Add A Decorative Touch With Piedra Polished Pebbles

December 15, 2020


Using pebbles for your hardscape designs can provide that finishing touch that brings it all together with elegance and charm. Pebbles aren’t just for filling in empty spaces, though — they deliver beauty as well as function. That’s why there are so many stone choices to choose from, in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. 

But, how do you decide which type of garden rock is right for your outdoor spaces? Don’t just randomly pick the first one you like. There are many things to consider to ensure that the perfect look and purpose are achieved. Will you need to walk on the area? Will you be contrasting one color pebble with another? 

Pebbles can also act as a form of permanent mulch to block weeds. Remember that light-colored pebbles reflect light and heat, while darker ones absorb heat; this may make a difference in your garden design, as it affects the temperature of the soil underneath or the water above.

An integrated hardscape design may include pebbles of various sizes and colors, along with  other types of natural stone such as cobbles and pavers. This short video highlights some of MSI’s other popular hardscape products, and will inspire your creativity: