-like primary bath or you’re ready to update every bathroom in your home, the experienced and creative professionals at MSI are here to help.

Contact us via convenient online chat to discuss an upcoming remodel, or locate an authorized MSI retailer in your area and visit the MSI showroom to view samples in person.


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