Current Obsessions: Quartz Countertop Bathrooms

July 07, 2016

Splish splash – when it comes to the bath, you need surfaces that are impossible to damage with water… because we all know it can get pretty wild in there! Just think of all the activity the typical family’s bathroom countertop has to withstand: frequent scrubbing, puddles of soapy water, hot curling irons, spilled cosmetics, just to name a few. 

When it’s time to choose a surface that is just as pretty as it is durable, we suggest MSI’s quartzite countertops or these beautiful selections of quartz countertops

Arctic White 

Sometimes simplicity and minimalism is the best way to go, especially in a small bathroom. Arctic White is a solid, white quartz – but don’t let that intimidate you! Unlike other white surfaces (you know, like a fresh white shirt, white carpet) this one is impervious to dirt and stains. Muddy handprints? Spilled makeup? Just a wipe and your countertop will be pristine white once more. 

Calacatta Vicenza 

What’s so tough it can even be used outdoors in freezing weather, yet lends an old-world elegance to your décor? Calacatta Vicenza! With subtle, marble-like gray swirls on a pale taupe surface, this quartz vanity top can transform any washroom into a relaxing haven. 

Pacific Salt 

If you’re looking for a bold design element in your bathroom, Pacific Salt quartz countertops can deliver. This quartz has swirls of dark gray and light brown on a cream-colored background, and can turn your vanity countertop into a stunning focal point instead of a boring, utilitarian fixture. 


A soft gray quartz with darker freckles, Concerto is a polished, classic neutral that harmonizes beautifully with contemporary décor. Its spots add depth and interest, and as an added bonus, this shade won’t show dirt and hard-water spots nearly as much as many other shades! You’ll love its easy maintenance. 

Sahara Beige 

If you’ve already selected a focal point for your bathroom in another material – say, a dramatic tile, stunning wood cabinetry or unusual fixtures – you’ll want a soft and easy neutral for your countertops. Sahara Beige Quartz brings you that warm, almost golden-sand color flecked with darker brown to add depth. 

Let’s be honest – the best bathroom countertops are the ones you don’t have to think about very much. Quartz counters are always polished and beautiful, impervious to moisture, resistant to scratches, and easy to keep germ-free with just a wipe. You’ll love how they look expensive and luxurious, but leave plenty of cash in the budget for your other design elements. Even better, they will keep looking great for many years to come!