Inspiration For Relaxing Hotel Tub Surrounds

January 22, 2021

 inspiration for relaxing hotel tub surrounds

Tiling the tub may not come to mind when thinking about how essential finishing touches translate to hotel luxury. Instead, hardware or décor may take precedence, but hotel tub surrounds are the perfect spot to showcase style and attention to detail. 

After all, guests want a relaxing space to come back to, and an inviting bathtub could add to a memorable experience. There are endless possibilities to create designs that make a bold statement, a Zen-like vibe, or a contemporary look. We believe you’ll find lots of inspiration when following these helpful tips and innovative installations for planning a luxurious tub surround for your hotel’s rooms and suites.

Protect Against Moisture

The tile around the tub isn’t just for good looks. The vertical installations of materials surrounding the tub also protects the walls from water and moisture, which could lead to mold issues later on if there’s not enough wall coverage. Tiled shelving and ledges also protect walls and surrounding areas from moisture and wet shampoo bottles. Investing in good quality tile could really help protect your investment in the long-term. Before installing any tile, make sure to check that the walls are in excellent shape to avoid increasing any previous water damage.

Deciding where the tile surround will stop is one decision that will affect its look and function. It may start at the tub’s base and then continue up the wall a few inches, similar to a backsplash so that it will provide some protection against splashes along the wall. But, for the most protection, completely cover the three sides of the bathtub or shower in tile from the tub up to the ceiling.

warm porcelain stone look tile surrounding bathtub

Available in Different Materials

Some of the most durable tiles for bathroom surround applications include ceramic and porcelain tile. However, today’s market allows for a wider range of materials like sheets of acrylic, composite stone, solid surfaces, or even quartz.

Plus, you don’t need to stick to the same tub surround material as what you choose for your hotel bathroom countertops and floors. Mixing natural stone-like luxurious marble with durable marble-look tile will give you the best of both worlds.

Make the Tub a Focal Point

Playing with patterns and mixing different tile combinations creates an eye-catching design, and it certainly makes for a fabulous focal point for the bathtub. Patterned tiles with bold colors, textured patterns, or geometric shapes are a great way to build a bold statement. Yet, subtle stripes or variations in color are quieter ways to make an impression with the bathroom.

Mixing materials is one way to create your own pattern, like using two different color tiles in the same material or two different types of tiles in similar tones. Yet, storage areas, which are mentioned below, can either match the rest of the tub surround or contrast with a different tile or pattern since it’s a small area. 

Also, another way to zhuzh up a bathroom is to add a mosaic accent to the bathtub surround for a new install or as a quick update. This is a great option for hotels with either an all-white bath or a room with nothing but solids. A simple mosaic accent made from ceramic, glass, or a stone-blend can be in a similar hue for an elegant look or a pop of color for a more dramatic effect. Using the same mosaic tile on the hotel vanity as a backsplash unifies the space with those small details.

marmi_white quartz tub ledge surround

Don’t Forget the Grout

One often-overlooked detail is to consider the grout color and whether to match or contrast it with your tile. Grout that blends in creates a clean and modern or classic look and puts the focus on the entire tub surround, while contrasting grout draws attention to the tile shape and emphasizes the grout lines, which may be better suited for industrial or rustic styles.

Add a Place for Storage

Adding tile allows opportunities for extra storage, and that’s something guests will appreciate. When tiling up the wall, use those areas to add built-in shelving or alcoves so that guests can store their toiletry bottles during their stay.

Corner shelves made in varying heights from ceramic or stone can be installed into the corners, and it’s one of the most cost-effective storage solutions for bathtub surrounds.

One or more shower niches are great options for wall tile. Choose the larger back wall for more space if the room isn’t against an exterior wall, which means a niche won’t be possible because exterior walls need room for insulation. Or, select the sidewall opposite of the showerhead, as it may allow for more than one niche.

Another option is to tile the ledges around the tub for added storage and additional drywall protection. This creates a countertop-like space where bath supplies, washcloths, and towels could be stored. It also makes for a great spot for candles and a glass of wine, from room service, of course! For a luxurious bathroom design that’s in sync, continue with the same countertop material as on the tub surround counter. Accessorize the bathtub counter area with the same trays or baskets found on the vanity.

wood look marble tile surrounding modern tub


Plan Designs Online

If you feel like you’re not sure where to start, check out some online tools to help with your tub surround plan. This way, you can test different tile patterns, colors, and sizes. Even if you have the exact tile and layout in mind, an online tool can also help calculate how many tiles you’ll actually need to finish the job.

Pick the Perfect Tub Surround

Choosing hotel flooring to countertops is important, but selecting the tile for the tub surround is one of the most fun choices to make since it can really establish the right tone for your hotel’s bathrooms. Besides providing walls with excellent protection against moisture, the tile around the bathtub also gives the space character. It might be an elegant material, a pop of color, or a playful pattern, and guests will love any of them!


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