Why Quartz Countertops Are A Popular Choice For Reception Areas And Hotel Vanity Countertops

February 12, 2021

why quartz is a popular choice for reception areas and hotel vanity countertops

First impressions are momentous for the hospitality industry, as they set the stage for welcoming guests and hint at what’s to come. High-quality, high-end materials should not only look good but also perform well, which is why quartz countertops are a top choice for many non-stop hospitality surface needs for applications like hotel tub surrounds to bathroom countertops to reception desks.

This non-porous surface comes in many color options and styles to best suit the branding of your business. It also delivers on design and function to help transform your commercial spaces into the special places where guests feel right at home all while keeping up appearances for your hotel long-term. Learn the six reasons why quartz is so popular for hotel use while scoring some hospitality inspo along the way.

white quartz counter in hotel reception

1. Creates Immediate Luxury

Guests get an instant feel for the hotel vibe as soon as they step inside, and one of the first places they stop is the hotel lobby and reception area. This is a place where materials can make or break that all-important first impression, and quartz is a way to create immediate luxury. Whether a high-polish sheen or textured matte feel is chosen, the finish can instantly add to the modern, contemporary, or traditional style of the areas.  

This modern, minimalistic reception area features Pelican White quartz, a cool-white marble pattern with subtle swirls of grays. The on-trend design is visually appealing, contrasts beautifully against the dark browns, and includes crisp countertop lines that mimic the straight edges in the featured bridge photography.

quartz counter for hotel room

2. Offers Low Maintenance

Let’s face it, having white in a hotel can be a bit scary, but with quartz, your whites will be safe because the non-absorbent surface is naturally stain and scratch-resistant. Your hotel bathroom countertops and kitchen surfaces will stay white even if guests spill drinks, food, or personal care products. Since it resists scratches, too, your surface will look excellent for years. Plus, it requires little maintenance that helps keep costs down, since cleaning requires warm water and a bit of mild soap and never needs to be resealed.

Installing Snow White quartz in a hotel helps brighten up any space with its snowy white background, and the crisp shade will stay that way for years to come. The fairy-tale hue is the perfect balance for any shade of wood, from deeper tones featured in this rustic modern hotel room to lighter colorations for kitchen cabinets and hotel vanity options.

mosaic backsplash in hospitality setting

3. Is a Food-Safe Surface

One of the best features of quartz, especially for commercial use, is that it’s a food-safe surface, so it won’t harbor bad bacteria or other germs. Your employees can safely prep food while guests can eat at one of your restaurants or in their hotel room without worrying about food touching the counters. 

Adding quartz to indoor or outdoor dining experiences will help contribute to a healthier environment for everyone, not to mention make a pretty ambiance like at this outdoor bar. With quick, minimal cleaning, this white quartz countertop will stay clean, shiny, and bright. To add to the cool, contemporary vibe, the polished finish is mimicked with the light-reflecting Ice Beveled Glass tile backsplash installed across from the countertop. 

matte porcelain tile for hotel room

4. Compliments Different Designs

Quartz countertops are made in a controlled environment, so the mix of 90% natural stone with resin and pigments means that the material can look like everything from luxurious marble to modern solids. The stylish counter offers some of the biggest ranges when it comes to colors, patterns, and finishes, so you’re bound to find the right quartz that beautifully compliments your hotel design aesthetic. 

If starting from scratch, then selecting countertops first can help guide your design direction. However, if you’re renovating rooms, then you’ll need to select something that blends with existing elements. Choosing cool-white, polished quartz helps balance out all of the dark browns in this hotel room. From the cabinets to the Upscape Bruno wood-look porcelain tile, this space is looking quite monochromatic until the white quartz adds a little lightness and connects to the white painted door and light grout that makes the hotel flooring stand out even more.

white countertop in hotel room kitchennette

5. Pairs Well With Other Surfaces

Quartz is an interesting product that uses natural materials to create a fabricated result. This paradoxical mix means that quartz works well with both natural stone and man-made products like porcelain tile and luxury vinyl tile. And, manufacturing for synthetic surfaces are getting so good that it’s really hard to tell them apart from the real deal. 

In this kitchenette, Sparkling White quartz features a tranquil white backdrop with icy speckles that lend a bit of elegance to a more minimalistic, mid-century modern space. The Katella Ash luxury vinyl planks offer an authentic wood look with realistic knots and shades of gray to add interest and pattern for the simple design. Plus, having several low-maintenance materials in one room creates a powerhouse combination your cleaning crew, and your budget, will appreciate.

white marble luxury countertop in walk in close

6. Makes a Photo-Worthy Backdrop

Of course, with beautiful spaces surrounding your guests, they’ll want to capture the priceless memories of their luxurious stay and proudly post – and hopefully tag your hotel – on social media. That’s some of the best marketing money can’t buy. 

Some of the most luxurious suites and penthouses probably showcase a luxurious walk-in closet like this one, especially if you cater to those with longer stays. And what fashionista wouldn’t be taking pics in this dreamy store, err, closet! The pink island cabinets are ever so delicately topped with Carrara White marble, an iconic Italian marble with shades of white and gray. Of course, you can also top off the design with Carrara-inspired marble look quartz countertops instead. 

Quartz is a versatile building material that offers many design and durability benefits perfect for hospitality installations. 

With quartz, it’s not just about the pretty looks. Performance is key when dealing with businesses that see consistent and constant high traffic so that your investment is put to work.

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