Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeovers With Backsplash Tile

January 16, 2017


Everyone deserves a beautiful kitchen, but not everyone has a large budget to work with. Fortunately, MSI products offer many great ways to makeover your kitchen – or at least give it a boost – without breaking the bank.

Even better, a tile kitchen backsplash will look great much longer than other “cost-cutting” backsplash designs. Subway tile may be the best-known budget-friendly tile, but there are many more ideas to choose from!

#1. Dimensions

gris-procelain-backsplashFeatured: Dimensions Collection (Concrete, Glacier, Graphite, and Gris

If you’ve recently installed tile flooring, chances are you have some tile left over from your project. There’s no reason you can’t use it on your kitchen backsplash too. Even if you need to buy extra, porcelain floor tile may be much less expensive than other options.

MSI’s Dimensions is a larger-format tile most often used in flooring. Mixing and matching colors, such as: Concrete, Glacier, Graphite and Gris, is a creative way to use leftovers. Try them in a checkerboard, random squares, or cut into triangles as shown here.

#2. Dove Gray

dove-gray-arabesqueFeatured: Dove Gray Arabesque

With a unique, eye-catching tile shape such as Dove Gray Arabesque, it doesn’t take a lot of tile to make a big impression! Just cover one wall, or one section, rather than investing in tile for the entire kitchen countertop’s backsplash wall. This contrasting tile creates a feature wall, and a focal point for the room.

#3. Classique White

classique-white-carraraFeatured: Classique White Carrara Subway Tile

With MSI’s classic look-alikes, you can create luxury for less. Classique White Carrara Subway Tile is an easy-care porcelain tile with the elegance of natural marble. It’s also a lot less expensive, and you won’t need to worry about your kitchen backsplash staining or scratching.

#4. Fossil Canyon

fossil-canyon-blendFeatured: Fossil Canyon Blend Mosaic Tile

A large part of a kitchen renovation’s cost is professional installation. With MSI’s pre-assembled, meshed mosaics, you can do it yourself for a lot less. Small glass mosaics such as Fossil Canyon Blend Mosaic Tiles are much easier to install than they appear, and if trimming is required, you’ll only need a handheld tile cutter, not specialized equipment.

#5. Arctic Storm

arctic-storm-bamboo-patternFeatured: Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern

If your heart’s set on natural marble, but a marble slab countertop isn’t in the budget, don’t give up the dream! Instead of the countertop, install a gorgeous natural marble kitchen backsplash tile mosaic such as Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern

With MSI tiles it doesn’t take a big installation, or a big budget, to make a big impression. Porcelain tile, glass and marble mosaics, and other products help you create the kitchen of your dreams – and still have money left over for groceries!


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