The Best Pebbles And Landscape Rocks For Your Succulent Garden

April 27, 2022


Succulents offer a variety of advantages to your home, both indoor and outdoor. They clean the surrounding air, they come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some may even find succulents exotic in appearance.

Succulents are technically xerophytic plants and native to arid areas. They can sustain in very dry, cold, or steamy areas if tended to properly. They also need a minimal amount of water to thrive, garnering a reputation for being low maintenance!

But have you ever thought about the best way to take care of them in your garden?

Succulents need the support of pebbles for many reasons. Scientifically, pebbles prevent erosion by diffusing the path of rain, hold moisture in the soil and inhibit evaporation, as well as moderate soil temperature. (That’s right—pebbles can keep the soil warm in the winter and cool in the summer!)

Also, let’s face it—garden rock gives a finished look, a sense of completion to all of your outdoor hard work. They are visually appealing, depending on what you select—and trust us, there are many options—and can even emphasize focal points when used to create flowing lines. Pebbles in your garden can also prevent those nasty weeds from surfacing and harming your precious succulents, which is a benefit any gardener can appreciate.

Hardscaping can be a challenge because you want to make the right decision to optimize your garden. Let’s take a look at some pebble varieties and options in an attempt to enhance your outdoor where succulents thrive. After all, gardeners want what is best for their plants—both biologically as well as visually.

Your choices revolve around rock size, shape, and color.

Pebbles are an automatic go-to for many gardeners because they are small, easy to install, and offer a professional look. Their unique decorative approaches are endless and finding the right shape and color for your succulents is paramount. And this bonus video even explains how pebbles protect against extreme weather conditions!  


For instance, these Himalayan pebbles are stone white and contrast beautifully with the various green succulent colors around them. They offer a pristine cleanliness to any outdoor area and protect your plants from washouts and downspouts. Can’t you just imagine these pebbles surrounding your home in a graceful fashion? In addition to their stunning physical appearance, you can rest assured that night knowing your succulents are protected.

If you love the idea of smaller rocks but want to go even smaller than conventional pebbles—you’re in luck because pea gravel is another top pick. Spreading them all throughout cultivates an enticing look and feel and maintains moisture by trapping it underneath. Not to mention—the miniature aspect of pea gravel is so cute to look at!


Another option for your succulent garden is river rock. Because river rocks drain quickly, they are ideal for succulents, cacti, and other plants that dislike moisture around their stems. Because of their larger size, they can also ensure soil on a sloped area will remain packed in. And because they are larger in size than the pebble or pea gravel alternatives, they offer a different aesthetic vision. Whether you’re seeking a variety of earth tones, darker hues, or even bright alabaster—river rock is a perfect pick for your succulent garden.


If you’re seeking larger rocks for your garden, then boulders are a great choice. They can really stand up to the elements and compliment succulents so well. Aesthetically, these rocks can really be viewed as art so long as you determine the right size, shape, and color. No two boulders are the same, so it’s easy to get lost in pinpointing and appreciating different sizes. Can’t you just visualize the possibilities now? Your succulents will thank you!

Of course, there are additional perks to adorning your garden with pebbles, river rock, boulders, and pea gravel. Unlike a lawn, you don’t have to mow, water, or apply fertilizer to rock landscape. Additionally, they don’t attract pests like termites or other critters that are attracted to wood mulch. That also means your succulents are safer from unwanted visitors thanks the surrounding rock bedding!

Furthermore, rock varieties stand up to foot traffic better than other possibilities. Whether you’re needing to do some adjustments and get in the garden yourself or have kids running around your property and occasionally playing games around your precious succulents, you can rest assured the rock is protecting the area.

Also, if you live in an area prone to regular rainstorms, these rock bedding varieties can improve drainage. Whereas water can really pummel soul, it moves freely and liberally throughout a gravel or rock-covered pathway, ensuring you don’t have puddling and problems. How great is that? It guarantees convenience and safety for you, your home, and also your succulents. It’s truly a win/win!

Finally, having a rock landscape around your succulents will save you money in the end because you won’t be hiring mowers or other landscape maintenance specialists to keep your garden thriving. As if the visual and practical benefits of pebbles and rocks weren’t enough—it also won’t break the bank.

Succulents are very trendy right now and for good reasons—which is why we want to protect them. They are draught resistant, easy plants to care for, come in a multitude of gorgeous shapes and sizes, and they are even easy to multiply. While they may be used creatively indoors or as table centerpieces, they can brighten, uplift, and enhance your outdoor garden tenfold.

Thankfully, the use of pebbles, gravel, river rock, and boulders are phenomenal ways to protect these incredible plants. That way, you can continue to have a thriving garden that’s diverse, focused, and well maintained for years to come. Take some time and explore the rock options available. Which sizes, shapes, and colors would most compliment the succulents in your life?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to quality landscape design!


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