Neutral But Not Boring Countertops

February 17, 2016


If the word "neutral" with regard to home décor conjures up images of stark white or beige apartment walls, snooze-worthy browns, and shades of gray that inspire nothing so much as a long nap… you haven't seen MSI's collection of neutral granites. We've rounded up some white, gray and beige granites that are anything but boring. In fact, when used as granite countertops or other elements, they could effortlessly become the dramatic centerpiece of your home. 

What is "neutral," anyway? The term refers to colors such as brown, gray, beige, white, or perhaps even black. Neutrals are used for many reasons: to create a calming effect, to create a complementary backdrop for pops of color or statement pieces of art, or to add resale value to your home. With neutral color choices for the architectural elements in a room – the walls, floors, countertops, and backsplashes – you can change your color scheme as easily as changing your clothing. What "neutral" does not refer to, however, is pattern and texture. These granite colorways allow you to go as mild or wild as your creativity aspires. 

African Tapestry Granite 

African-Tapestry-GraniteFeatured: African Tapestry Granite 

This extremely versatile granite comes from Namibia. With tones of gray and beige, it has medium variation in the form of light cream-colored veining and dark brown speckles. This granite has just enough pattern to add interest without overwhelming a small space, but it's perfect for larger applications as well. It's sturdy enough for use in commercial design and can be used for flooring as well as counters and backsplashes — even for exterior use, too. 

Cygnus Granite

Cygnus-Granite-SlabFeatured: Cygnus Granite

If you're a fan of cocoa, milk chocolate or café au lait, you're going to love Cygnus. Along with that luscious, evocative shade of light brown, it delivers attractive splotches of bronze, pearl-white, and ebony. Cygnus comes to us from Brazil, and you couldn't ask for a more versatile surface either indoors or out. 

Fusion Granite

Fusion-granite-slabFeatured: Fusion Granite

Fusion pushes the boundary of neutral with a slightly rust-yellow tone in its dramatic whorls, stripes, and veining. Its hues are mainly bluish gray, cream, bronze, and it is available in either a brushed matte finish or glossy polished finish. This granite is also from Brazil, and made of some seriously tough stuff; you can use it indoors or out, in residential or commercial applications, counters, walls or floors. 

San Luis Granite

San-Luiz-graniteFeatured: San Luiz Granite

Another Brazilian granite, San Luis brings us dramatic swirls and veins of deep dark cocoa and caramel brown amid shades of taupe and ivory. Available in both 2 cm and 3 cm granite slab, this material is perfect for granite countertops, but the thinner 2 cm format is ideal for vertical applications, such as walls and backsplashes, shower surrounds, accents around the hearth, and more. It's resistant to moisture and staining, can be used indoors and out, anywhere you desire. 

Splendor Cream Granite 

splendor-cream-graniteFeatured: Splendor Cream Granite

Rounding out our list of not-so-bland neutrals is Splendor Cream, an eye-catching beauty that is, like the others, from Brazil. The colors in this granite are polite, complementary ivory, caramel, pewter gray, and dark sable brown — but the pattern is pure charisma. Add this granite slab to your home décor for some serious "pop." 

Making the most of neutral colors in your home design requires a masterful use of pattern and texture. With these five granite slab colorways from MSI, arranged from subtle to jazzy, not only will you find it easy to incorporate neutrals with panache, you'll have a lot of fun doing it. And if you still think of neutrals as nap-inducing, you'll need to find another way to get some shut-eye. 


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